Black on Black Men's Watch

Some things simply belong together:

Like butter on bread, Romeo and Juliet, and a fine black on black men's watch on a modern man.

The black watches for men movement might be a classic one, but that does not make it less relevant today. Decking out a watch in all-black colors – from the finish on the metal frame to the dial and strap/ band material – will never go out of style.

After all, this is 2021 – the turn of a new decade – and here we are, still discussing these eye-catching watches.

Native | Black Dial - Mesh - 28mm / Silver
28mm 32mm 36mm 40mm
Native | Black Dial - Mesh

Do Black Watches Look Good?

The appeal of black watches comes from the neutrality of the color.

A finely-finished black hue adds a speck of class, a touch of authority, and a tone of uniformity to any outfit that it is paired with. Speaking of, a black timepiece also goes with just about any kind of outfit without any hassle at all.

Thus, they allow you to look good in any outfit at all without putting too much effort into thinking about the color combinations.

There is a reason why almost everything tagged 'official' comes in black. From official pens to cars and mobile units, they just exude a sense of authority, command, and respect without doing too much.

Your question was if black watches look good, right? You might want to take that back – cos these watches look great!

Does Nordgreen sell black watches for men?

From stainless steel to titanium builds, featuring different hues of black from the real thing to gunmetal grey, we do have quite the selection of black watches for men here at Nordgreen.

Here are the exact units that will catch your fancy and why they will be so irresistible to look away from.

Pioneer Black Watches for Men

The Pioneer range of watches is inspired by classical designs, marrying contemporary features to that for a unique blend of uniqueness.

The high-fashion, highly functional, and rugged sports timepiece is designed for the outdoors, everyday use, and can withstand just about any abuse that you launch at it. Although no more than 5ATM water-resistant, this chronograph watch will hold its own well against splashes.

Native Black Men's Watches

The devil, they say, is in the details.

The Native brings all those details to the fore in a minimalist, simplistic approach to the whole black watches' movement.

For the male gender species who do not like their watches drawing too much attention, the quartz Native series does lack all of the bells and whistles.

Besides the timepiece brand information, this watch dial keeps things bare. It improves on that with a rich selection of black band options (leather, rubber, nylon, and more)/ bracelet (mesh included), alongside the black display pick, to complete the look.

Philosopher Black Men's Watches

If there was ever a link between the Pioneer and the Native watches, it would be the Philosopher series.

On the watch dial is a date display and the watch brand information, nothing else. In 2021, this design qualifies as a dress watch that can always double as an office partner and a durable everyday driver when need be. The sturdy metal case wrapped around the display promises to protect your watch for a very long time; come rain, come shine.

When the rains come, a water resistance rating at 3ATM will keep your Philosopher working like nothing was amiss.

Which black watch is best for you?

Search various brands that you trust and love for the assortment of black watches they have on hand, but don't stop there.

Make sure these watches come at the best price, are perfect for what you need them for, and will stand the test of time. Our featured watches above cross all of those checks and have even more promises in store for you.

Start customizing your black-on-black watch today, choosing the right colors of black case, dark dial, and similar band material/ strap to match. Your wardrobe will thank you for it.

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