Stainless Steel Watches

Stainless steel watches do not only have the cool factor. Whether men's stainless steel or picks for women, the metal brings a lot of functionality, longevity, and style promise with more goodies in store.

If you have more than one watch, chances are you already have one with this metal.

But then, there are a lot of variations to make this happen. Is the stainless-steel material on the watch case alone, paired with the bracelet, or how?

Explore our selection of stainless-steel watches designed with the customer in mind while still bearing an international timepiece appeal to match.

Infinity - Mesh - 32mm / Rose Gold
Infinity - Mesh
Philosopher - Brown Leather - 36mm / Silver
36mm 40mm
Philosopher - Brown Leather

Is stainless steel good for watches?

We thought you'd never ask.

Rather than let our sentiments lead the way, how about we show you some of the many benefits you stand to gain from shopping for a stainless-steel watch today?

Aesthetic Appeal

There is a reason why stainless-steel watches have stood the test of time till today – and it is not because they are cheap.

The premium metallic feel that they bring to the wrists is only bettered by the overall appeal they add to outfits. Pair a stainless-steel watch from a good brand well, and you have the outfit of champions for the day.


Whether limited to the watch case or extended to the band, stainless steel watches can take a beating.

Besides physical resistance, they are also resistant to rust and will last longer than other kinds of watches. Add on mild water resistance from a brand like Nordgreen, and you have a better value for money.


For all that they bring to the table, you would think that their price would be through the roof.

It takes a simple search through our catalog of women and men's stainless-steel watches to see that this is not the case.

What is the best stainless steel for watches in 2021?

All stainless-steel materials might be made equally, but some are made better than others.

The different kinds of stainless steel materials are:

  • Type 304 – most commonly found and occurring type
  • Type 304L – preferred for welding as it contains less carbon per unit
  • Type 304LN – the extra N stands for Nitrogen which is introduced for better tension
  • Type 316 – introduces some molybdenum for better corrosion resistance
  • Type 316L – all the goodies in type 316 and with less carbon substance.

It is no wonder that the last two types would be the most premium – and they are the ones we use here at Nordgreen. Better still, we apply the same material to not only the stainless steel watches themselves but our buckle, strap, and bracelets too.

Do stainless steel watches tarnish?


If not properly taken care of, your stainless steel timepiece runs the risk of tarnishing. At Nordgreen, we have helped the customer slow that process down by using only the best stainless steel types and coating the watches right to withstand abuse.

However, we still urge the customer to take good care of their watches.

Over time (and a long period, at that), any watch is sure to lose its shine and luster. When that happens, you could either continue using your piece as vintage or take it to get polished by a licensed watch service shop.

Pick up your stainless steel watch today

Get into our store to search for the best men's stainless steel watches and great picks for women too.

Refine your search by the color option you want on your watch, the display/ dial color, band material, and style, among other things. In short, you are only as limited as the options you are comfortable with.

Combine all of the different search parameters, and we know you will come out with that special stainless-steel watch at the right price to define your brand.

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