Mens Watch with Brown Leather Band

Every man with a sense of fashion should own a watch. That is out of the question. Watches don’t just tell time, that era is over. Nowadays, the watch is an expression of a man’s style. Men’s watch with a brown leather band tells you one thing: this man knows how to dress. Paired up with the right outfit, the brown leather band is an absolute win and adds sometimes so needed dash of elegance and style.

History of the leather bands 

How did leather bands appear, and how did they become popular? To answer that question, we will travel through history, a few centuries ago. Technically, we travel to 1899., in the time of Boer Wars. It was the wars between the British Empire and their colonies located in the south of Africa ( today’s South African Republic and Swaziland). During the war, it was awfully hot, and the fighting sides usually removed their vests and jackets. That created a problem because they kept their pocket watches in those jackets. As the popular expression says, one thing led to another. Hence, some genius strapped the piece of leather on his watch, and the new invention was born.

Also, there are similar stories, connecting wristwatches with the First World War, or even the Third Burma War (1885.-1887). They can all be true, and they can even all be fake. But the moral of the story remains the same. The leather bands were discovered when they became a necessity.

To round up the story, after the Boer Wars, in 1906. a certain gentleman and a London saddlemaker named Alfred Pearsons appeared. Alfred seized the potential of the leather watch straps and enhanced it by adding few wire loops on them. Also, he added fine saddle leather instead of plain pieces of leather used by soldiers. The leather straps became adjustable, easy to use, aesthetical, and thus popular. The rest is history.

Where can I find a men’s watch with the brown leather band?

We can proudly say all our men’s watches come with a brown leather band. It’s a matter of style, actually. Whether you choose Pioneer, Native, or Philosopher men’s watch, you will get an option to pair it up with a brown leather strap. We use only the finest Italian leather for our straps. But, that’s just the beginning. If you wish, you can also choose vegan leather, nylon, rubber, or mesh straps.

Also, at Nordgreen, we don’t believe in limiting our customer’s choices. So, all our watch straps are interchangeable. Meaning, you can buy one watch and unlimited choice of watch straps, to fit every occasion and every style you desire. Also, all our straps are made in a standard size, so you can even use them on other watches if you desire. Last, but not least, by ordering a Nordgreen man’s gift set, you can save up to 20%, and get even more choice on your straps.

Where can I wear a men’s watch with a brown leather band?

Every event is a great opportunity to show the world your leather band. The trick is to pair your watch band with the rest of your outfit. Of course, there are no strict rules. No one is stopping you to wear the watch anyway you like. After all, it’s yours to enjoy. However, for formal occasions, with a brown leather strap, you should wear brown leather shoes and a brown leather band. Also, for the formal events, your watch shouldn’t bee too big or with too many details attached. Just a slim elegant design, so no one will even notice you are wearing a watch.

How to take care of the leather band?

Although durable, breathable, and sturdy, all leather bands have the same weakness: water. Our watches are water-resistant, but no piece of leather is fond of water. So, no bathing, swimming or diving with the leather band.

If you get your leather band wet, don’t worry. Wipe the liquid with a piece of dry clothes and put the strap in a ventilated room to finish the process. Remember not to expose the watch to direct heat or sun, as the leather might lose its color or even break. For vegan leather, the process is quite similar. Although, vegan leather is a bit more resistant to water than the traditional one. 

How can I be sure Nordgreen sells genuine leather straps?

To be honest, we understand your concern. Nowadays, there are too many fake products and ripoffs being sold as the original ones. Furthermore, we advise you that you buy your wristwatches only in a mint new condition, with the certificate of authenticity, two-year warranty, clean serial number, and proof of purchase. That is the only way you can be sure you bought an original Nordgreen watch.


Now, for the second part. At Nordgreen, we sell genuine leather straps, made from the finest Italian leather. The products that use real leather have four ways of labeling it:

  • Real leather
  • Genuine leather
  • Top/Full grain leather
  • Made with animal products 

We use a genuine leather label, on the inner side of our leather straps.


Check the surface of the leather band, and you will find small imperfections and pores. Each piece of leather is as unique as the animal it came from, so there can not be two similar pieces of leather. Remember, the leather strap will have a surface almost similar to human skin.

Smell the leather

Real leather has a unique natural rich smell, with earthy notes inside. Fake leather can’t copy that smell. Also, real leather can absorb your sweat, and then it will gain a somewhat sour smell. Then you will know it’s time for cleaning and ventilating.

Water test

Put a small amount of water, just a few drops, on the leather band. The real leather will absorb the liquid quickly, while the fake one won’t. Of course, this is just for the purpose of the test.

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