Vegan Watches - Sustainable & Cruelty-Free

All Nordgreen’s vegan watches feature the typical minimalist Scandinavian design that evokes beauty, practicality, and function. We created our watches to champion the Danish values that we hold dear and that we felt our watches could communicate to the world. All our timepieces are sustainable and sophisticated yet straightforward and affordable.

All vegan watch models also feature premium quality watch cases, dials, and interchangeable straps made of real Italian leather, vegan leather, stainless steel mesh, or nylon. Although not all our watches are vegan, a sizeable number are because of the careful curation we have undertaken to ensure we offer a choice for all. 

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Infinity - Brown Vegan Leather - 32mm / Silver
32mm 40mm 42mm
Infinity - Brown Vegan Leather

Carefully crafted mechanisms define our timepieces and make them stand out against mediocre fashion watch brands. We’ve designed all our timepieces with an incredible eye for detail by incorporating Japanese quartz movement into every watch.

Customize your watch and make it vegan by changing up the components to suit your style, beliefs, and color scheme. We have interchangeable watch casings, dials, or straps that fit across our comprehensive range of designs, be it the Philosopher, Infinity, Pioneer, Native, or Native Lille designs.

Get Timeless Fashion And Shop in EUR & USD

We are committed to producing iconic danish design watches that will last you through the generations. This commitment also informs our Giving Back Program that aims to restore the green cover on the planet and give to lesser privileges societies around the world.

We pride ourselves on not only being a watchmaker par excellence, but in actively giving back to societies in Latin America, India, and Africa. Our Danish values of sustainable green living, education, and clean living mean a lot to us, and we want to share these values with the world.

Our vegan leather watches are bringing authentic Danish Design to the world. Our latest line of watches is inspired by our love for nature, our passion for the planet, and our passion for practical, understated, and functional design.

For every watch you buy, we enable you to donate to a common cause of your choosing, without dipping into your pocket—since the price of the watch incorporates the donation. Choose to support one of our projects:

  • Providing two months’ clean water to a resident of the Central African Republic
  • Supplying one month’s free education to a child in India
  • Restoring 200 square feet of Amazonian rainforest in Latin America

You can track your donation on our website by keying in the serial number located at the backside of your watch case.

Buy a new vegan leather watch from Nordgreen

Nordgreen’s best selling watches are simple, minimal, and timeless. Our sustainable watches are manufactured with 100% vegan products, meaning that they do not include animal-derived products such as leather or exotic skins.

Nordgreen believes in ethical style as part of our sustainability philosophy. We give credence to the Danish philosophy of balance, contentment, happiness – hygge – and this philosophy lives in all our watches, be it our Philosopher, Pioneer for men, Infinity, Native, or Native Lille for women.

Jakob Wagner collaborated with our co-founders Pascar Sivam and Vasilij Brandt, to draw inspiration from the Scandinavian fashion lifestyle we live in Copenhagen. Together they encapsulated the beauty, efficiency, design, simplicity, and sustainability of the Danish lifestyle in a watch. We use vegan-certified materials such as vegan leather, nylon, silicone, and 316L stainless steel, ensuring that all our vegan cruelty-free watches are up to standard.

All our watches, unlike other mediocre fashion pieces, are crafted for time accuracy, durability, and timeless style.

Our 316L stainless steel interchangeable watch casings come in rose gold, gold, silver, or gunmetal, and are durable enough to last you a lifetime. You can be sure that (if cared for) your new Nordgreen watch will be adorning the wrist of your grandchildren or great-grandchildren.

Shop Ethical Watches - Never Tested on an Animal

All our models also feature superior Japanese Quartz movement and are water-resistant up to 3ATM, which means you can run, walk, cycle, or work in the rain without fear of damaging your precious timepiece. Apart from the Philosopher and the Infinity, which come with white-only dials, you can also customize the dials on the Native, Native Lille, and Pioneer watches to suit your fashion taste. 

Nordgreen watches only use durable and realistic vegan leather, sturdy stainless steel, or nylon mesh straps. These interchangeable straps add color to your watch collection, allowing you to customize your watch collection as you see fit.

