Leather Band Watches

Leather band watches are one of the most popular choices for our customers. They are easy to pair up with your belt, dress, or shoes for a formal event.

Also, leather matches perfectly with our stainless steel watches. Steel and leather are truly one of the greatest combinations. Every woman and man look great wearing them.

As a responsible company, we will give you some explanations, tips, and tricks on how to maintain your leather band watches. After all, customer satisfaction is our main goal. 

Our Nordgreen watches already have a more than great reputation. All thanks to you, our customers. Your unbiased reviews on Feefo and Trustview are our greatest reward and inspiration. However, our reputation was earned in a hard way. All our watches were made using the high-end technology, and the most durable materials. At last, we are so sure about our products that we offer you a 2-year guarantee on our every watch. But buying a watch isn’t the end of the process. A well-maintained watch can last you a lifetime.  Also, it can become a family legacy. To accomplish that, you need to preserve every part of the watch as well as you can.

Nordgreen leather band watches - all the questions, do’s and don’ts

Are leather band watches water-resistant?

At Nordgreen, all our watches are water-resistant. Philosopher, Native, and Infinity line have water resistance up to 3 ATM. Our flagship, Pioneer, even has water resistance up to 5 ATM. However, there is no such thing as a waterproof leather band. Leather bands act like human skin, meaning they are extremely porous. Longer exposition to water can damage the leather band. With that in mind, the leather band should be kept outside of the water. For any activity near water, we can recommend you our mesh and nylon straps. All our straps are interchangeable, so you can easily adjust them to your style and the type of activities.

What sort of leather do you use for your leather straps?

We use only the finest Italian leather, and there is a reason for that. Italian leather is a high quality, durable material, made to last. Also, its unique process of getting the masterpieces from the cowhide and tanning the leather still remains a mystery, in some parts. It can withstand most of the usual scratches and cuts. That makes it a perfect choice for everyday use. Italian leather is commonly used in producing luxury furniture, handbags, car interiors, shoes, and great wristwatches.

Also, Italian leather is a timeless fashion.,Like that, it perfectly fits into our elegant watch designs. Every one of our watch lines comes with a leather band option. You can choose Pioneer, Philosopher, Native, or Infinity, and you won’t make a mistake by choosing either one. Also, you can choose the color you prefer, depending on the watch line. Choose from gentle pink to a classical black.  

What is vegan leather?

Vegan leather, faux leather, or PU leather is a material that resembles real leather. However, the main difference is that it’s made from recyclable materials. In short, vegan leather is a material made without the use of animal parts. The use of vegan leather is even approved by PETA. As a responsible company, we are doing our share in limiting animal cruelty. Vegan leather is much more sustainable and less harmful to our planet. We make our Nordgreen vegan leather straps from polycarbonate polyurethane surface and a reinforced rayon backing. The bottom part consists of non-woven polyester with a non-fibrous polyurethane binder. The vegan leather is highly similar to real leather in looks and texture. Also, all our mesh and nylon straps are vegan, too.

How to take care of leather band watches?

Firstly, don’t wear a leather band on your wrist all the time. Especially don't sleep with it. Leather is highly porous, so it can absorb the moisture and sweat from your skin. Let it dry for a while, and use some of our nylon or mesh interchangeable straps. Secondly, avoid getting the leather band wet. Especially if you are swimming in a pool, sea or ocean. The chemicals from the water, along with the salt, can damage your leather band. Also, avoid applying lotions, creams, or perfumes directly onto the band. At last, don’t wrap it too tight around your wrist. Tighter fit adds extra stress to the leather, making it lose elasticity and tear quicker.

However, if you need to wash your leather band, use only cold water, without any chemicals. When finished, dry the band with a piece of cloth. Don’t ever dry it with heat sources, not even the sunlight. High temperatures may cause the leather to crack and lose durability. Not to mention spoiling the good look. Also, we recommend getting a leather conditioner. Regularly applying it on your leather band will significantly increase its lifespan.

How to take care of the vegan leather band?

Unlike real leather, vegan leather isn’t that porous. That means it’s much easier to clean. However, there are some similarities. Vegan leather also isn’t a great fan of water or excess heat. When washing your vegan leather band, you can use mild soap or detergent. Avoid using any stronger chemicals or bleach. When finished, dry the vegan leather band with a piece of damp fabric. Also, we don’t recommend machine washing. Hot water and stronger detergent can cause unsalvageable cracks. In the end, you can use special leather conditioners, just like the ones for the real leather.


Leather bands have a usual life expectancy of 18 months. That is if you wear them every day, and don’t take proper care.  Make your life less complicated and order one of our bundles. The best practice would be to order bands made from different materials. This way, you can change them regarding the occasions. Also, you will increase the lifespan of your leather band watches. Last, but not least, you can save up to 20% when buying our bundle.

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