Blue Face Watches - The Great Comeback

Although some might say blue face watches are making a big comeback, they would be oh so wrong. They never really went out of fashion, did they? They just weren’t in the focus. But, now is a great time to turn the focus back to them. Blue is the color of elegance.

Although they might lack the classical appearance of traditional black and white color, the watches with the blue dial are also highly elegant. These kinds of watches are versatile enough for everyday wear while stylish enough to perfectly match your suit. When making a dial, watchmakers have access to 760 color variations, and 165 of them are blue nuances. So, we might say blue is a rather popular choice. 

Does Nordgreen have blue face watches?

Of course, we do. As a modern and responsible company, we always follow the trends and listen to our customers. Currently, we offer two lines of blue dial watches for men and women.

Pioneer navy line

Pioneer is our flagship model, our pride and joy. For this marvelous design, Jakob Wagner won the Red Dot designing award, fourth in his great career. Pioneer is our journey into the Chronograph land, and, might I say, the journey was more than successful. Pure style dominates through this watch’s design, giving you a timepiece to be admired. While designing this watch, Jakob was inspired by the green technology of wind turbines, and you can notice that by looking at the chronograph’s second hand.

Like all our watches, Pioneer is made from high-quality stainless steel, making it durable and scratch-resistant. Domed sapphire crystal protects this beautiful dial. Pioneer has high water resistance, up to 5 ATM, or 50 meters. That means you can even wear this watch for casual swimming in the pool, as well as the most elegant black-tie night. Pioneer comes in one size, 42 mm. This size is more suitable for male wrists.

Native navy line

As Scandinavians, we believe in a well-balanced life, and a well-balanced design. Our Native line of watches has a clear, minimalistic design, without any extra details. Just pure dial, with two hands and hour marks. The native line comes in three sizes, 32 mm, 36 mm, and 40 mm. These case sizes are perfect for both men, women, boys, and girls.

Like all our watches, the Native line is powered by the Miyota quartz movement. Quartz movement is a standard in almost all today’s watches, except of the mechanical ones, that take a negligible part of the market. Quartz movement is extremely precise, long-lasting, and affordable. The Native line has water resistance up to 3 ATM or 30 meters, making it a perfect choice to wear every day. 

Are watches with blue dial perfect for everyday look?

Of course, they are, if you pair them right. Watches with a blue face look great with the standard case colors. Blue face goes well with the gold, rose gold, gunmetal, and stainless steel colors of the cases. This makes an interesting contrast and pulls everyone’s attention to your timepiece. Also, when the light shines on your watch dial, it will look like you are observing the deep, mysterious sea. While pairing the blue face watch with your strap, avoid red and yellow straps. In every other case, the choice is yours. You can even pair the watch with the blue strap, to get the monochromatic look.  

Are the watches with the blue face a good choice for elegant events?

Yes, and maybe even more than good, if you follow some fashion rules. Although they are considered elegant and classy, black dial watches have a limitation when pairing the colors. With blue watches, your choice is much wider. Blue goes well with a lot of colors, and probably the perfect choice is to pair the blue and brown. Also, for elegant events, the watch has to be simple and minimalistic. Watches with complications or extra size cases aren’t appropriate. Also, the rule of the thumb for the classy events is to match the color of the dial with the time of the event. So, the darker nuances of blue would suit more. With our Navy blue color, you can’t go wrong.  

What are good strap choices for the blue dial watches?

With our offer of straps, the sky is the limit. For more elegant events, go with our straps made from Italian leather, or vegan leather. Choose a nice, elegant black, blue, or brown strap. For everyday wear, nylon or mesh straps with rose or gunmetal color are your sure choice.

Don’t forget, all our straps are interchangeable. Meaning you can easily adjust your style and wear our watches on every possible occasion. In a minute, your casual wristwatch for a day at the beach becomes an elegant timepiece suitable for business meetings. Also, if you order a gift bundle, you can save up to 20% on the total price.

How can I know I bought an original Nordgreen watch?

When you buy our watch, you will get it delivered in nice packaging. The packaging contains a watch manual, two years warranty, and a certificate of authenticity. And of course, a watch. With a certificate and a serial number, you are sure you bought an original watch. Also, we deliver every watch for free, in any part of the world you desire. As for the warranty part, the standard in the watchmaker’s industry is 6 to 12 months. But we are so sure in the quality of our watches that we offer a 24 month guarantee period on all our watches. You deserve it.


Blue color represents the vast expanses of the sea and the sky. Blue watches associate with freedom, intuition, inspiration, and sensitivity. Those are all values that we chose to cherish in our company. Picking a blue watch is never a mistake, and every man or woman should own one in its collection. With our Nordgreen watches, you can’t go wrong.

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