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18mm Watch Band Collection

18mm Watch Band Collection

18mm Straps
For 36mm Watches

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18mm Watch Band Collection
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Our 18mm watch bands are highly suited for the sweet spot most watches come in – the 36mm lug width.

This explains why our brand puts a lot of heart and effort into serving you a menu of some of the most assorted watch straps that comes with this lug width measurement, giving you a plethora of rich options designed from high-quality materials while still bearing our minimalist design approach.

Shop between three dial colors, four case colors, customize the various premium options we have on hand and enjoy shopping at the best price.

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Brown Leather Watch Strap


Mesh Strap


Navy Blue Leather Watch Strap

€25,00 €49,00
ST18POSIVEBL &18mm watch band in black vegan leather with silver buckle

Black Vegan Leather Watch Strap


Mesh Strap

€30,00 €59,00

Black Leather Watch Strap


Olive Green Nato

ST18POSIVEBR &18mm watch band in brown vegan leather with silver buckle

Brown Vegan Leather Watch Strap


Navy Leather Watch Strap

€25,00 €49,00

Black Nato Watch Strap


White Leather Watch Strap


Grey Leather Watch Strap

ST18POSIVENA &18mm vegan blue leather watch strap with silver buckle

Navy Blue Vegan Leather Watch Strap

€25,00 €49,00

Black Mesh Watch Strap



€37,00 €74,00

Dark Brown Leather Watch Strap

€25,00 €49,00


€37,00 €74,00

Pink Leather Watch Strap

€25,00 €49,00
ST18POGMVEDG &18mm watch band in grey vegan leather with gunmetal buckle

Dove Grey Vegan Leather Watch Strap

€25,00 €49,00

Build the Perfect Watch

One of Nordgreen's core strengths is how customizable our items are.

We come close to helping you shop for the perfect watch with interchangeable watch strap options that complement the design of the watch.

Currently, all Nordgreen's timepieces feature watch bands in a variety of high-quality and durable materials, including real Italian leather, vegan leather, stainless steel mesh, rubber, and nylon (canvas). These accessories come as slimmer 16mm and wider 20mm watch bands, but more ideally as 18 mm watch bands, the perfect balance for both men's and women's wrists.

How wide is the 18mm watch band?

Wide enough to match the 36mm (lug width) watches for most brands. A lug width of 18mm equals roughly 0,7 inches.

Central to all our timepieces are our 18mm bands that offer countless options to play around with the colors and final look of your accessory.

We've also ensured that disjointing the 18mm strap from your watch, and attaching others, is straightforward— thanks to the quick-release mechanism built into all watch cases, eliminating the need for specific tools.

As a badge of quality, our designs guarantee that the watch strap will firmly hold at all times, securing your investment.

The Best 18mm Watch Bands in 2021

With every Nordgreen watch, functional and real Italian leather quick-release watch straps in various widths are supplied. You can also choose other watch strap options, including vegan leather and stainless steel mesh.

How Our Real Leather Compares

Our durable real leather watch bands have an incredibly soft feel, sufficient 7.5-inch length with an ideal overlap, and excellent watch strap thickness that results from the quality inherent in a Nordgreen creation.

Where the Vegan Leather Comes In

Nordgreen's vegan leather watch strap items do not disappoint, looking and feeling like the real thing, and allowing cruelty-free conscious consumers to exercise their lifestyle choices with ease.

A More Metallic Look & Finish?

We cater to customers who prefer a dressier look by providing stainless steel links and mesh watch bands that match all watch case colors in our range. Should you prefer a more casual look, opt for our premium NATO watch strap options in a variety of attractive colors.

A Wide Range Of 18mm Watch Straps

Choose our quick-release watch bands across the entire Nordgreen range of watches, including the Philosopher, Infinity, Native, and Pioneer watch models.

