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Collection: Men’s White Watches

Collection: Men’s White Watches

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Collection: Men’s White Watches
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As Scandinavians, we are pretty fascinated by snow. After all, we spend most of our lives admiring it, living with it and coping with it. Men’s white watches are an hommage to snow and the stunning white beauty of it. To be honest, it’s quite fascinating seeing a man wearing a watch with a white dial, or even better, an all-white watch.  You look at him and think: “That is a man with style. The man who is not afraid of thinking differently”. We couldn’t agree more. After all, thinking differently is one of our company’s principles.

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White Dial - White Leather
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White Leather
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White Leather
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Inspirational Scandinavian Design

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Crafted with respect and responsibility for people and our planet.

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What’s the hype about men’s white watches?

Times are changing, my friend. White watches for men are now trendy again. After all, the same thing happened with the blue face watches.  If you think their time has passed, remember one thing. Many times people claimed the time of wristwatches has passed, that they are obsolete. People thought there was no further need for the wristwatches, that the time of smartphones is coming. But, here we are. Wearing a watch is a form of a statement, a thing that separates you from the crowd. Furthermore, wearing a white watch isn’t for anyone, it’s reserved for people with a high sense of fashion.  So, stick with us, my friend, and we will teach you everything there is to know about men’s white watches.

Tips on choosing a white watch for men


White watches offer you a neverending choice of possible combinations. A sporty, yet highly sophisticated look that they offer, makes them a perfect choice for every occasion. Nowadays, even wearing an all-white watch is trendy. And we are not talking about golf courses or yacht parties but as an everyday choice. In the winter, the whiteness of the dial pairs well with snow, and in the summer it looks great with a rubber or a nylon strap. Where to find all those straps? Well, in Nordgreen, of course. All our wristwatches come with interchangeable straps. That means you can change the look of your watch as often as you desire. Does it cost much? Absolutely not. In fact, if you order our gift bundle, you can save up to 20%.


As we said, white men’s watches are trendy again. Use that information to your advantage. If you are a fan of a red or black outfit, you can perfectly make a contrast with a white dial watch. That way, you will break the monotony of your outfit. Of course, if you prefer light colors or even an all-white outfit, the white watch will perfectly blend in. Just make sure you choose the appropriate strap, perhaps a nice mesh one, to break a monochromatic look.


Of course, the lifespan of your watch is quite important, too. You don’t want your new trendy white watch to fall apart in a few months, do you? So make sure your watch is made from the right materials and suits your needs. Also, make sure your watch has water resistance, and of course a warranty.

At Nordgreen, we use only the top quality materials, and we don’t negotiate about that. All our watches are made from 316L stainless steel. This type of steel is well known for its durability, sturdiness, and scratch resistance. Also, it’s lightweight, affordable, and don’t forget, hypoallergenic. We made sure all our watches are water-resistant, and our precious dials are protected. Last, but not least, we use only a quartz movement for all our watches. Only the finest Japanese Miyota movement, with the unbeatable precision. Being so sure in our watches, we offer all our buyers a 24-month guarantee. Don’t forget, most of the watchmakers will offer you 6-12 months. But we have proven the high class of our products.

Customer’s reviews

When you find a perfect white watch for you, don’t rush. Take your time and see what the other buyers think about it. Customer reviews are a great way to find out is the watch really worth it. We should know. Your sincere and unbiased reviews brought us a Gold Trusted Service Award in 2020. You can spend as much money as you desire on the marketing, but it all falls down if your customers aren’t satisfied.

Does Nordgreen offer men’s white watches?

In our offer of watches, there is no strict division on men’s and women’s watches. As a matter of fact, all our watches are neutral and unisex. The only difference can be in sizes available. Most of our male customers choose watches sized from 36 mm to 42 mm. That, however, depends on the body type, size of the wrist, and of course, personal choice.

Nordgreen Philosopher white watch

The Philosopher is one of our four watch lines, and including Infinity line, belongs to our family of white dial watches. However, Infinity comes in one size, 32 mm, and is much more suitable for women’s hands. As for the Philosopher, our pretty white timepiece comes in two sizes, 36 mm and 40 mm.

Our lead designer is Jakob Wagner. Doesn’t ring a bell? Well, maybe if we say, one of the most rewarded, talented, and successful designers in Scandinavia?. Or, a man who won 4 (!), yes, four Red Dot awards in his career, and the last one was in 2020.? Yes, that Jakob Wagner. Anyway, Jakob is in charge of designing our watches, and might we say, he did a perfect job. While designing the Philosopher line, Jakob wanted to show the world our ability to think differently. The Philosopher line, with its conical case and asymmetrical seconds hand, celebrates the power of the human mind. Clean minimalistic dial, without any unnecessary details, just adds to an elegant look of this timepiece.


In the past, white watches were reserved for people with the acquired taste. But now, they are loudly announcing their return on the big scene. Our opinion is, that’s where they belong. In other words, don’t be afraid to try new things.

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