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Nordgreen’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him & Her

Check out Nordgreen’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him and Her if you’re trying to find the right gift for your Valentine! Nordgreen’s captivating bestsellers from our men’s and women’s collection are sure to get you ready for Valentine’s Day! 

Finding the right gift that says ‘I love you’ can be stressful. Fear not, we’ve got the answers! Choose from our selection of men’s and women’s watches to find the perfect gift. Let’s start off with our Gift Bundles for an extra special way to tell your partner exactly how you feel about them!

Nordgreen’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him & Her, image of Philosopher gift bundle.


Our Gift Bundles are terrific if you’re planning on surprising your delightful partner with one of these all-encompassing bundles and aren’t 100% certain which strap they would choose unless they’ve dropped some hints to you about it. 

The Philosopher bundle in 36mm or 40mm with a silver case is the bestselling and perhaps one of the most popular watches in the Nordgreen collection. Though silver is pretty neutral for most strap materials, brown and black leather along with silver mesh strap appear to be a hit. Perhaps it’s because they are a classic and sometimes conservative match that draws people to choose these two bundles. 

With a bowl-shaped dial and an appearance that is floating above your wrist, the Infinity 32mm is also best left to the classic straps like brown, black, white, navy leather, or of course, a mesh strap! 

Our final bestselling Gift Bundle is the Pioneer Chronograph 42mm with a silver case with a black dial, silver mesh, black or brown leather, or a silver strap. Since its release in 2019, the Pioneer is the first chronograph to grace the Nordgreen collection.

Nordgreen’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him & Her, image of the philosopher watch.

Unisex Sizes

The Native and Philosopher in 36mm is the perfect size for both men and women. For men, it’s an easy change to the large and trendy 42mm and above sizes that are currently on the market. The Native’s design complements its 36mm size as it is rounded, even down to its’ lugs, which gives a smooth appearance. The Native 36mm on a woman’s wrist is suited to highlight the wrist without overshadowing her wrists contour. 

If the contour of a watch is what draws you to it, then you will love the band-shaped outline of the Philosopher’s case. In a 36mm size, the band-shaped case contributes to the Philosopher not appearing large, but it’s the two-piece dial with raised sides drawing your eyes to its center, which pulls it together.

Men’s and Women’s Bestsellers

Nordgreen’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him & Her, image of his and her watches.

Valentines Day Gift for Him

Make him feel like no other with these men’s bestsellers! Our larger sized watch dials for the men’s collection are the current bestsellers. The Philosopher and the Native are both the most sought after in 40mm, while the Pioneer Chronograph, which is the largest and only size it comes in, is the popular choice. 

Nordgreen’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him & Her, image of Pioneer gift bundle.

Valentines Day Gift for her

Show her that you’re crazy about her with these women’s bestsellers! There are two watches in Nordgreen’s collection that stand to be the all-time bestselling women’s watches, the Infinity 32mm with a white dial, rose gold case and rose gold mesh strap, or the take it in silver with a silver mesh strap, and the Native in 32mm with a white dial and gold case with a gold mesh strap.  

Remember, whether you’re buying for him or her, finding the right Valentine’s Day gift is all about showing them how much you love them, spoil them! Of course, gifts aren’t everything, but they add some fun to the Valentine’s craze. Just don’t forget to enjoy the time you spend with your main squeeze on Valentine’s Day. 

Nordgreen’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him & Her, image of Infinity in rose gold with mesh strap.


Images by Esther Günnewig.
January 28, 2020 by George McFarley III

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