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Blue leather watch straps on a Philosopher watch

Blue Leather Watch Straps

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Blue leather watch straps on a Philosopher watch
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Blue is known as the color of loyalty and truth. We think that this is spot-on, especially when it comes to our blue leather watch straps, as it is a calm, yet unique color choice in watch straps. Our Philosopher men’s and women’s watches with a silver case, white dial, and our blue leather watch straps is an unusual combination that could become the next big trend.

Recent years have seen a common theme across different watch brands – blue leather straps. The reason for the rise in blue leather straps’ popularity is two-fold.

First, blue is a primary color, which means it is versatile. On a color wheel, orange is blue’s complementary color, while purple and green are analogous. Other colors that you can pair with your blue watch strap include different shades of blue, burgundy, pink, white, black, grey, and brown.

In fashion, blue traditionally represented elegance, and it is one of the most widely employed colors in fashion and art. Historically, people associated blue with wealth and special occasions, and it was the color that the elite favored.

In the 1950s, jeans made an appearance on the fashion scene. Blue was no longer only associated with exclusivity – it became the color of a working garment, a color that is suitable for any occasion.

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Navy Dial - Navy Blue Leather


White Dial - Navy Blue Leather
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ST18POSILENA &18mm blue leather watch strap with silver buckle

Navy Blue Leather Watch Strap

$20.00 $49.00

Navy Blue Leather Watch Strap



Navy Dial - Navy Blue Vegan Leather


White Dial - Navy Leather
NR36SIVENAXX NR40SIVENAXX &Native men's watch with white face in silver with blue vegan straps


White Dial - Navy Blue Vegan Leather
outlet sale
ST18BRGMLENA &18mm blue leather watch strap with gunmetal buckle

Navy Blue Leather Watch Strap

$20.00 $49.00


Navy Blue Leather




Add one or two additional straps to your chosen signature timewear and customise it effortlessly on the go.

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The second reason for the increase of the blue strap’s popularity is the timeless and authentic appearance of leather. A leather strap is always in style, and it has the fantastic ability to adapt to its surroundings. If you are wearing formal clothing, the strap will complete your attire while adding a touch of visual interest.

Likewise, if you are wearing casual clothing, the blue leather will provide your outfit with a simple elegance that showcases your sense of style. Because of the interchangeability and versatility of these blue leather straps, they are suitable for gifts. You can also purchase one for yourself and save it for the perfect occasion.

Even though blue leather straps are suitable for most settings, there are still rules when pairing your watch.

Blue leather straps work best in combination with dress, pilot, or field watches that have plain dials with minimal detail. You can also use your blue leather straps with Chrono or sports watches that are a bit dressier and sleeker. Blue leather straps are not suitable for divers’ watches, as they are not compatible in terms of appearance, and blue leather is not ideal for use underwater.

Nordgreen’s blue leather straps are suitable for various levels of formality. For men, a blue leather strap is ideal at black tie, business dress, or casual business events, especially if you pair it with a blue handkerchief, necktie, or sports coat. Ladies can wear thin blue leather straps with business dress-, business casual-, or casual attires.

Leather complements leather. Generally speaking, your shoes, belt, and watch strap have to be either black or brown and not a mix of the two. However, you can match your blue watch strap with a brown belt and black shoes, or a black belt and black shoes.

For ladies, the rule of thumb is to stick to traditional timepieces that are understated and that don’t distract from your outfit. Your watch should also play a supporting role in completing your look. Combining a thin blue leather strap with the Scandinavian simplicity of Nordgreen’s timepieces is the ideal way to meet all these styling requirements.

Matching Your Strap with a Timepiece

In addition to pairing your blue watch strap with your outfit and the occasion, you should also pair it with an appropriate timepiece. Nordgreen offers a wide selection of watches that go perfectly with our navy-blue leather straps. Keep reading to learn more about Nordgreen’s watch selection.

Watch Design

Nordgreen has four timepiece designs available, namely Philosopher, Native, Infinity, and Pioneer. You can combine all these designs with our navy-blue leather watch straps.


The Philosopher design features an elevated watch case with three hands, minute marks, and a date window on the dial. This design is ideal if you like a brushed look and a well-rounded design with lugs. 


Nordgreen’s Native timepiece collection is the most minimalistic, and pairs incredibly well with blue leather straps. This design only features a minute and hour hand and no window dial, minute markings, or third hand. If you are looking for a watch you can wear to white- or black-tie events, this design is your most viable option. 


