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Brown Leather Watch Straps

Brown Leather Watch Straps

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Brown leather watch straps are another classic choice for a quality timepiece. The right brown watch straps can add a vintage look to your watch, especially if it’s a Nordgreen watch. 

Ladies, brown has an organic feel that will go great with all of your color combinations. Go with our Native women’s watches and choose between rose gold, silver, or gold case for distinction and naturally our brown leather watch straps. 

A sharp-dressed man sporting our new Pioneer Chronograph with a brown leather strap takes versatility to a whole new level. Select your Pioneer with a gunmetal case and our brown leather strap for a rustic appeal to your look.

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Welcome to Nordgreen’s brown leather watch strap collection. When men started wearing their watches on their wrists instead of in their pockets, they used leather straps as bands. Leather was the obvious choice as this material is supple, durable, and elegant. 

Today, leather remains one of the most popular choices for watch straps, and there is a wide selection of leather types and colors available for this purpose—including blue, brown, dark brown, and black. Over time, leather also adapts to your arm to achieve a perfect fit.

If you are looking for a watch to wear for formal occasions, a brown leather strap may be your best option. Leather adds an authentic style and personality to your outfit that can be difficult to achieve with metal bands. When choosing a watch strap, you also want to match your accessories, which can be easy to do if you are wearing a leather belt, shoes, or leather accessories.

Brown leather straps are ideal for formal settings, but you can also wear them with style with a smart-casual outfit. Brown leather pairs well with dress shirts, sports coats, and short-sleeve button-up shirts. 

For women, brown leather watch straps will pair well with smart casual outfits. If you are wearing a blazer, tailored jeans, dress pants, or a blouse, a delicate brown leather strap will pull your attire nicely together. As a general rule, if your clothes are fashionable, but not too conservative, a watch with a brown leather strap will be the perfect accessory.

In professional settings, a brown leather watch strap can also be a sophisticated, feminine accessory that is not only functional, but that also showcases your unique style. Leather watches are comfortable, but they are also bold and a great accessory to make a statement.

Brown is a versatile color that you can pair with many different clothing options. One of the most timeless pairings is brown with beige. You can also pair your brown leather watch with white shirts, a blue blazer, or a sports coat. You can also wear a brown watch strap with red, orange, or yellow (especially in winter when you want to warm the tones of your outfit).

The size and prominence of your brown leather watch strap are also crucial considerations when styling your watch. You will often see straps that are as thick or thicker than the timepiece. These thick and wide brown leather straps are more suited to casual settings.

Thinner straps, however, work best with formal attire. Men who are looking for an everyday watch they can wear to work, weddings, and other social occasions should not select a strap thicker than 42mm. Ladies who are looking for smart leather watches should stick to strap widths less than 36mm.

Leather is one of the most authentic materials in fashion. The texture of leather complements every type of fabric, and it works well with other leathers (or metals). If you are looking for a well-rounded, elegant watch, Nordgreen’s strap selection is the perfect place to start.

Pairing Your Brown Leather Strap with a Timepiece

In addition to matching your brown leather straps with your clothes and environment, you should also pay careful attention to the band and watch pairing. Nordgreen offers timepieces in different designs, sizes, and colors, so you can select a combination that works best for your personality and style.

Nordgreen’s timepieces are designed by Jakob Wagner, an award-winning and respected Danish designer. Our designs feature Scandinavian simplicity and timeless sophistication, and you can match all the watches we offer with brown leather straps.


Selecting a design to go with your brown leather straps is the first step. Nordgreen offers four designs, namely Philosopher, Native, Infinity, and Pioneer.

Our Pioneer design has masculine features that include sub-dials, a stopwatch, date window, and lugs. This design is the most detailed of all our models, and it only comes in one size. This design is ideal for men who prefer sleeker looks and want their watch to contribute significantly to their attire.

