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In Celebration of Mothers around the World

It's one of those clichés that's just way too accurate: The most special Mother’s Day gift you can give to your mother is your time - now more than ever before. The pandemic has on a larger level brought families apart, making social contact quite a sensitive topic, even when it comes to reuniting for special occasions and holidays. However, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate the day, and honour the life-long hard work that our mothers have done for us, despite the circumstances. Here we've gathered a range of Mother's Day activities which can be fun in person, as well as virtually that will hopefully give you some inspiration for the day.

Why is  Mother’s Day important?

Before we get into the preparations, let’s firstly look into why is the holiday important in the first place. Various cultures around the world celebrate motherhood in various forms. Whether the celebrations would be centered around mothers, teachers, or Mother Earth, the notion of paying respect to the figures, or forces that have brought us to life and have enriched us with knowledge has been around for centuries. In the western part of the world, the concept of Mother’s Day commonly appears as a way to honour the everyday efforts of our mothers to make us the people that we are. 

Gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Your time is surely the most valuable thing to give to your mother, yet it is never a bad idea to come up with a beautiful and memorable gesture to show her just how much you love her. Flowers are of course a Mother’s Day specialty in which you can really get super creative - from hand-picking wild flowers, spray-painting hip dry flower bouquets, to decorating her doorway, or porch with her favourite ones, and etc. If your schedule is rather packed, sending flowers is still a great option to make her smile.

In addition to that, if you’d like to come up with something special that symbolises your bond, a new watch might be the perfect gift. After all, what is more suitable to honour the time she spent in raising you as a child, and continuously supporting you as an adult than a timepiece?

The good news is that the timing is just perfect. At Nordgreen we currently offer a Mother’s Day special - a pre-made watch bundle with an extra watch strap on the price of a single timepiece, so that you are guaranteed to get her taste right. She will surely be thrilled to have a Scandinavian design watch that can be easily adjusted to any outfit with the interchangeable straps.

Don’t forget to add a hand-written card!


What to do on Mother’s Day in 2021?

  • The good old brunch
  • If you're lucky enough to be able to hold a live get-together with your mum, the classic brunch is always a great idea. You can get creative with showing your mother how great of a cook you have become, and experiment with some innovative Noma-inspired ingredients, or redefine your signature home meals that your mother prepared for you as a child.  It is guaranteed that this will bring a lot of joy to both of you, so don’t be afraid to fail. The best part is that your mum will love it anyways.

    For those of you who aren't able to gather in person this year, due to travel restrictions and etc., the good old brunch can take place in a digital form. Try to order a fancy Mother’s Day takeaway and share the experience digitally. The power of family brunches is beyond distance.

  • Challenge each other with a new activity

  • If it runs in the family to challenge each other and try out new things together, then choosing to do a new activity together will be a great way to spend the day - knitting, doing pottery, learning a new language, name it.

    Once again, for those of you who are not able to go for a ‘real’ Mother’s Day special activity, the opportunities to make it work are endless. There are thousands of virtual classes and activities created to be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. Sharing a new interest or experience together will surely make the day memorable.

  • Organize your own yard sale
  • If you both happen to be the ‘home’ types on the day, and have the possibility to be together in person, that’s just perfectly fine, as there are plenty of cool things that you can do from the comfort of your home. 

    Spring is a great time to go through old, or unused items that are no longer of use and just take unnecessary space. So how about you get together on a mission a la Marie Kondo and gather together all the things that deserve a new life and set up your own spring yard sale? If you tried that before, you will know just how ‘hygge’ it is to set up a stand outside your home, and have coffee and cake while mingling with friendly strangers who are into thrift shopping. In case you haven’t tried that before - even better, a new activity for both of you will surely strengthen your bond. Just don’t forget to stay safe and wear your face masks!

    We hope this was helpful and gave you the necessary dose of inspiration for organizing your version of Mother’s Day. Feel free to share your Mother’s Day experience with us on our socials.

    April 26, 2021 by Radina Vladimirova

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