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Mens Watch with Black Leather Band - Essence of Elegance

At Nordgreen, we are proud of what we do. We like our watches, their elegance, versatility, precision, and durability. And based on the customer’s review, we make a good job. The interchangeable watch straps have become one of our trademarks, and we have them in a variety of colors and materials, to suit every occasion. But when it comes to events that have a dress code, one choice will always feel right. Yes, we are talking about men’s watch with a black leather band.

You see, black-tie events are a thing of tradition, and certain dress rules must be applied. As they take place in evening hours, the darker outfit tones are a must. So, no bright color details, just shades of black, blue, and brown. In the past, the wristwatch wasn’t even part of the formal outfit and it was even considered rude to wear. Luckily, that changed, and a wristwatch is now a must-have detail in high-class events. But, as in every event, the watch must be paired with the outfit. And there is no better choice than the black leather band watch. It’s elegant, subtle, and can easily be paired with the shoes and the belt. And, you have to admit, a little class goes a long way.

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