Our Infinity design is also relatively minimalistic and adds a simplistic elegance to any outfit. The dial features minute marks, but no third hand that counts the seconds or lugs. This design has a classic, yet versatile appearance, and you can wear it with confidence in any setting.


Our Pioneer timepiece features a detailed and sleek design with two smaller dials that show the minutes and seconds. This design features a stainless-steel case and a sapphire glass with a dome profile to make it easy to read the time from any angle.

Dial Color

All our timepiece designs feature three dial colors, namely navy, black, and white. The exception is our Philosopher collection that is only available with white dials. Blue leather straps pair incredibly well with all three dial colors.

Case Color

The case color is another variable to consider when pairing blue leather straps with a timepiece. The case colors we have available include silver, gold, rose gold, and gunmetal. As is the case with the dial colors, blue leather straps match all case colors, which is just another indication of these straps’ versatility.


Nordgreen offers three watch strap sizes, namely 16mm for 32mm cases, 18mm for 36mm cases, and 20mm for 40mm cases. The size of your watch determines the size of the strap you need. Generally speaking, 32mm and 36mm watches are suitable for women, and 36mm and 40mm watches are ideal for wear by men.

Pioneer watches only available in a size of 42mm, but it also has a leather strap width of 20mm, which is best suited for male wrists.

Buckle selection

To allow optimal visual pairing with our various timepieces, Nordgreen’s blue leather straps come with a selection of buckles. The buckle colors include silver, gold, rose gold, and gunmetal, which is similar to the color selection of the casing. When you select the color of your timepiece case, the color of the buckle in the listing will automatically be similar to that of the case.

Get Your Blue Leather Watch Strap Today

There are many suppliers of blue leather watch straps. However, for high-end leather- and stitching quality and compatibility with a wide range of luxury timepieces, choose Nordgreen. Scandinavian design and form are an integral part of our products – right down to the smallest detail.

Blue Leather Straps for Men and Women

Our blue leather straps include navy leather and navy vegan leather, and they are handmade and individually inspected. Unlike other leather straps that tend to show signs of wear over time, Nordgreen’s blue leather straps are made to last.

Vegan Leather

Another reason to go with Nordgreen is our vegan blue leather strap option. These products are entirely cruelty-free and contain no dead animal skin. Vegan leather has the same visual appeal as real leather, and it remains in good condition, even after years of use. If you want to support eco-friendly fashion, these watch straps are for you.

Italian Leather

In addition to vegan leather, Nordgreen also offers leather straps of Italian leather. This material is unique for various reasons: it is long-lasting and durable, the unique marks on the leather are the result of a natural tanning process, and it has low maintenance requirements. Italian leather is widely associated with style and sophistication and is commonly used in the fashion industry.

Quality Stitching

Nordgreen’s blue leather straps feature high-quality stitching that is durable and aesthetically appealing. An experienced artisan does all the sewing in a manner that prevents imperfections or scars in the leather. Additionally, the threads are made of natural products and run smoothly through all the stitches to contribute to the strap’s strength.

Even though the stitching is strong and durable, it is flexible enough to allow for secure fastening and optimal comfort.

Easily Interchangeable

Do you want to customize your watch to match your attire? The straps of Nordgreen watches are interchangeable. By using our strap selector, you can select three straps for every timepiece you purchase, which enhances its versatility.

For example, if you have a formal event coming up, all you have to do is remove the nylon strap you wore with your jeans and attach the leather strap. Replacing a watch strap is incredibly easy and doesn’t require any tools.

Because our straps come in standard widths, you can attach them to watches from other brands as well. Our strap collection is compatible with 32mm, 36mm, and 40mm watches. 

Caring for Your Leather Strap

Leather watch straps are porous and are not waterproof. If you use water to clean your watch strap, it can cause damage, discoloration, stains, or premature deterioration. If you accidentally get your strap wet, use an absorbent cloth to dry the strap and let it dry naturally. Don’t use a hairdryer to speed up the process.

To clean the strap, remove it from the watch, and wipe it on both sides with a microfiber cloth to remove any trapped dirt. Then, gently apply a small amount of mild hand soap to the strap using tapping movements. After applying the cleanser, gently wipe the leather clean with a soft cloth.

Lastly, condition the leather with leather oil or conditioner. You can find leather products at your local watchmaker or hardware store.

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