Women's White Leather Watch

A lot of thought goes into shopping for women's watches. From what the perfect dial color is, to the dimensions of the wristwatch itself, among other things.

All that, and we have not discussed the kind of character that the choice of the band brings to the table also.

It is 2021 already, so we are not all reaching for the same steel band watches over and again. Leather is back in vogue – and you don't need to go for the conventional brown nor the common black color anymore.

Enter women's watches with a fine, white leather band to match.

White watches take the guesswork out of defining your style, finding your taste, and matching an outfit perfectly.

Being one of the neutral color options means that the white color goes with just about anything that you pair it with.

By 'anything,' we mean both the outfit – and the timepiece itself.

Of course, there is not just one watch with this exact band material out there.

At the Nordgreen brand, you get to filter through a sea of other customizable options under the different watch series we carry for women.

Whether you are going for the Unika or prefer the country appeal of the Native watch, we've got you covered. You can also filter through the amazing designs that the Infinity and Philosopher line-up offer.

No matter which you choose, we ship worldwide to your country of choice.
Fewer words. More shopping.

Find your preferred white watch today.