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Finding the best vegan gifts doesn’t have to be a backbreaking experience.

We agree that vegans have a more sensitive stance to the animal world than, say, vegetarians. After all, not only do they not eat meat but they do not use anything with animal products either.

That said, there are a ton of amazing gifts that are both vegan and cruelty-free which you can give, no matter the season.

Be it for a birthday, Christmas, or no occasion at all, your vegan loved ones will appreciate the list we have put together for them below.

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What do you buy a vegan for Christmas?

It’s the holiday season and you are wondering what the perfect present to sneak under the Christmas tree for your vegan loved ones is.

Make your present different from what every other person is getting them with the picks below

1. Gift Cards

Of course, not as a standalone gift but as part of a bigger present.

Gift cards are great in that they are as sustainable as presents come – especially when digital.

It takes no packaging or wrapping and doesn't consume any industrial fuel to be delivered - so they are eco-friendly too.

The best part of it is that they can use the gift card to buy themselves anything they want. In a way, you have helped gift them the perfect present.

2. Charitable Donations

The holiday season is the season of giving, so why not key into that also?

Just like virtual adoptions, you can also donate in your loved one's name to a charity of their choice.

For added effect, it would be more thoughtful of you to find an animal-based charity (animal rights movements, conservation centers, etc), other cruelty-free organizations, etc., and donate to the good work they are doing. All in your friend’s name.

3. Wristwatch

Christmas is a beautiful time of the year, so why not give the gift of time too?

It just makes sense.

Find a top-quality, cruelty-free watch that they won’t want to ever take off, and send it to them in a fine box.

There are watch brands with a sustainable goal to their product strategy/ packaging (like Nordgreen) around today from whom you might want to shop.


What’s a good gift for a vegan?

Like we said above, the perfect vegan gifts are those that do not have any animal parts/ products in them at all.

Taking it a notch further, most vegans are also eco-conscious. We have translated that to picking out eco-friendly presents for this list also.

Here, we talk about general vegan gifts that work for just about anyone.

1. Customized Tees

T-shirts are not made from any animal products. On the other business end of things, they are a great gift to give even if there is no occasion at hand.

Note that we did not mention tees alone – but customized ones. Make sure to find something amazing to put on the T-shirt for them.

Besides the fact that such customization makes the tees more personal, it also reflects their sense of style.

2. Subscription Box Content

If you know a new vegan, or you just want to help your vegan loved ones get the best of their lifestyle choices, a subscription is not out of the ordinary.

There are a series of programs, publications, and newsletters that focus on the vegan lifestyle exclusively. They don’t come expensive either, so you won’t be shelling out more than you can pay.

Check out such subscription content and pay for the one you feel is best suited to the person you are gifting.

Whenever they get their frequent subscription box delivery, they remember how much you care about them.

3. Apparels

Getting apparels might seem out of the ordinary, but there is a catch here.

Many wears and apparels come from animal sources. Here, we have fur coats, leather jackets, and the likes.

Fortunately, there are vegan and cruelty-free alternatives to such apparel today.

For example, you can get a high-quality vegan leather watch from Nordgreen which mimics true leather to the core but wasn't made with any animal products at all. The same goes for vegan leather jackets, a vegan belt, etc.

Find such amazing apparels that show you don’t only care about their sense of style, but respect their life choices also.

4. Books

There are a lot of books that could work perfectly as vegan gifts.

Leaving their lifestyle choices for a moment, there are still a variety of great books on self-help, health, business, personal development, and more that they will equally appreciate.

Make sure the person you are buying for fancies books, though, lest your investment go to waste.

If you would be choosing vegan books instead, you’re in luck. There is a huge selection of them out there for women, men, and even kids. Whatever you are looking for, we are sure you'll find it.

5. Gift Baskets

There are two ways to go about the gift basket option. You can either choose to:

  • Make the gift basket yourself – this might be more time-consuming, but it is worth it in the end. The gift basket you make will come with hand-picked items that you are sure your vegan recipient will appreciate. You can make it more personal by adding things around the house/ unconventional items that hold meaning to them also.
  • Purchase a gift basket – if you cannot curate a gift basket yourself, you could go with vendors that have that done already. Fortunately, there are a series of vegan stores/ normal stores offering vegan sections around today.

