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16mm watch straps

16mm Straps (32mm Watches)

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Nordgreen watches draw their appeal and popularity from their ability to be quickly and easily customized to suit the mood or wardrobe of the wearer. Whether you're wearing Nordgreen's Philosopher, Pioneer, Native, or Infinity watches, all our timepieces come with interchangeable dials, watch cases, and, most important, colorful straps that complement the design of the watch.

All Nordgreen’s timepieces feature watch straps in a variety of high-quality materials and sublime textures to include real Italian leather, vegan leather, stainless steel mesh, and premium nylon. The slimmest of these straps are the 16mm watch straps, followed by 18mm and 20mm straps. These straps are perfect if you’re looking for a less substantial, low profile watch to suit women and children’s petite wrists, or the wrists of men who don’t like bulky, loud watch designs.

Depending on your tastes and preferences, you can either buy straps as individual pieces directly from the website or purchase watch straps in customized watch bundles for easy design preferences.

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Nordgreen is a watchmaker bound by design, fun, and sustainability. Our co-founders Vasilij Brandt and Pascar Sivam could not, after careful market research, find an affordable watch that embraced style and sustainability in one design. They decided to create this unique timepiece in Nordgreen. They sought to provide watch enthusiasts with affordable but stunning timepieces, which, through their eco-friendly and sustainable construction, didn’t compromise on quality and style.

Denmark is lucky to be one of the happiest countries in the world! Inspired by this lifestyle, and the honesty and care for others and the environment, Nordgreen watches mirror the sustainability model of Copenhagen and be authentically Scandinavian.

All our designs adhere to the Danish life philosophy of hygge, which dictates that one should live life with happiness, contentment, balance, and completeness. Consequently, you'll find that our watch designs, without exception, incorporate Scandinavian heritage, minimalism, balance, function, and sustainability into every piece. 

Our founders Brandt and Sivam partnered with world-class, award-winning Danish designer Jakob Wagner. Wagner is well-known for his products that focus on style with function, and his sole aim is to design products that enhance user experience.

Central to all our timepieces are our 16mm watch straps that offer countless options in terms of color and texture.  A Nordgreen timepiece is always sold with one or two extra watch straps to allow you to select the strap that most compliments your wardrobe on the day.

Disjointing the strap from your watch, and placing another onto it, is also simple and straightforward because of the quick-release mechanisms built into all watch cases and quick-release pins on the straps. Our designs guarantee that each strap will firmly hold at all times, securing your watch to your wrist.

Buying a Nordgreen watch is not just a blind consumer activity. You instantly become part of a movement that gives back to society and the environment. A third of the revenues from every watch is channeled towards one of our Giving Back Programs in Latin America, Africa, and India.

You also get to decide which program you'd like to give to. On our website, we've incorporated mechanisms that allow you to monitor the impact of your contribution — key in the serial number on the back of your watch's casing to do so.

We aim to improve the quality of life in societies all over the world. Nordgreen was founded not to be just a watchmaker, but to bring about environmental and social change too. We believe in matching the commitment of our green country, Denmark, to crucial issues affecting the preservation of our environment. These issues include the dwindling green cover on our planet, the lack of access to clean water, as well as the educational goals of lesser privileged societies.

We've partnered with NGOs to assist in the operations of our Giving Back Program. When you purchase a Nordgreen watch a percentage of what you paid goes to one of the following worthwhile initiatives:

  • Restoring 200 square feet of the Amazon rainforest in Latin America with Cool Earth
  • Sponsoring the education of one child in India for a month with Pratham UK
  • Providing clean water to a resident in the Central African Republic for two months with Water for Good

16mm Watch Straps

Every Nordgreen timepiece comes with a real Italian leather watch strap. You can also choose other strap options including, nylon, vegan leather, and stainless steel mesh to suit your wardrobe, the occasion, or even your mood.

Our durable real leather 16mm watch straps have sufficient 7.5-inch length with enough overlap, a velvety soft feel, and excellent strap thickness that you’d expect from Nordgreen.

