Finding the best Black Friday watch deals this year all comes down to following a few simple tricks and a bit of planning...

Suppose you don't live in the US and are relatively new to finding the top Black Friday watch deals. Nordgreen is a rising star when it comes to Scandinavian designer watches, and we’re aiming to be your destination for Black Friday luxury watch deals! Here's some background on one of the best times of year to shop and get the best deals on ladies and men's wristwatches. 

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On the fourth Thursday of November, the US celebrates its Thanksgiving holiday. The following day, Black Friday is the day that kicks off the Christmas season and thus a grand day of shopping to motivate shoppers to buy. Black Friday shopping started off being an in-store shopping event and has since included online shopping. Today, where there is merchandise to be sold, people are typically participating in the shopping craze that we know as Black Friday.

How do you get ready for one of the most important shopping days of 2020? Start by making sure you have an idea about what you want to buy. Remember that Black Friday 2020 falls on November 27th. Forgetting to do so could mean that you miss out on authentic watch Black Friday deals. Of course, we know that there's always something that will unexpectedly catch your eye!

If you're thinking, "do we get watch deals on Black Friday?" The answer is yes!
Starting from November 23th and up to Sunday, December 1st, Nordgreen will offer watch deals on Black Friday 2020! Here's a preview of Nordgreen's men's and women's watches that will be hard to pass on once you see the deals we're offering!

Nordgreen offers various assortments of dial colors, watch sizes, and straps. Our combinations can help you personalize your timepiece and help you put the finishing touches on your perfect outfit.

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Best Black Friday Deals On Ladies Watches 

If you're on the look for Black Friday deals on women's watches, Nordgreen carries a women's collection to complement her style. 

Let's start with the Native, which without bragging too much, has been redesigned with subtle changes to give further meaning to the efforts of balancing what matters most. The elevated case of the Native makes it seem like it's floating, supported by rounded lugs and a clean dial. The minute marks are invisible, reminding the wearer to focus more on enjoying the moment instead of accounting for every minute.

Choose from four case colors of silver, rose gold, gunmetal, and gold. Decide between three dial colors blue, black, and white. I think these base colors add to the Natives' already simplistic design, making it perfect for those that want a splash of color without detracting from its original design. 

In the past, women's watch sizes have mostly ranged between 22mm - 28mm. But if you're the exception to that rule and enjoy larger watch cases but don't want to overdo it, then there are three sizes to choose from. 

The 40mm is the largest size of all Nordgreen watches for women. The women's 36mm is perhaps the happy medium you've been looking for if you want to test the waters with unconventional sizes. The smallest size of the Native is the Native Lille, Lille, meaning 'little' in Danish and is 32mm. By traditional standards, the Native Lille is a larger women's watch, so this makes it a safe bet, if you don't want a large watch case.

If you like to follow the trends, then perhaps the Infinity with a rose gold case, with a rose gold mesh strap is what you've been searching for. So far this year, the rose gold infinity with a rose gold mesh strap is our bestselling women's watch. Our Chief Designer, Jakob Wagner, stripped the Infinity down, keeping only the essential elements of a timepiece. The Infinity's straightforward design is perhaps why it's Nordgreen's bestseller!

Embodying the essence of nature in this watch, Jakob removed the complexities like the lugs, date, and the typically detailed markings of the hourly marks. Jakob also kept it simple and created the Infinity in the smallest 32mm size and the largest women's size, which is 40mm. What you do get is hourly marks that are long, extending up the edge of the dial, complemented with a deeply curved dial. 

The third women's watch design from Nordgreen is the Philosopher. Available in the largest of the women's watch sizes, 36mm, and 40mm, the Philosopher is meant to provoke forward-thinking and inspiration in building a better tomorrow. 

The Best Black Friday Watch Deals In 2019, image of nordgreen women's watch.

The specifications of this watch come together in unison to uphold the Philosophers' stative presence. The second hand is asymmetrically shaped, giving the impression that it is persistently slicing through time as if each movement is a calculated win for progress. The base of the Philosopher is broader than its face and creates a conically shaped appearance, along with a two-piece dial that commands focus to its center, reminding you of the urgency of now!

If you're shopping for the best watch deals, Black Friday has to offer to surprise that special lady in your life, or want to treat yourself with a classy, minimalist watch, then check out Nordgreen's women's collection. Nordgreen has the best Black Friday women's watch deals and our selection of women's timepieces has been thoughtfully crafted with the essential details to complement your attire and mood!

The Best Black Friday Watch Deals In 2019, image of Drop_3_Native_GM_Black_Mesh Watch.

Best Black Friday Deals On Men's Watches 

When it comes to finding men's watch black friday deals, Nordgreen is determined to give the competition a run for their money. But that's not all they're doing! In keeping up with their minimalist approach to its collection of women's watches, Nordgreen has created four men's watches with the recent launch of the long-awaited Pioneer Chronograph!

Don't buy the Pioneer for its manly one size of 42mm. Instead, your eagerness to purchase this simplistic version of the chronograph should be its minimalist design, by Jakob Wagner and Nordgreen. Starting with the specifications that are characteristic of a chronograph watch is its third-hand stopwatch highlighted by a second and minute hand, detailed with red tips. The red tips symbolize the ingenuity of Danish innovation, such as sustainable energy sources as the wind turbine. 

Next, is the Pioneer's simple, rounded, and softened edges that fall effortlessly into the face of the watch, showcasing two sub-dials. Supporting this timepiece is a stainless steel case that comes in silver, rose gold, and gunmetal, topped with domed sapphire crystal. In the classic reference to being a chronograph, the Pioneer is as gracefully simple as they come, and is the perfect gift to show that someone's efforts are appreciated! 

The Best Black Friday Watch Deals In 2019, image of nordgreen men's watch.

What's terrific about the Men's Native, Infinity, and the Philosopher timepieces is their similarities with the women's timepieces. If you're looking to buy matching his and her watches or you want to get the best 'bang for your buck' on wrist watch deals on Black Friday, then Nordgreen watches are perfect for you! The primary differences between the men's and women's are the size options, but of course, you're welcome to choose the size that you desire. 

The men's watches come in sizes 36mm, 40mm, and 42mm, which is only for the Pioneer. Now, for one final appeal to your shopping craving, which will make visiting the Nordgreen homepage irresistible! 

Let's say that you've found the perfect watch, and you can't seem to decide on which strap to order along with it. Fear not, Nordgreen has bundle packs in which you'll receive one timepiece along with three watch straps of your choice. We offer a large variety of different color combinations that will perfectly accentuate your attire. 

So, as I will be recovering from overeating during Thanksgiving, I will also be gearing up to see what kinds of Black Friday deals I will find online with sites such as Amazon. I will especially be keeping an eye out for Nordgreen's watch deals since I have an eye out for the Pioneer Chronograph. I'll take mine with a black dial, gunmetal case, and a green nylon strap. Which Nordgreen watch will you be checking out? 

The Best Black Friday Watch Deals In 2019, image of Drop_3-2_Native_GM_Black_Mesh.The Best Black Friday Watch Deals In 2019, image of Drop_3-2_Native_RG_White_Mesh-2.

Written by George McFarley III, Images by Esther Günnewig.

September 16, 2020 by George McFarley III

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