Exploring the Philosopher

The Philosopher range of men's and women's wristwatches dazzles the customer with the various options for sale in the shop:


  • Black, brown, grey, navy, pink, and white Italian leather
  • Brown, black, and a navy leather bundle
  • Dark brown, black, and navy leather bundle


  • Black, gold, rose gold, silver, and gunmetal stainless steel mesh
  • Brown, black, and mesh watch bundle
  • Black, gunmetal mesh, and navy NATO-style bundle


  • Rubber
  • Olive-green & navy blue nylon

Enjoy the Pioneer

When it comes to the men's only Pioneer models, your search for the best fit and width will bring you to a menu of quality quick-release strap options like:


  • Black, black croc, brown, navy, and patina grey genuine Italian leather styles
  • Black, navy, dove grey, or brown color vegan leather


  • Rose gold, gunmetal, silver, gunmetal, rose gold, and silver stainless steel mesh


  • Rubber and canvas material

Flex our Native Line

Shop 18 mm watch bands for the Native watch models in:


  • Black, black alligator-style, brown, grey, navy, white, and pink Italian leather styles
  • Black, brown, navy, and dove grey vegan leather strap
  • Black, brown, and navy leather bundle


  • Gold, rose gold, silver, black, and gunmetal stainless steel mesh


  • Rubber
  • Olive green and navy blue nylon

Shop the Infinity

The customer who chooses to see what the Infinity line-up can do for them will have this classic timepiece shipping in any of these 18mm strap width options:


  • Black, black alligator-style, brown, grey, navy, white Italian leather watch
  • Black, brown, navy, and dove grey vegan leather strap


  • Gold, rose gold, and silver stainless steel mesh strap material.
  • White, navy, and mesh watch bundle.

Why Choose a Leather Watch Strap?

A leather watch strap is a popular choice for a timepiece for several reasons. Firstly, its durability is unmatched, as high-quality leather can withstand the test of time and maintain its shape and appearance, making it a reliable choice for everyday wear. In addition, the classic aesthetic of a leather watch strap adds a touch of timeless elegance to any watch, giving it a sophisticated and luxurious feel. Furthermore, the versatile style options available with leather straps allow for a range of looks, from casual to formal, making it a versatile accessory that can complement any outfit.

Choosing a leather watch strap can also elevate your overall look, adding a stylish and refined edge to your appearance. The rich texture and depth of color of a leather strap can make a statement and add a signature touch to your personal style. For any watch enthusiast, a leather watch strap is the ideal choice for its durability, classic aesthetic, versatile style options, ability to elevate one's look, and its timeless appeal. Ultimately, a leather watch strap is a stylish and practical choice for enhancing the look and longevity of any timepiece.

Types of Leather Watch Straps

When it comes to choosing a watch strap, leather is a classic and timeless option that adds a touch of sophistication to any timepiece. There are various types of leather bands available, each with its own unique features and characteristics. From traditional cowhide leather to more exotic options like alligator and ostrich, the type of leather used can greatly impact the overall look and feel of the watch. Understanding the different types of leather watch straps can help you make an informed decision when selecting the perfect watch strap for your timepiece.

Genuine Leather

Genuine leather is known for its durability, longevity, and timeless appeal. It is a sustainable material when produced using environmentally friendly practices, such as carbon-neutral tanning. This process reduces the carbon footprint of leather production by offsetting the emissions involved in the tanning process. Partnerships with Eco2L-certified and LWG (Leather Working Group)-partnered tanneries ensure that the leather used is sourced from environmentally responsible suppliers, further promoting sustainability. You can find some of the finest leather around in sustainable materials.

Nordgreen's real leather watch bands showcase the high quality and sustainability of genuine leather. These bands boast a soft feel, ideal length, and excellent thickness, making them not only stylish but also comfortable to wear. Additionally, Frank Clegg's commitment to environmental protection and leatherwork legacy ensures that the production of their genuine leather products aligns with sustainable practices, further contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Overall, genuine leather offers a combination of quality, sustainability, and enduring style, making it a desirable choice for those conscious of the environmental impact of their purchases.

Vintage Leather

Frank Clegg Leatherworks is dedicated to creating vintage leather products with a strong focus on sustainability and craftsmanship. They are committed to environmental protection through their carbon-neutral footprint tanning process and their partner tannery's Eco2L certification and membership with the Leather Working Group (LWG). This ensures that their leather products are not only high-quality and long-lasting but also environmentally friendly.

The timeless and functional design of their leather products reflects their dedication to creating pieces that can be passed down through generations. By using traditional craftsmanship techniques and high-quality materials, Frank Clegg Leatherworks creates vintage leather products that are not only stylish but also durable and sustainable. Their attention to detail and commitment to creating quality products truly sets them apart in the world of vintage leather goods. When you invest in a Frank Clegg Leatherworks piece, you are not only investing in a timeless and stylish accessory, but also in a sustainable and environmentally friendly product.