The genuine Italian leather feels dreamy and comfortably worn on the wrist. The straps' texture compliments the watch to make it sleek and modern. These watch straps offer a thin enough profile that works well with women and children’s wrists, but also with men who prefer slimmer, more understated timepieces, providing universal function across the board.

Nordgreen’s vegan leather straps also pack a punch, and look and feel like real leather. These ingenious straps allow consumers who insist on buying cruelty-free to exercise their lifestyle choices with ease.

Should you prefer a dressier look, why not try our stainless steel mesh straps that come in gunmetal, rose, rose gold, silver, and black to match most of the watch case colors available. You may also opt for premium nylon mesh straps for a smart casual but classy look.

The watch's quick-release mechanism and straps' quick-release pins allow you to change up your look effortlessly. Coupled with the minimalist gold or silver signed buckle, which clasps like a dream, securing your timepiece is quick and easy. We have designed our watch straps in keeping with our design philosophies of simplicity, balance, function, user-friendliness, and durability.

Unbuckle and then detach your 16mm watch straps, and then reattach the strap of your choice to your watch case. In a flash, you’ll be ready to sport any style to suit your planned wardrobe or occasion.

If, for any reason, your watch strap of 7.5 inches is too short for your wrist, Nordgreen provides for extra-large straps to fit larger wrist sizes.

Watch Straps Under 16mm

Choose 16mm watch straps to complement our 32mm, 36mmand 40mm watches across Nordgreen Native and Infinity watch models.

For our Infinity models, these are the 16mm watch straps that you’ll find as standard on our website to customize your look in search of a classic timepiece:

  • Black, black croc, gray,  brown, navy, pink, and white, Italian leather
  • Black, navy, brown, and dove gray vegan leather
  • Gold, silver, and rose gold stainless steel mesh
  • Black nylon
  • Black leather, mesh, and brown leather bundle straps
  • White leather, mesh, and navy leather bundle straps

The Native watch models, available for both men and women feature 16mm watch straps in:

  • Black, brown, black croc, navy, gray, pink, and white Italian leather
  • Black, navy, brown, and dove gray vegan leather
  • Gold, silver, black, rose gold, and gunmetal stainless steel mesh
  • Black, army green, and navy nylon
  • Black rubber
  • Black leather, navy leather, and brown leather bundle straps
  • Black leather, navy leather, and dark brown leather bundle straps
  • Black leather, silver mesh, and brown leather bundle straps
  • Black leather, gold mesh, and brown leather bundle straps

When it comes to the Philosopher and men's only Pioneer models, you may not be able to purchase 16mm watch straps with your watch as standard, as they may be deemed too thin for these larger watch faces.

However, should you still choose to do so, with the Pioneer model you have the following 16mm watch strap options: 

  • Black, black croc, brown, patina gray, dark brown, and navy Italian leather
  • Black, dove gray, navy, or brown vegan leather
  • Rose gold, silver, gunmetal, gun metal-black, silver-black, and rose gold-black stainless steel mesh
  • Black, army green, or navy nylon
  • Black rubber

Also, with the Philosopher model, you may get 16mm watch straps individually in a wide range of colors and textures to include:

  • Black, dark brown, brown, navy, gray, pink, and white Italian leather
  • Black, dove gray, brown, and navy vegan leather
  • Black, rose gold, gold, gunmetal, and silver stainless steel mesh
  • Army green or black nylon

Nordgreen gives you exciting and contemporary options with the 16mm watch straps that allow you to customize across the range of 32mm, 36mm, and 40mm watches. These straps consist of premium materials and make for a comfortable and ergonomic accessory, snugly wrapping around the wrist. All straps also feature sufficient strap holes to cater for all manner of wrists from petite and thin to more massive, wider wrists, all unisex by design.

These straps come with the watch, or separately as replacement components in a variety of materials and attractive colors that have a significant impact on the overall design of Nordgreen timepieces.

The ability for all our designs to be uniquely color-coordinated makes for an attractive investment that will keep giving over the years whatever your wardrobe choices or mood.

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