Best Watches under $100 at Nordgreen

Nowadays, people seem to be obsessed with the “luxury watches” term. However, it’s hard to distinguish the meaning of luxury. People from the Central African Republic consider clean water a luxury, and we are partners with the Water for Good program, to help solve that problem. On the other hand, for high paid sports stars or actors, musicians, etc., a couple of thousand dollars isn’t luxury at all. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and that is a fact.

Through this article, we will guide you to the world of, let’s call it, “the best affordable watches”, although that term may still vary from person to person. Smartwatches belong to a separate category, which we didn’t take into consideration. Only good, classical wristwatches, with the everlasting style and simplicity.

How to choose a good inexpensive watch?

With roughly 1.2 billion watches produced every year, I’d say you have your fair share of choosing the right one for you. Bear in mind that we are not mentioning cheap knock-offs, only good, quality watches, that would make any horologist proud. Every watch, regardless of price, should be a joy to buy and pride to wear. Of course, there are few questions that you need to ask yourself, before making any purchase.

Why do you need a watch?

To be honest, nobody actually needs a watch to measure time, the revolution of smartphones has taken care of it. But a nice, elegant watch is a perfect addition to your personal style and adds a touch of class. If you are getting a watch just because it’s affordable, that might be the wrong decision. Choose a watch that represents your fashion style and goes well with your character. If you are after a simple everyday watch or a dress watch, you will have no problem. Most of the best watches under $100 will fit easily into that category. However, if you are after scuba-diving, pilot watches, or some luxurious pieces, you will have a problem with that budget.

What kind of watch movement do you prefer?

In this price range, you should go with the quartz movement. They are as much appealing as the automatic or mechanic ones, without charging the extra mile. The best bet would be the Japanese movement mechanism, known for its precision and affordability. Quartz movement is ultraprecise, budget-friendly and you will eventually have to replace the low-cost battery after a few years. The mechanical watches need to be serviced every 4-5 years to verify their time-measuring accuracy.

What would you have to sacrifice?

If you play your cards straight, almost nothing. Of course, you can’t expect a grand complication included in the best watches under $100. But you can get an elegant watch which will serve its purpose, to show date, time, and even some extras, besides looking great. Things you should never sacrifice when it comes to buying any watch are:

  • elegant design - what use do you have from an unattractive watch? Choose the one that will suit your style the most. The great design is the centerpiece of every watch, along with the mechanism.
  • water resistance (for at least 30 meters) - needed for most of the everyday activities, including the rain
  • originality - no knock-off watch has ever, or will ever come close to an original, and that can be easily spotted. Maybe not on the first look, but eventually, everyone will notice. Not to mention faux-gold or similar scams, that can only make you look ridiculous.
  • common sense - read the unbiased reviews from the people that already purchased the watch that you are interested in. Check the manufacturer’s background. In other words, do your homework first.
  • budget - don’t buy anything you can’t afford. Owning a watch isn’t essential, and if you are not in a position to buy one at the moment, be patient. Save the amount of money you need to buy the watch of your dreams, and don’t settle for less.

What is the reputation of the watch-makers company? 

At Nordgreen, we take the matter of reputation seriously. Jakob Wagner is in charge of designing our masterpieces, and every one of our watches has a Danish soul. Jakob is one of the most awarded and respected designers in Scandinavia, and his career lasts for more than 20 years. The Pioneer Chronograph model has even got him a prestigious Red Dot award, the fourth one in his amazing career.

Besides that, we believe in giving back. Our Danish manners and way of life can't allow us not to help the ones in need. Through our Giving Back Program, we have partnered with the organizations that help the less fortunate ones. From every watch bought, our customers can choose to donate, free of charge, to one of three great causes:

  • two months of clean water to a person in the Central African Republic, partnered with the Water for Good.
  • one month of education for a child in India, partnered with the Pratham UK.
  • preservation of 200 sqft of rain forest in Latin America, partnered with the Cool Earth

As a company, we are proud of our goal, and our customers. Maintaining a great reputation is a must in every business, and you should choose only the companies that maintain a high level of trust. So, no grey zones, no illegal business, only top of the class companies deserve your trust.


It’s not a that hard job, obtaining the budget-friendly watches. As a customer, you are entitled to your opinion, as well as your fashion choice. Buying an overpriced watch will leave you only with the hole in your budget, along with the feeling you got scammed. The brands that charge more than a couple of thousand dollars for their products are usually just glorified for their marketing. Of course, there are exceptions, that just confirm the general rule. Do your self a favor before making the final decision, and check our offer of watches for men and women, suitable for any budget.

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