You can purchase these straps in customized watch bundles available on the website, or you can pick and choose the straps yourself.  Choose from black, brown, dove grey, grey, and navy blue vegan leather straps. You may also opt for rose gold, gold, or silver stainless steel mesh straps or nylon mesh straps to suit your tastes and fashion style.

Nordgreen’s primary aim is to be among the top sustainable watch brands in the world. We value our cruelty-free and vegan watches that are changing the world, one watch at a time. Our mission is simple: to pay homage to our heritage, which has brought us this far, and to do better in this world by giving back to lesser-privileged societies. We set out to create a timepiece that inflicts no harm to animals and as little harm as possible to this precious planet.

Vegan Watches For Men & Women

Nordgreen has an exceptional commitment to the sustainability of the planet, and to improve lesser privileged societies. We have curated our watch collections to make sure we have ample options for the conscious consumer looking for the most beautiful watches.

All our main watch designs – the Philosopher, Pioneer, Infinity, and Native – feature watches for men and watches for women

Nordgreen’s Philosopher, available in designs suited to both vegan men and vegan women, makes you appreciate the power of thinking differently and of thinking towards the future while respectfully paying homage to the past. It comes in 36mm and 40mm watch cases and features a white-only dial.

Get an award winning watch and look amazing

Our award-winning and thoughtful designer, Jakob Wagner, designed these Eco Friendly Watches to have an elevated watch case, tugging lugs, and a clear brushed-silver stainless steel case that provides the finishing touches to a truly unique design.

The asymmetric second hand appears to continuously slice through the dial, reminding us to both honor the past and plan for the future. The watch has a conical shape that’s broader at the base than at the watch face, creating a sharp two-piece dial that draws your eye to its very center.

For vegan options, choose straps in black, brown, or dove grey vegan leather. You may also opt for rose gold, gold, silver, or gunmetal stainless steel mesh straps or olive-green nylon mesh straps.

Our new Native watch is another of our vegan cruelty-free watches.

Get a rounded case in four colors

This watch’s elevated design derives from its rounded case, and it features dials in white, navy blue, or black. What’s particularly striking about the Native is its invisible minute marks that only appear at the appointed time and its unique rounded lugs that define its classic intentions.

The New Native comes in two men’s watch case sizes – 36mm and 40mm – and in three women’s sizes 32mm (Native Lille), 36mm and 40mm. It features four striking case colors – rose gold, silver, gunmetal, and gold, and interchangeable vegan leather straps in black, brown, navy blue, and dove grey colors. You may also opt for stainless steel mesh straps as alternatives.

Flagship Vegan Watches from Nordgreen based in Denmark

Our flagship watch, the watch that started it all, is the Pioneer. This men’s only 42mm watch has a  minimalist dial that comes in black, navy blue or white, and is synonymous with the simple-living and sustainable environment that we so enjoy in our homeland Denmark, and that we want to see replicated all over the world.

The Pioneer has a third-hand stopwatch for greater accuracy and a Chronograph second hand topped with red tips, a nod to the red tips found on the wind turbines off the shores of Denmark that power our land.

Choose from gunmetal, silver, or rose gold watch case colors, white, navy blue, or black dials, and vegan leather straps in brown and dove grey. As with all our other designs, you have the option to choose stainless steel mesh or nylon mesh straps.

New Sustainable Watches are giving using high quality materials

Another of our sustainable watches is the Infinity, which embodies pure simplicity, and has a pared-down design with only the essentials on show. It also has no lugs on its watch case, no date display on the dial, and lacks the fine detail of the hourly marks.

Its deep curvature on the white-only dial reminds us of the infinite nature of space and time, and how both are intricately and inescapably a part of our lives. The minimalist dial is beautifully complemented by extended hourly marks that glide right up to the edge of the watch.

Interchangeable vegan straps connect directly into the watch, allowing you to match your watch to your fashion style. Choose from black, brown, dark grey, and navy vegan leather straps, or opt for stainless steel mesh straps in gold, rose gold, or silver.

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