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Men's Gold and Blue Watch Collection

One thing is sure, and that is the permanence of changes. Even more funny sounds the fact that everything in horology comes in cycles. What was once popular half a century ago, will become popular again, this year or the year after. That said, if people loved something in the past, they will love it again. After all, many times in the past, wristwatches had their ups and downs. But yet here we are, despite all the smartphones and smartwatches.

In the last few years, gold and blue watches are making a great comeback. Especially gold and blue watch models for men’s casual appearance. You see, there is a special connection between blue and gold. The elegance of gold has been known for ages. And we are not thinking about the precious stone. No, we are talking about the beauty of the gold colors. When people use the term “golden color”, they are usually referring to yellow gold. Although it’s the most common version of gold, we mustn’t forget the beauty that rose gold and white gold bring to this world.

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Navy Blue Dial - 5-Link
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Native - SET Navy Dial Gold | Gold 5-Link / Brown Leather / Gold Mesh Straps
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SET Navy Dial Gold | Gold 5-Link / Brown Leather / Gold Mesh Straps
$257.00 $322.00


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