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Stripped away to the bare essentials, and where every individual element has a distinct role to play, we wanted our flagship product to be a stunning example of the true meaning of Scandinavian design.

At the same time, we were led by a single-minded determination to produce a timepiece which, from an environmental perspective, is probably the next best thing to not wearing a watch.

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With a three tier dial, Guardian links the passing of time to the why, how and what of your individual vision for the future.
Made of highly refined titanium, at the centre of the piece is the vision ring which reflects the surroundings of the outside world.
Radiating from the ring are the hands of the watch, linking the individual’s vision to the eternal process of the seconds, hours and minutes passing.
The circle at the tip of the second hand serves to encapsulate each and every second as the second hand rotates, illustrating the importance of being in the now.

About Jakob Wagner

Jakob Wagner’s work has been exhibited internationally and has received numerous awards (6 IF awards, 3 Red Dots, Bundespreis, Designer of the Year.) His work takes part in the permanent exhibition at MoMA, New York.

Wagner’s simple, yet sophisticated approach expresses the essence of a product in a minimalist, poetic and playful manner. His design process is detailed and considers all angles of the user experience, which results in timeless, well balanced design.

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"For me the Guardian is so much more than a watch. It’s a movement. A state of mind."

Jakob Wagner, Chief Designer at Nordgreen

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Guardian Silver White Dial with Silver H-Link Watch Strap

Guardian by Nordgreen


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