Leather Watch Straps

Leather Watch Straps

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Vintage leather watch straps, available in a variety of colors, are one of the most popular types of straps watchmakers use. There are several reasons watchmakers and watch enthusiasts prefer leather straps as opposed to other strap styles, such as metal and nylon.

First off, a leather watch strap is more comfortable to wear compared to its metal counterpart. A leather strap is soft, lightweight, and warm to the touch. Moreover, it is breathable and easier to adjust.

It is unlike a steel strap, which is cold and inflexible. Steel either fits your wrist or doesn’t. Another reason leather is popular is that it comes in a wider selection of textures and colors. A leather strap can come in a variety of shades of brown.

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Some types of leather, such as those made from crocodile or lizard skin, come in a broader spectrum of colors. Watchmakers can also treat the leather to appear with a matte, distressed, or glossy finish. You can also find leather straps with grains that resemble animal skin.

If you prefer a more exotic look, you can even go for straps made from lizard skin. This type of leather strap features intricate patterns. Unlike rubber, satin, denim, or metal straps, leather watch straps can suit any occasion, whether casual or formal.

You can wear these straps for work, sports, or black-tie dinner. What’s more, it is easy to replace leather straps and use different colored straps for different occasions. Purchasing a replacement metal strap is not only more costly, but it is also more difficult.

You may have a hard time finding a metal strap that matches your watch or the case in terms of design and color. Functionality, versatility, style, and affordability are attributes that set leather straps apart from other styles of straps.

These are the reasons they remain popular across the globe. It’s worth noting that there are imitation leather straps. These straps usually fade and change color after constant exposure to sunshine. 

You should be careful when shopping for leather straps. You don’t want to end up with imitation leather after paying the price of genuine Italian leather.

Quality Leather Watch Straps From Nordgreen

Nordgreen is a fast-growing Copenhagen-based watch company founded in 2017. The company believes in authentic Scandinavian design and excellent craftsmanship. As a watch designer and maker, Nordgreen believes all watches and watch accessories should have the best quality and top-notch design.

The company offers some of the best leather women/men watch straps you can find on the market. The straps are adjustable, well-made, and come in a variety of colors. 

Whether you want a pink leather strap, white leather strap, dark brown leather strap, or gray leather strap, Nordgreen has you covered. You can also find navy blue leather straps and dove gray vegan leather straps. 

Nordgreen leather watch straps come as slimmer 16mm and wider 20mm straps. The brand also offers 18mm straps, which is the perfect balance for both women and men’s wrists. Nordgreen’s tough leather 18mm watch straps boast an incredibly soft feel, adequate 7.5-inch length with appropriate overlap, and exceptional strap thickness.

Nordgreen makes their straps from genuine Italian leather, which feels wonderful and unobtrusive to the wrist. The texture gives a distinctive and contemporary feel.

For cruelty-free conscious watch enthusiasts, Nordgreen offers vegan leather straps. These straps look and feel like real leather. So, regardless of your tastes and preferences, the company has something for you.

Best Straps in Leather for Women & Men

All leather straps seem identical. At a closer look, however, you’ll realize several things set the premium straps apart from their low-end counterparts. You should also recognize that a poorly designed leather strap could ruin the beauty of a great timepiece.

Hence, you should understand how to choose the right leather strap for your watch. Here’s a look at some of the things to consider to ensure you select the best leather strap for both women and men. 

Leather Quality

Be sure to read the fine print. Some leather straps will have the initials “PU” hidden in their descriptions. When you see those letters, know you are not dealing with a genuine leather strap. PU leather is a type of imitation leather.

It consists of split leather (the fibrous part of the hide leftover after making genuine leather) coated with polyurethane. Some types of PU leather can be very convincing, but it is often easy to identify the fake.

There is usually no significant difference between the price of PU leather and that of premium leather. Hence, be sure to always go for nothing but the best.

Type of Tanning

Tanning is the process of turning animal skin into leather. There are two types of tanning – chrome (mineral) tanning and vegetable tanning. Chrome tanning is beneficial in several situations, especially in certain industrial or extreme weather situations.

However, chrome tanning is not the best way to make leather that will come into contact with your skin. While it is cheaper and faster, it involves the use of many chemicals.

While chrome tanning takes only a day, vegetable tanning can take about two months. That means vegetable tanning is more expensive and accounts for up to only 20 percent of leather produced. How can you differentiate between chrome-tanned and vegetable-tanned leather?

It’s easy to tell the difference by smelling. While vegetable-tanned leather smells like leather, its chrome-tanned counterpart typically smells of chemicals. If you scratch the surface with your fingernail, vegetable-tanned leather buffs out more easily compared to a chrome-tanned one. 

Stitching Quality

The best leather watch straps feature long, broad stitches to ensure durability. Broad stitching is more likely to stand the test of time. If the stitchwork in a strap is unnoticeable, there’s a high chance the strap won’t bear up to normal wear and tear.

Also, many strap manufacturers employ a range of high-contrast and coordinate stitching. Hence, this natural reinforcement can also serve as an aesthetic feature.

Strap Size

If you clearly understand the make and model of your watch, you should have an easy time finding the right size of the strap. It’s essential to know the exact distance between the lugs. Leather straps typically come in a variety of lug widths. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to check your watch before you make a purchase.

Hardware Quality

The hardware on a watchstrap matters. If you’re not careful, you may end up with something that will fade, corrode, or rust after some time. Consider choosing leather straps that feature 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and won’t tarnish easily.


You want a leather strap that is easy to install. Most modern straps come equipped with quick-release technologies. All you need is a spring release to install these kinds of straps.

Some straps also come with a complimentary installation tool. Nonetheless, you should find it easy to install Nordgreen straps with your bare hands.

Nordgreen watch straps incorporate all these features: genuine leather that is vegetable-tanned, broad stitching, a variety of strap widths, stainless steel hardware, and easy installation. The combination makes Nordgreen leather watch straps the very best.

Consider Your Watch

When it comes to choosing the best leather strap, you should base your decision around your watch. You should consider all the subtleties of your watch in a bid to find the perfect strap. Stylish, vintage-inspired straps often work well with highly refined timepieces.

Thick, durable leather straps, on the other hand, are an ideal choice for military and outdoor watches. If you have a simple and modern timepiece, you should go for a dressier leather strap.

For work or social events, for example, a bold-colored and high-contrast stitched leather strap would be a great choice.

Find The Best Leather Watch Straps at Nordgreen

Leather is one of the most popular materials used for watch strap designs. Simple yet elegant, this material gives watches a classic look and a well-made design that easily stands the test of time.  But how can you tell a well-made leather band from the rest? Read on to learn what to consider when shopping for leather watch bands.

Leather straps come in a variety of colors and are suitable for virtually all occasions. Whether you wear your watch to the office, a sports event, or a black-tie dinner, a leather strap is an excellent choice as it is both durable and timeless. For versatility, consider choosing a brown leather strap.

You can style a brown leather strap up or down to suit both formal and casual outfits. A black leather strap is well-suited for very formal situations. A colored strap in green, burgundy, or navy can work well for very casual outfits.

Always go for a premium product, such as high-grain or calf’s leather. Be careful not to be duped into buying synthetic alternatives such as PU leather. At Nordgreen, we offer the best quality genuine Italian leather watch straps in 16mm to 20mm sizes. We offer leather straps for both men and women. Check out our selection to find the perfect, durable watch strap for your needs, one that complements your style and makes a statement about your exquisite taste.

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