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Quartz Women Watches: The Unika Model For Women

Quartz Women Watches: The Unika Model For Women


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Quartz Women Watches: The Unika Model For Women
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At Nordgreen we are passionate about creating beautiful watches that look good on both men and women. We have unisex models including the Native and the Philosopher, that are designed to look great on both men's and women's wrists. However, when it comes to quartz women's watches, in particular, we aim to create high-quality pieces specifically for females, that will look fantastic on whoever wears them.

The Infinity model was our first timepiece designed specifically for women. Now, with the launch of our new watch, the Unika, we hope to bring more variety to women everywhere with this fashionable timepiece.

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Black Dial - Grey Leather


Brushed Metal Dial - Dark Brown Leather


Polished Metal Dial - Dark Brown Leather


Rainbow Black Dial - Grey Leather


Rainbow Black Dial - Dark Brown Leather


Black Dial - Brown Leather


Polished Metal Dial - Silver-Gold 5-Link


Polished Metal Dial - Silver-Rose Gold 5-Link

Refined through feminine and rounded curves

Enhanced by precise and edgy forms

Inspired by the women of Copenhagen with their subtle elegance and versatility, Unika is refined through feminine and rounded curves and enhanced by precise and edgy forms.

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Unika I Rainbow Black Dial - Mesh Shop Now

Less is more

Infinity is pure simplicity. Acheived through the removal of the lugs, the date, and the fine details of the hourly marks, leaving just the bare essentials.

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Discover the entire watch universe designed by Jakob Wagner.

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SS22: Bloom.

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All of our watches contain a Japanese quartz movement. This battery-operated movement ensures that each watch offers exceptional and precise timekeeping to the wearer. With the addition of the Unika, we hope to merge the best quartz technology with gorgeous design options as we extend our range of wristwatches.

All Nordgreen watches are made to be minimalist, yet eye-catching at the same time. Our pieces function well and complement outfits without being over-the-top and ostentatious. The Unika, made exclusively for women, fits well into our minimalist timepiece catalog, making it a desirable fashion watch for all women everywhere.

What Does Unika Mean?

'Unika' in the Danish language means unique. The name is fitting for this watch model since the design is completely different from our other Nodrgreen ranges. With this watch, we have created a new and individualist timepiece that represents the unique style of women.

For us at Nordgreen, the Unika range is the embodiment of women today. Females in the 21st century are able to express themselves how they want to and be whoever they want to be, regardless of their status or what country they are from. Fashion and accessories are just one way in which ladies show their true selves to the world, and with this Japanese quartz watch, they can do so better.

All in all, Unika is the essence of a woman's true and unique spirit. It represents the individualism of females and reminds all ladies to stay true to themselves, despite their circumstances, age, or profession. This wristwatch is great for business gifts, a present for a friend, or a treat for yourself.

The Inspiration Behind The Unika Watch

Our newest quartz watch range comes in the form of the Unika. At Nordgreen, all of our watches are built with the finest materials, and the Unika is no different.

This watch has been designed by our talented head designer Jakob Wagner. When it comes to women's quartz watches, they can often be unfashionable and lack real style, elegance, and minimalism. This range was created with a successful and stylish woman in mind, who wants her accessories and clothes to match her personality, drive, and ambition.

The Unika has a wider dial case in comparison to some of our other women's models, which makes it easier to see the beautifully designed dial inside. The watch has been made to suit ladies' styles, taking into account that for many women, wristwatches are not just for telling the time, but provide an opportunity to show off their fashion tastes.

The watch is intended to be unique, which is reflected in its name. As explained above, the watch has been made to reflect the individualism of women everywhere. We want this piece to be worn by the wearer in a way that complements her style and personality. Women can wear this timepiece with both casual and formal outfits since the product is made to be versatile.

Fashion nowadays is a vessel through which women can tell the world more information about themselves and how they are unique. The Unika was made with this thought in mind. For this reason, unlike other watches, it features a distinctive watch strap fitting that protrudes from the dial case. This is unlike other Nordgreen watches, and separates the strap from the watch face, creating a strong and interesting look.

