Mens Rubber Watches by Nordgreen

Men's rubber watches are more than popular choice and there are countless reasons for that. When you hear it first, you probably imagine not so aesthetic, bright-colored, cheap-looking straps, but the truth can’t be more opposite than that. Even the most luxurious watchmakers have been using rubber bands for decades, and they make a great addition to the person’s style. Not to mention their practicality and availability on the market. In short, we don’t offer cheap, low-quality pawnshop solutions. We offer you high-quality, top-notch, and brand new rubber straps for your watches. To be specific, for our flagship, the Pioneer Chronograph line. With its water resistance up to 5 ATM (50 m), you will have no problem taking a casual swim in the sea or at the pool. 

History of mens rubber watches

At their first appearance, men rubber watches, were kind of unpractical, to be honest. The rubber straps were prone to crack, sticky, and unbreathable. Most of the brands used natural rubber at that time. Although it was pretty affordable, natural rubber wasn’t that pleasant to wear. But that was more than half a century ago, and the things changed, for better. By using the latest technology achievements, scientists managed to produce, new, artificial types of rubber. Modern rubber is easy to work with, breathable, and even more resistant to scratches and any physical harm than the natural rubber. The greatest comeback of the rubber bands for men’s watches were the 1980s. That was the time the luxury brands started their rubber-metal watch hybrids, and they gained unmatched popularity among the customers. Rubber bands are still the number one choice for sailors, scuba-divers, and sportsmen.

Does Nordgreen offer men rubber watches?

One of the many things that differentiate Nordgreen from the other watchmakers is our variety of choices and care for our customers. We offer leather straps, vegan leather straps, mesh, nylon, and rubber straps. Our rubber bands for men come in one, classical black color. Also, they are lightweight, durable, waterproof, and hypoallergenic. Although all our watches have water resistance, your leather or vegan leather strap should avoid water. So, our rubber bands are a great choice for all the outdoor activities, from a trip to nature to a nice day at the beach. Also, all rubber bands are much easier to clean than any other band choice. Just remove the band from the watch and rinse it in cold or warm water. All our rubber bands are durable even against salty water, and that’s why they are a common choice for divers, swimmers, and people fond of outdoor activities.

Are Nordgreen’s rubber bands interchangeable?

Although there are brands that offer fitted rubber bands for men, at Nordgreen we decided to go with the interchangeable bands. There are a few reasons why we decided to go that way.

Firstly, we like our interchangeable bands, because we like to give our customers versatility. With our easy-to-change straps, you can always adjust your style to the current occasion. In less than a minute, your beach watch becomes a casual one, or an elegant, black-tie watch. You don’t have to buy a watch for every occasion, just different straps. We sell, elegant, minimalistic, and classy watches fit for every occasion.

Secondly, fitted rubber straps tend to be more expensive. For each wristwatch model, you would need a special mold. That way, fitted rubber bands fit that watch, and that watch only. Our business is clear, responsible, and directed to the satisfaction of the customers. Hence, to keep our watches affordable to you, we chose the interchangeable solution.

Thirdly, one of our most popular features, the gift bundle. Pick a preferred watch with a strap of your choice, and add two more straps, for a discount up to 20%. In short, pick a watch, and three straps for every occasion. Rubber or nylon one for outdoors, mesh for semi-formal occasions and business days, and vegan leather or leather one for high-class events. It’s a better choice than buying three watches, and you can save a pretty penny.

Where can I wear a watch with a rubber strap?

Rubber straps are an excellent choice to wear every day, on every occasion. As we said, they are durable, lightweight, and scratch-resistant. Also, they let your skin breathe, offer the UVA protection from the sun, and won’t get heated on the sun. Black rubber bands will go great with every outfit, even on semi-formal occasions. Even the most luxurious watchmakers love rubber bands and use them in their models. Also, they go great with the unique, timeless design of our watches. Just make sure you leave enough space between the wrist and the watch. The watch should never bee too tight because then the skin can’t breathe and you will start sweating excessively. Also, the watch that is too loose looks sloppy, and there is a chance you will hook something with it.  


Forget every stereotype you ever heard about rubber and especially about the rubber watches. Erase a vision of cheap, bright-colored children’s watch and picture our Nordgreen Pioneer Chronograph watch. Now, imagine the stylish yet masculine design of its dial, enriched with the chronograph features. The roundness of its case that perfectly aligns with the strap. Visualize the amount of work, talent, and care we invested in it. Imagine our visionary designer Jakob Wagner working on it, and perfecting its design. The Pioneer Chronograph line got us our first Red Dot award for design. That’s a watch you want to own, and that’s a watch you need to own. Now imagine you can’t wear it every day, because it only comes with a leather or mesh strap. Imagine having that fine and elegant timepiece and not be able to go running, hiking, or swimming with it. It’s just unforgivable.

Now you understand why we have rubber bands in our offer. You will want to wear our watches any day, every day. You deserve it and don’t settle for less.

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