The Native watch has a minimalistic design that did away with minute marks, the date window, and the second hand. This design is popular among ladies who are looking to combine modern simplicity with the authenticity of the leather.

Our Infinity watch is reminiscent of a pocket watch with its prominent minute marks and lack of lugs. This watch also only has two hands and no date window. This model is a favorite with leather straps because of its classic appearance.

The Philosopher is similar to the Native, but with a little more detail. The Philosopher has a simple dial with a second hand, minute marks, and a date window. If you are looking for minimalism as well as optimal functionality, this design is the perfect option for you.


The width of your watch strap depends on the size of your watch. Nordgreen offers watches in sizes of 32mm, 36mm, and 40mm. The Pioneer design is only available in a size of 42mm. The watch strap widths are 16mm for the 32mm watch, 18mm for the 36mm watch, and 20mm for the 40mm and 42mm watch.

At Nordgreen, we recommend sizes 32mm and 36mm for ladies and 36mm, 40mm, and 42mm for men. Smaller straps are more delicate and suitable for formal settings.

Dial Color

Nordgreen watches are available in three dial colors, namely black, white, and navy. Brown leather straps pair exceptionally well with all three of these dial colors. When selecting the right dial color, you are only limited by your personal preferences.

Case Color

Nordgreen’s timepieces come in four colors, namely gold, rose gold, silver, and gunmetal. You can select combine these colors with a dial color you like and the leather watch straps to achieve a unique look for your watch.

The brown leather straps match each of these watch colors perfectly. The buckle of the strap should have the same color as the watch to integrate the brown leather with the rest of the watch.

Nordgreen Brown Leather Watch Straps

When shopping for a brown leather watch, quality should be your first consideration. Low-quality leather is susceptible to premature deterioration, which can affect the aesthetics of your watch.

Nordgreen’s leather straps are of the highest quality to ensure long-lasting durability and visual appeal. All our products are handmade and individually inspected to ensure that clients like you only receive the best. Our leather straps are also designed specifically for our timepieces to ensure optimal compatibility in terms of aesthetics.

Leather Type

Nordgreen offers two types of leather for our brown straps, namely Italian leather and vegan leather. Our Italian leather goes through an authentic vegetable tanning process and old-world preparation techniques to achieve the best possible durability and authentic style. This is one of the best leather types for watch straps as it is hypoallergenic, comfortable, and able to stretch and adapt to the wearer’s wrist.

The vegan leather is the best option for someone who wants to maintain a cruelty-free closet. This leather has all the same quality characteristics as real leather, as well as the same aesthetic value.

How to Care for Your Leather Strap

You have to take proper care of your leather watch strap to prolong its functional lifespan and stylish appearance.

A big part of leather strap care is keeping it away from water. Leather is a porous fabric that can absorb water, which can result in staining, discoloration, and other forms of moisture damage. If you accidentally get your leather strap wet, wipe it dry with an absorbent cloth and leave it to dry naturally.

Don’t use a hairdryer or put leather in the sun to speed up the drying process as the heat can cause further damage.

We recommend that you clean and treat your leather strap at least once every two weeks to prevent it from drying out and cracking. To clean your leather strap, use a soft cloth, and wipe away any grime or dust that has accumulated on the surface and in the fissures.

Then, apply a small amount of mild soap to the band with your fingers, using a tapping motion. After leaving the soap for a minute, wipe it off with an absorbent cloth and make sure that it is completely dry.

Then, apply a leather crème or conditioner to your watch band to moisturize the fabric and restore its natural shine. You can find leather products at your nearest hardware store or watchmaker.

Our Straps Are Interchangeable

Our straps are interchangeable so that you can change the appearance of your watch for a specific occasion. Because we use standard sizes, you will also be able to use your brown leather straps on watches of other brands.

Color Options

We offer two brown leather strap color options, namely brown and dark brown. Our dark brown strap has a more formal appearance, and you can use it with darker clothing as well. You can cover all your bases by selecting one strap of each shade.

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