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my.beautyinsideout x Nordgreen

my.beautyinsideout x Nordgreen

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my.beautyinsideout x Nordgreen


"As a native Ukrainian, I was forced to flee my country due to the war and start a new life in Spain. This experience made me appreciate every single moment of my life and become more conscious of the impact of our choices on the planet and the people around us.
In my quest for a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle, I embraced the philosophy of investing in high-quality, durable fashion pieces that are made with care for the environment and the people who create them. Along with my love for fashion, I am also passionate about all things beauty, believing that taking care of ourselves and feeling good in our own skin is crucial for a happy and fulfilling life.
Through my journey, I have learned that true happiness is found in the simple pleasures of life, whether it's savoring a delicious cup of coffee, wearing a beautiful dress made with care, or discovering a new skincare product that enhances our natural radiance."

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Thoughts on Respect and responsibility

We live in a world of consumerism and overconsumption, therefore it becomes more important to be mindful about the effects of our choices and taking action to reduce our impact on the planet and support positive social and environmental change.

One of the ways for me is supporting brands that practice socially responsible production, prioritize ethical and fair trade practices and  contribute to a better living society and environment. It's important to remember that small actions can make a big difference, and every individual has the power to make a positive impact on the world. 

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The Native

"My favorite Nordgreen design is Native with Cadrain noir dial and 3-link strap.
I love its elegant chic sleek design that looks great with both casual or more formal outfits. I love how its black sleek dial paired with a bit chunky heavy strap, making it a true unisex piece. I usually wear basic capsule clothes and this watch is a great addition to any outfit, adding a touch of quality elegance and creating a look that is both casual and stylish at the same time."

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THOUGHTS on Scandinavian design

"Scandinavian design for me is a minimal, clean approach that combines functionality with beauty. And Nordgreen watches live by this idea. They emphasize simplicity, clean lines and a focus on function, durability and comfort on the one hand. On another - this is beauty, aesthetics, timelessness and elegance. "


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USE [INSIDEOUT] and get 15% off on top of all website offers


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