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A Celebration of Giving Back


The holiday season is a time for celebration. For togetherness. For giving appreciation to one another, and for giving back to those less fortunate than ourselves. It is also a time to reminisce upon our good deeds of the past year and welcome the new one with an open heart. As a holiday tradition, we are once again uniting efforts with NGOs around the globe for yet another year of giving back. From providing meals to the homeless, to giving toys to children in refuge, with every product sold in December, a donation will be made which we hope will bring smiles to as many faces as possible. Discover our efforts to spread the holiday spirit globally on a local level.

Nordgreen x Toys for Tots US

The mission of the Marine Toys for Tots Program is to collect new unwrapped toys and distribute those toys to less fortunate children during Christmas.The primary goal of Marine Toys for Tots is to help bring the joy of Christmas and send a message of hope to America’s less fortunate children. The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation is governed by a board of directors, all of whom are veteran Marines and successful business leaders from all over the country. For every order placed in December with the code TOYS - a less privileged child from the US will receive a Christmas present, through our partnership with Toys for Tots.

Nordgreen x Redbarnet Danmark

Red Barnet’s local family experience clubs hold Christmas events across the country to bring holiday joy to nearly 2,000 children and their parents. In some of the clubs, the families get the opportunity to make Christmas cakes, decorations and ornaments, sing songs and dance around the Christmas tree. In others, Christmas presents and food baskets are distributed, together with all sorts of festive activities. Every order placed in December with the code REDBARNET supports the Red Barnet charity fund, so that the less privileged families of Denmark get to experience the holiday joy through a variety of festive activities.

Nordgreen x KidsOut UK

The mission of KidsOut lies in their belief that all children deserve fun and happiness in their lives, and their work consists in bringing that into reality for the less privileged children out there. Whether they have escaped domestic violence, or live daily in poor conditions, KidsOut provides disadvantaged children across the UK with exciting memories to cherish. For every order placed in December with the code KIDS - a less privileged child from the UK will receive a Christmas present, through our partnership with KidsOut.

Nordgreen x Aktion Deutschland

Hilft Aktion Deutschland Hilft is an alliance of renowned German aid organisations with the aim to provide people in need with fast and well-coordinated help. Currently, families in parts of Africa and Yemen are suffering from a dramatic famine. Parents are desperate to feed their children without starving themselves - they urgently need our help. For every order placed in December with the code JEMEN - a meal will be donated to a person in need from Yemen through our partnership with Aktion Deutschland.

Nordgreen x La Lampe Magique France

La Lampe Magique is an association of experts in hospital entertainment with the mission to improve the environment for children admitted in hospitals. Their purpose is to create a network of volunteer artists for the benefit of children hospitalized in short or long stay in pediatric departments - especially during the holidays. For every order placed in December with the code MAGIQUE - a Christmas present will be donated to a child admitted in the hospital over Christmas through our partnership with La Lampe Magique.

Nordgreen x Second Harvest Japan

Second Harvest is the first food bank of Japan. They receive the food which is about to be wasted from food manufacturers, or farmers, and then cook and serve it to orphanages and shelters for the homeless. For every order placed in December with the code XMAS21, 7 meals will be provided to people in need in Japan through our partnership with Second Harvest - the first food bank of Japan.

Nordgreen x Happy People Korea

The South Korean NGO Happy People is on a mission to bring joy to as many lives as possible through various campaigns that both companies and individuals alike can take part in. Their currently ongoing campaigns offer support to underprivileged people from all ages and social backgrounds, some of which include building libraries, donating protective face masks against COVID-19, providing school uniforms to children whose families cannot afford them, and providing meals to those in need. For every order placed in December with the code HAPPYPEOPLE - a food box filled with delicious treats will be provided to a child in need in South Korea through our partnership with Happy People.

Nordgreen x The Children Are Us Foundation Taiwan

The Children Are Us Foundation is a social welfare foundation in Taiwan created by a group of parents of mentally disabled children, with the purpose of providing care and support for children in similar conditions who are in need. For every order placed in December with the code CAREUS - an underprivileged child from Taiwan will be provided with a food box containing delicious treats, in partnership with Children Are Us Foundation.

Nordgreen in support of the WHO Foundation

COVID-19 has plunged us all into a global health crisis and an economic downturn. In July Nordgreen has made a $15,000 USD donation that supports the COVID 19 Solidarity Response Fund, powered by the WHO Foundation. All the funds have come directly from Nordgreen's Giving Back Programme, as part of our #neverstopgiving campaign.The mission of our Never Stop Giving short film as part of the campaign has been to fuel a desire to help those in need in parts of the world where the dangers of the pandemic are still prevalent.

We are excited to embrace a new year of collective efforts towards making the world a tiny bit better for all the people out there. Happy Holidays.
December 01, 2021 by Jihyun Lee

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