What do you buy a vegan for her birthday?

So, it's that time of the year again when your vegan friend is having her birthday.

Fortunately, with every new year comes new and improved products for vegans.

Choose any of the presents below to make her birthday a memorable one this year.

1. Kitchen-ware - Best Vegan Gifts for Cooks

For vegans who love cooking, buying them something that they can use in the kitchen is an easy pick.

Some vegans prefer to cook their meals so they can be sure they aren't getting any animal stuff in them. That, combined with the hassle of finding a truly vegan restaurant.

When selecting kitchenware, consider the following options:

Tofu presser

You don’t know how much of a hassle it is to properly get water out of tofu so that it is done right. A tofu presser will change your friend’s life.

Set of pots and pans

Stainless steel is the perfect material here, but you can go with a premium aluminum set also.

Produce bags

They help your recipient store their vegetables and fresh produce for longer without wilting. They’ll appreciate this a lot.


A good blender makes it easy to prepare all those smoothies and other plant-based drinks.


Remember when we mentioned customized tees above? Get even personal with a customized apron.

Rice cooker

Rice is a simple-to-cook, nutritious and versatile meal. It also forms the foundation for a great plant-based meal on many occasions. Little wonder the cooker made this list.

Instant Pot

The best picks come with multiple modes (sauté, food warming, etc). An effortless way to improve kitchen hours and outcomes.

Vegetable spiralizer

Especially when they can’t just stop talking about their love for some pasta.

2. Cookbook

Another easy vegan gift idea for those who love cooking is an appropriate recipe book.

Come to think of the sheer number of amazing meals from all over the world that you are yet to find out about, much less try.

In a niche like vegan, those meals can be extra challenging to find.

A cookbook solves all that in a heartbeat. Now, your friend can rotate the kind of meals they cook with the options they get from the recipe book rather than sticking with the same vegan recipes over and over again.

3. Beauty Products

We searched ourselves, and we know how tough it can be to find truly vegan self-care products.

It’s always fun and games tile we get to the end of the ingredients list and find something with animal by-products in there.

We are not the only ones faced with this dilemma. Your vegan friend also has to deal with the same issue multiple times.

This is where you come in to make things easy on them by buying them amazing beauty products.

Note: organic products can either be animal or plant-based. Make sure to find out it is not the former – or both – before you purchase such as a vegan gift. It must only be plant-based alone.

4. Virtual Adoptions

Help your vegan friend live a more meaningful life by virtually adopting an animal that they will take care of.

Some non-profits allow for you to make a donation towards the upkeep of a particular animal and you get a certificate stating that you have virtually adopted them.

Do this in your friend’s name and they’ll surely feel like they are taking a more active than passive approach to eco-friendliness and sustainable living as a whole.

5. Homemade Items

If your loved one is someone that you stay with – or you can easily travel to go meet – homemade presents are perfect.

On the one hand, it shows how much you care to even show up at all. On the other hand, it also allows you to spend quality time with them on days like this.

Some homemade gift ideas that we recommend include, but are not limited to:

  • Breakfast in bed – only do this if you can make vegan food. If you don't, you can work with a vegan restaurant that will supply the food to you on D-day. Start strong!
  • Love letter – it is not every day we get love letters. We would like one right now too, so imagine how much your friend would appreciate the thought and gesture too. Plus, you get to see the bright smile on their faces when you hand them the note.
  • Poem/ song – this goes in line with the love letter idea above. If you are more inclined to compose a poem/ sing a song, do just that.
  • Candlelit dinner – of course, you would consider their dietary preferences when setting up this dinner. For the best effect, make sure to eat the same kind of food with them, even if you are not a vegan yourself.
  • Adventure – it’s a new year, so why not start it on an adventure? You don’t always have to head into the woods to have a nice, adventurous day. Look around for local planners to handle the itinerary of the day for you. The idea is to have one great day that they will never forget in a hurry.

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