Men's Silicone Watches

Shopping for men's watches can be boring – but not when you're with a brand like Nordgreen.

We know that the classics keep reigning. So, we have an assortment of watches with steel band material, leather band, and some of the best black-on-black watches that you will find on the market.

But then, that's not all men's watches should be reduced to.

Thus, we have new entries that promise to top men's fashion trends in the years to come – starting with mens silicone watches.

If there is a great time to try on silicone watches, it is this 2021.

The Silicone Promise

Silicone watches don't take anything away from your brand or the appeal of your watches.

They are simply more functional than what you were used to.

The band material is designed to withstand shocks, ensuring durability and longevity of use.

A modern man takes cleanliness and hygiene seriously. Fortunately, silicone watches lead the hygiene brand when it comes to watch straps.

That should be enough to get you to fall in love with this band – but there's more.

The assortment of color options that silicone watches can hold makes them even more desirable. If you have been on the black watch movement for long, or you want to step up your personal brand with other color options, these watches are there for you.

For all they bring to the table, the price won't put a dent in your pocket. We daresay silicone watches carry a conservative pricing model.

We would know – we make other amazing watches with diverse kinds of band material too.

Picking the Right Silicone Watch

To buy the best silicone watch this 2021 and beyond, consider the following:

  • Brand – shopping from a reputable brand guarantees you good value for money, no matter the price. You also have a rich catalog to search through.
  • Purpose – search for silicone watches that match the intent of the watch. These watches are mostly in style for their outdoor usage, but you can find one that looks good enough to go to the office too.
  • Price – as always, the price should be weighted just right. If it feels like you have to pay through your nose, that price might not be right for you.
  • Delivery – don't forget to choose a brand that ships the product to your location. At Nordgreen, our international shipping partners help us deliver any product you order to your country of choice.

Buy from Nordgreen Today

Our extensive collection of bestselling men's watches speak testament to the product quality already.

You get to search for the right watch, customize the product to your specific taste and have it shipped to you anywhere in the world.

You can also qualify for free presents. That, and we have not mentioned how we make a free donation in your name to any cause of your choice, as long as you shop with us.

Pick a watch (or more), proceed to checkout, and let us handle the rest for you.