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Nodgreen x Alyssa Beltempo

Nodgreen x Alyssa Beltempo

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Nodgreen x Alyssa Beltempo

The Slow fashionexpert

Alyssa is a slow fashion content creator with a lot of enthusiasm for using creativity instead of consumption to discover and celebrate personal style. She is Canadian/Italian, and loves discovering new countries and cities, particularly through running or finding the best secondhand shops!

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"I love Nordgreen’s timeless design because it is crafted with longevity in mind. Even as my style evolves over the years,

my Nordgreen watches have become signature items which stand the test of time."

The Philosopher

"My favourite watch design is the Philosopher white dial two-tone 5 link. When I mix metals in my accessories, it ties everything together, and offers a bit of heft to more refined outfits. It’s the right touch of stylish tension!"

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responsibility & sustainability

More than ever, companies need to take responsibility for the products they are selling, by creating long lasting items in both style and construction, and also by showing respect to the planet and the people who make their products.

Slow, minimised, and timeless offerings are a great way to counteract the unsustainable pace of overproduction and speedy product drops. Shout out to Nordgreen’s refurbished watch section!

Use [BELTEMPO] and get extra 15% off on our summer sale - which is 15-40% off.

Uzyskaj 15% zniżki na

Alyssa Beltempo

Ulubione zegarki


Alyssa jest twórczynią treści pasjonującą się slow fashion, minimalizmem i sprawianiem, że kolejne niesamowite kobiety zaczynają czuć się pewniej w swoich ubraniach i wyborach konsumenckich.

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