Italian Calfskin

Italian calfskin comes in different types, each with its own unique characteristics. Full-grain calfskin is the highest quality, as it retains the natural grain and imperfections of the hide, giving it a rustic and luxurious look. Top-grain calfskin is sanded to remove imperfections, resulting in a smooth and uniform surface, while corrected-grain calfskin is buffed and coated to hide imperfections, creating a more uniform and durable leather.

The tanning process for Italian calfskin is often done using traditional vegetable tanning methods. This involves treating the hide with tannins derived from natural materials such as tree bark, leaves, and fruits, resulting in a soft and supple leather with a rich color and a distinct aroma.

Italian calfskin is highly prized for its quality and versatility, making it a popular choice for luxury goods such as bags, wallets, and shoes. Its durability, softness, and ability to age beautifully over time makes it a top choice for high-end leather products. The natural beauty and unique characteristics of Italian calfskin make it a sought-after material for luxury fashion items.

Full-Grain Vegetable-Tanned Leather

At Frank Clegg, we are committed to sustainability and environmental protection, which is why we choose to use full-grain vegetable-tanned leather in our products. This traditional tanning method uses natural tannins found in vegetable matter to create a durable and environmentally friendly leather. Unlike other tanning methods that use harsh chemicals, vegetable tanning is safer for both the environment and the individuals who work with the leather.

Full-grain leather, especially when vegetable-tanned, retains the natural grain of the hide, making it incredibly strong and durable. It develops a rich patina over time, adding character and beauty to the leather. This type of leather is ideal for creating high-quality leather goods that are not only timeless in style but also long-lasting in quality.

In our products, such as briefcases, bags, and accessories, we use full-grain vegetable-tanned leather to ensure that they not only look great but also stand the test of time. The natural qualities of this leather contribute to the longevity and value of our leather goods, making them a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for our customers. By using this type of leather, we are able to uphold our commitment to sustainability and provide our customers with high-quality, environmentally responsible products.

Alligator Embossed Leather

Here is a list of alligator embossed leather watch bands in various colors and styles:

1. Padded alligator embossed leather watch band in black leather, brown, and blue leather navy. Available in 18mm, 20mm, and 22mm sizes.

2. Non-padded alligator embossed leather watch band in tan, chocolate, and burgundy. Comes with built-in spring bars for easy installation. Available in 16mm, 18mm, and 20mm sizes.

3. Vintage flat design alligator embossed leather watch band in cognac, olive, and grey. Available in 19mm, 21mm, and 23mm sizes.

4. Slim profile alligator embossed leather watch band in red, blue, and green. Suitable for dress watches. Available in 17mm, 19mm, and 21mm sizes.

All bands are made from high-quality genuine leather and feature a range of traditional and modern styles to suit every taste. Whether you prefer padded or non-padded, built-in spring bars or vintage flat designs, there is a stylish alligator embossed leather watch band to complement your timepiece.

Horween Leather

Horween Leather offers a variety of high-quality watch bands in different styles and colors. The Black Racing watch band features a sleek and sporty design, perfect for a more casual look. The Black Rally band, on the other hand, has a more rugged and adventurous feel, great for outdoor activities. Both styles are available in classic black and brown colors, made from genuine Horween Leather from the renowned tannery in Chicago.

In addition to the black and brown options, Horween Leather also offers the Navy watch band for a more unique and refined look. These bands are made from the finest Italian leather, providing a luxurious and timeless appeal. Whether you prefer the classic black or brown, or want to try something different with the Navy watch band, Horween Leather watch bands are all exquisitely crafted to suit your style.

Please note that all Horween Leather watch bands are made from genuine leather and are not vegan-friendly. However, the Italian leather options offer a premium and sophisticated choice for those who appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of Horween Leather.

Hirsch Osiris Calf Leather

The Hirsch Osiris Calf Leather watch strap offers a luxurious and timeless look for your timepiece. Made from genuine calf leather, it boasts a smooth and supple texture that ensures comfort and durability. The strap comes in a variety of classic and modern colors such as black, brown, navy, and more, allowing you to mix and match with your watch dial for a personalized style statement. The craftsmanship of the Hirsch Osiris strap is evident in its precise stitching and attention to detail, making it a standout accessory.

When it comes to leather versus vegan leather straps, the Hirsch Osiris Calf Leather strap offers a more traditional and premium style. The genuine leather provides a natural and aging patina over time, giving the strap a unique character. On the other hand, vegan leather straps offer a more sustainable and animal-friendly option, with similar aesthetics and quality.