Although this watch is meant to be eye-catching, it's still been made with the idea of minimalism in mind. The dial itself is clean and free of clutter. For watch lovers, the thinness and wideness of the watch dial, coupled with the interesting watch strap fittings will make this a great piece to add to your watch collection.

The Unika Quartz Watch: Features

Nowadays, it's common for brands to create quartz watches that are over the top and have a bunch of stylistic and technical features in order to create an accessory that can be marketed as a one-of-a-kind, and completely new. While these types of watches can be appealing, and many are interesting, here at Nordgreen we will always favor minimalist styles.

The Unika model is no different from our other pieces in terms of its simplistic design. The wide and large round clock face features a deep curvature which gives the dial depth. It includes two hands and no hour markers. This ensures that the watch face has a completely clean and smooth-looking appearance. It really makes this watch unique in how it looks.

As well as this, the stainless steel watch strap fittings have been transformed into a stylistic feature, so that people really notice the watch when it is worn. The fact that the straps are separated from the watch face like so, makes it something special to see.

The most interesting element of this watch is the dial. As well as being curved, the dial will change color depending on the light. For example, if you choose to purchase the watch with a navy blue dial, in some lights it may look black, and in others lighter. The first-class design technology used to create this interesting display makes the watch incredibly unique.

Like all of our Nordgreen watches, every Unika timepiece is water-resistant and has a 3 ATM water resistance rating. Finally, each Unika model is fitted with a state-of-the-art Japanese quartz movement. We believe that quartz watches provide the most reliable form of timekeeping. The battery-powered movement ensures that you don't need to constantly wind up your watch, offering a more hands-off approach.

Unika Quartz Watch Styles

Since 'Unika' means unique, it makes sense that consumers are able to personalize the style of the watch. Depending on your fashion tastes, you can change the dial color, the watch band material, and whether your watch has a stainless steel case in silver or gold. We've devised a breakdown of what aspects of the Unika watch you can customize in order to suit your personal style.

Dial Color

The unique dials in this watch model can be customized depending on your color preferences. Whether you like a simple white, navy blue, or black dial doesn't matter, since we offer all of these options. You can ensure that the clock face looks exactly as you want it to.

Case Color

Like our other watch models, you can customize the case color. We offer silver, gold, and rose gold options. Rose gold is a great choice for women who like a romantic and vintage looking watch. Gold and silver are more traditional and classic watch color choices.

When it comes to choosing your case, think about your dial color. The clock hands will be the same color as your case. If you like a navy blue dial and want to create a strong contrast, then perhaps a gold case is a better choice. Similarly, a silver case with a white dial can offer a minimalist and sharp look that will look incredible when you wear your watch.

Watch Strap

We are famous at Nordgreen for our interchangeable watch straps, offering our customers variation with the look of their watch. the Unika is no different and has this same feature. By doing so, you can ensure your clock face and case match the strap. You can also purchase a bundle to ensure that you get a variety of straps, and can switch up your look.

Unika Polished, Unika Brushed, and Unika

An exciting aspect of this new range is that not only will the collection feature the Unika, but it will also feature the Unika Polished and Unika Brushed. Polished and brushed refers to the finish on the stainless steel case. If you want your watch to be extremely polished, and gleaming, then the Unika Polished is the choice for you.

If you love a matte finish on steel, and how modern and cool this can look, the Unika Brushed will provide you with this matte-like look.

The variety in this range will ensure that you get the perfect watch for yourself. Women deserve to have as much choice when it comes to watches as men do, and at Nordgreen, this is what we have endeavored to do with the Unika collection.

Shop The Unika Range Now

If you want to get your hands on Nordgreen's newest women's quartz watch, then check out our products to see what we have on sale. To find out more information about our other ladies' ranges, make sure to look at the related pages.

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