There are so many reasons to wear a watch. The obvious motives are that watches are useful accessories, that will provide you with the time if your smartphone runs out of battery. They are also stylish jewelry pieces, that add a finishing touch to an outfit. 

However, for some people, wearing a watch is something to be proud of as not only are they decorative but watches are also exquisitely crafted pieces of engineering. To wear a timepiece that has been highly-crafted on your wrist is to know you possess a thing of brilliance.

Unfortunately for some, the price tag of watches can be off-putting, and drive consumers to buy lower-priced pieces that aren’t as functional. So, why are watches so expensive? There are multiple reasons why, ranging from high-quality technology to brand association and design.

Production Costs

If you think about the cost of a smartphone, you aren’t just paying for the machine itself, but you’re paying for the high-class technology and engineering that was required to create it. A watch is the same as this.

Some people may see a $25,000 price tag on a watch and immediately think it's overpriced. However, depending on the manufacturer and the type of movement in the watch, this price could reflect the hours of work that has gone into creating this piece of jewelry. The skill and time required to make a watch are often reflected in the price. 

Mechanical watches are usually more expensive than other calibers. This is because, since the arrival of the quartz movement, there has been less need for mechanical watches; people who want a mechanical watch, desire to own one due to the skill and craftsmanship involved in creating it. For this reason, watches with a mechanical caliber will often be more expensive, than a watch whose movement was created in a factory.

This isn’t to say that factory-engineered movements are much cheaper. Some can be very expensive, but again, this is a reflection of the development and research that has gone into creating this caliber. For example, if a certain quartz movement is made using the latest watchmaking knowledge, ensuring a watch will have high performance, then it is worth paying a higher price to own a timepiece that uses this technology. 

So, next time you look to buy a watch, make sure you check the movement type and its efficiency. It could explain to you why the price tag is so high! 

The Exclusivity of A Watch 

Think about designer fashion houses. Often these designer brands will produce one of a kind pieces and sell these for extortionate amounts. However, since they are so rare, the price is high to reflect the uniqueness of the item. This same practice is applied to watches. 

If a watch series is created and less than a hundred units are produced, then the price of this limited edition watch will dramatically increase. For example, Bremont released a limited edition Hercules Platinum watch, only creating 75 timepieces. The price of this watch is around $25,000, which may seem extreme to consumers, but watch enthusiasts will recognize that the exclusivity of the piece is reflected in the price.  

A Luxury Brand

As with any piece of jewelry or technology, we often pay more depending on the designer or brand. In the watchmaking industry, there are several well-known brands whose reputation precedes them. If you ask someone to think of a watch brand, they will probably say Rolex, due to its high-class position in the timepiece world. Rolex has consistently created good watches, and crafty marketing has ensured that they remain as one of the most sought-after watchmakers in the world. For this reason, brands like this can charge high prices because of their position in the industry.

The thing that keeps brands luxurious, however, is the consumer. People desire to own watches from high-end companies like Rolex because they want to be associated with this luxury and wealth. For many people, owning a high-priced watch is like wearing a badge of honor, that will acquire them respect from their peers. Therefore, expensive watches are not such a problem for many consumers, yet an aspirational achievement that many hope to partake in.

An Expensive Watch Can Be A Good Investment 

Just like buying a house can be a smart financial decision, buying a certain watch can also be a great investment for you. Many watch collectors buy timepieces based on the likelihood of their value going up over time. This means that in the long run, spending a little more money on a watch could equal a big payback for you. 

However, not all watches are great investments. There are a few factors that affect the value of a watch increasing. First of all, the brand is very important. Rolex, as already mentioned, is usually considered a good investment due to its world-famous name. Other aspects of a watch that decide whether its value goes up or not over time include its exclusivity, movement type, whether or not it was one of the first watches of its model produced, and its aesthetic.

Collectors of watches must also ensure that they keep their watches in good condition; this means regular maintenance and cleaning, and repairing any broken parts. It’s equally important to retain the case your watch came in, and the instructions. This small detail is important, but one that many don’t think about. However, it can affect the value of your watch if you ever try to sell it.

Are Expensive Watches Worth It?

As you’ve seen there are many reasons why watches are expensive. So, is it worth paying such a high price point for a wrist piece? This depends on what you want from your watch. If you desire a highly crafted piece of technology, that is beautiful and made by an esteemed brand, then it is definitely worth parting with more money to acquire that. However, if you simply want a stylish watch for time-telling and fashion purposes, then you don’t have to break the bank. It’s possible to find something that is well-made and reliable with regard to functionality. The great thing about watches is that there truly is something for everybody. 

October 21, 2020 by Christopher Day

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