In summary, the Hirsch Osiris Calf Leather watch strap combines classic elegance with modern versatility. With a range of color options and superior craftsmanship, it is the perfect choice to elevate the look of your timepiece.

Other Exceptional Leathers

In addition to traditional leather options, there are a variety of exceptional leathers available for watch straps. Genuine alligator-style leather offers a luxurious and exotic look, with its distinctive texture and high-quality finish. Italian leather is another popular choice, known for its softness, durability, and rich colors. This type of leather is available in a range of shades, including classic black, deep brown, and vibrant navy, allowing for personalization to match the style and personality of the wearer. For those who prefer cruelty-free options, vegan leather watch straps are an excellent alternative. Available in black, brown, navy, and dove grey, vegan leather offers a sustainable and animal-friendly choice without sacrificing style or quality. Whether it's the unique allure of genuine alligator-style leather, the timeless elegance of Italian leather in various colors, or the ethical appeal of vegan leather options, there are plenty of exceptional choices for watch straps to suit every preference.

Measuring Guide for 18mm Watch Straps

When it comes to choosing the right watch strap for your timepiece, accuracy is key. The following measuring guide for 18mm watch straps will help you ensure a perfect fit for your watch, allowing for both comfort and style. Whether you're replacing an old strap or buying for a new watch, it's important to take accurate measurements to ensure the new strap will fit securely and comfortably on your wrist. Follow these simple steps to measure the width of your watch's lugs and determine the perfect fit for your 18mm watch strap.

How to Measure Your Existing Strap

To accurately measure your existing strap, start by using a flexible measuring tape or ruler to measure the length and width of the strap. Record these dimensions in either inches or centimeters, noting any specific features such as buckle holes or padding. Consider the material and style of the strap as well, as this will help you accurately match it with a replacement. If the strap is made of leather, nylon, or any other specific material, make sure to include that detail when looking for a replacement. Additionally, take note of any unique features such as stitching patterns or hardware, as these can also contribute to finding the perfect replacement. Taking these measurements and details into consideration will ensure that you find a replacement strap that matches the size, material, and style of your existing strap perfectly.

Choosing the Right Width and Length for Your New Strap

When it comes to watch straps, there are various widths and lengths available to suit different watch sizes and styles. For smaller and ladies' size watches, the 18mm wide straps are popular and compatible options. It's important to choose the right width and length for a comfortable and stylish fit, as it can greatly impact the overall appearance of the watch.

To measure the width of your current watch strap, simply use a ruler to measure the distance between the inside of the lugs on the watch where the strap attaches. As for the length, you can measure the total length of your current strap, including the buckle and the tail end. When choosing a replacement strap, it's essential to consider both the width and length to ensure it fits securely and looks proportional on your wrist.

Choosing the right size strap is crucial for both comfort and aesthetics. A strap that is too wide or long can overpower a smaller watch, while one that is too narrow or short can look out of place on a larger watch. By considering the width and length of the strap, you can ensure a perfectly tailored look for your timepiece.

Popular 18mm Watch Straps in Different Colors and Styles

Here are the top-selling 18mm watch straps available in various colors and styles:

1. Classic Leather Strap: These 18mm leather watch straps come in a variety of colors, from traditional black and brown to more modern options like navy and burgundy. They are durable, stylish, and suitable for both formal and casual occasions.

2. Silicone Sport Strap: Available in vibrant colors like red, blue, and green, these 18mm silicone watch straps are perfect for sports and outdoor activities. They are waterproof, comfortable, and easy to clean, making them ideal for active individuals.

3. Canvas NATO Strap: The 18mm canvas NATO watch straps are popular for their casual and rugged look. They come in earthy tones like khaki, olive, and navy, and their durable material makes them perfect for everyday wear.

4. Sailcloth Watch Band: These 18mm sailcloth watch straps are known for their sleek and modern appearance. They come in colors like black, white, and grey, and their unique texture adds a touch of sophistication to any watch.

5. Nylon Perlon Strap: The 18mm nylon Perlon straps are available in a wide range of colors, from classic black and navy to vibrant pink and yellow. They are lightweight, breathable, and perfect for warm weather.

Each of these top-selling 18mm watch straps offers unique features and benefits, catering to different styles and preferences. Whether you prefer leather, silicone, canvas, sailcloth, or nylon, there is a perfect strap for every occasion.

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