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Pink Face Watch Collection

Pink Face Watch Collection

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Pink Face Watch Collection
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Before anything else, who said the ladies alone should have the monopoly on pink watches?

We certainly don’t think that at Nordgreen, but we will get to all that in a minute.

Pairing a Philosopher watch with a pink dial is not something you see every day.

This unique design won’t be here for long either, seeing as these limited-edition timepieces are getting snagged up faster than we imagined.

Available in the silver frame with multiple strap options to match, we give you the room to define your style to the highest standards.

Choose your pink-face Philosopher watch today and start enjoying the exclusivity of design that comes with this minimalist timepiece.

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Pink Dial - 5-Link
€112,00 €224,00
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Pink Dial - 3-Link
€112,00 €224,00

A Philosopher’s Study in Pink

The Philosopher watch is a gentle reflection and minimalist tendencies that says so much more with so much less.

It sets the stage with a design element that speaks of the vintage watch cases and lugs, blending that in with the appeal of modern timepiece engineering.

We take things a step further, reinforcing our commitment to sustainable and clutter-free living with the hour hands on the watch.

Designed to mimic the windmills that have come to define the Danish landscape, these hour hands also give its hometown all the accolades that it deserves.

As if that is not enough, we take things a notch further with the funnel-style hour markers on the watch. Every time you look down to tell the time on this pink dial watch, your attention is funneled down onto the beautiful dial and time by these finely-crafted hour markers.

With all that and a simple date complication to match, it is not surprising that the Philosopher watch won an iF Design Award already.

Now that the Philosopher has earned its place in the top spot with other luxury watches out there, we knew it was time to switch things up.

For the bold ladies that want to define their style better and the men who are not scared to challenge the norms, we introduce this limited-edition pink face watch.

Grab your copy today and become one of the very few stylish ones to ever be able to lay claim to having an original such as this one in their collections.

The Finest Shade of Pink

Where does your mind first go when you hear of the color pink?

If we could guess, this sums up your thought:

Slightly less bright color to red but attention-grabbing all the same. Brightly colored that it draws attention to itself and stands out from the crowd.

Well, permit us to reintroduce the shade of Nordgreen pink that we have put on this watch for you.

To come up with this shade, we knew what we had to do:

Retain the standout nature of pink, stay true to the unisex nature of our Philosopher watches and keep the minimalism of the Nordgreen brand.

All that combined into the fuchsia pink-esque hue that finally emerged the winner from our multiple tests and trials.

Now, we have a pink dial watch that appeals to the women while teasing the men who want to try something different too.

The fact that this shade of pink stays simple without being drab either makes it highly fashionable yet laid-back.

It is not every day you see such a blend on a watch. Sadly, it might not be here tomorrow either – so why not get a copy of your pink face watch today?

Need A Gold Watch with Pink Face?

You’ve been looking for one of these for a while now.

There are options out there on the market, but they don’t suit your needs and budget.

It is either you find what you want in the Rolex category or with some other brand that doesn’t guarantee you the quality that you need.

Fortunately, we have designed our pink face watch to match the gold hue just fine.

For starters, we keep the pink face Philosopher married to the silver stainless steel alone. This color pairing brings out the beauty too well, so why not go with what works?

We step up the game by allowing you the chance to choose between a gold or rose gold strap. If you still want that beautiful gold timepiece with a pink face, that is.

Choosing the rose gold means you’re getting a shade closer to the pink already on the watch. A fine choice, if you ask us.

When you aren’t taking the watch out to dinners, formal events, and gala nights, you might even go down the color mix route with a gold stainless steel bracelet instead.

The choice is ultimately yours as we allow you to customize this watch to taste.

Ready to add a gold watch with pink dials to your watch collection? Check here to see if the limited-edition Philosopher is still in stock for you.

Pairing Leather with a Pink face watch

When pink sounds unofficial, some leather might just be all that it needs to make it to formal events.

And, when it does come to leather, Nordgreen shines through with two options.

Vegan Leather

Browse our cruelty-free line of leather straps to take advantage of all that the leather material offers without the animal exploitation that comes with it.

These vegan leather straps wear and feel like the real thing. Created with the utmost comfort, durability, and style in mind, you never miss out with our vegan leather straps.

Now that you already have the pink face Philosopher watch in a silver case, the black vegan leather would be your preferred pick.

Experiment with the brown vegan leather also, and you might end up liking it.

But then, who said you had to choose between these two?

Pick up the first strap and choose the other as a replacement strap so you can swap them into your watch as the occasion calls for.

Genuine Italian Leather

For the enthusiasts of true leather, nothing beats the allure of genuine Italian leather on your wrists.

We have sourced the material from the best parts, used authentic animal-based raw materials, and finished that with high-quality stitching and craftsmanship.

Options are not lacking either, seeing as you get to choose from the basic black, black croc, or brown leather.

Get adventurous with our navy-blue and olive-green leather, or keep things very blended with the patina grey leather. No matter which you choose, we know you’d feel right at home.

Shine Through in Stainless Steel

The roundup is never complete where stainless steel hasn’t made an appearance.

For pink face watches, stainless steel is where the style is at – no offense to the other straps.

From 3-Link to 5-Link, you get the room to choose what style of metal bracelet you want. You can even go all out with a mesh strap that commands respect and defines style in its unique way.

Push the boundaries with the royal colors that we offer on every Nordgreen stainless steel strap.

Want to keep a uniform tone? The silver stainless steel strap does that for you.

Prefer to go with a non-obvious two-tone style instead? Pick our gunmetal grey strap with your pink face Philosopher watch on the way to checkout.

When you’re sure gold is more of your thing than the others, our gold bracelets do the trick for you. The best part is that the rose gold strap mimics the pink on the face to almost perfection.

Shop Pink Faced watches at Nordgreen

Speak the language of sophistication with a minimalist timepiece that defies the natural order of dial colors. 

Stand out of the bunch with a watch that bears testament to your boldness and how well you differ from the masses. Make a statement, but don’t get too loud while at it in these luxury watches.

The best part? They come at such prices that make your mouth water and wrists wriggle in anticipation to wear them.

No, they are not of poor quality. We have just mastered the art of keeping our house in order as a brand and extending those cost savings to you.

Now, sit back, order for your limited-edition pink face Philosopher watch, and expect something exciting in the mail.

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