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Women's Stainless Steel Watch

Women's Stainless Steel Watch

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Women's Stainless Steel Watch
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Break away from the pack with stylishly designed, premium and high-quality stainless steel women's watches for ladies that are as confidently fashionable as you. Pair your outfit with top-tier accessories like this one to bring out your bold style statement without making too much of a fuss.

Having designed a close order of exclusive and elegant accessory pieces that continue to rise to the occasion at the right price, every Nordgreen woman is a winner in these watches.

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Brushed Metal Dial - 3-Link
$207.00 $244.00


SET Brushed Metal Dial Gun Metal | Gun Metal 3-Link / Black Leather
$226.00 $293.00


Brushed Metal Dial - Brown Leather
$186.00 $219.00


SET Brushed Metal Dial Gold | 5-Link / Brown Leather
$226.00 $293.00


Brushed Metal Dial - 5-Link
$207.00 $244.00


SET Brushed Metal Dial Silver | Silver 3-Link / Black Leather
$226.00 $293.00


Brushed Metal Dial - Black Vegan Leather
$186.00 $219.00


SET Brushed Metal Dial Rose Gold | Rose Gold Mesh / Brown Leather
$213.00 $278.00


Brushed Metal Dial - Mesh
$195.00 $229.00


SET Brushed Metal Dial Silver | Silver Mesh / Brown Leather
$213.00 $278.00


Brushed Metal Dial - Black Leather
$186.00 $219.00

Inspirational Scandinavian Design

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Crafted with respect and responsibility for people and our planet.

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The Nordgreen Watches for Women Advantage

The best ladies watches are designed with the wearer in mind.

At Nordgreen, we spruced up all the basics and fashioned them into an order of watches carrying striking, minimalist designs on top of their impressive functionality.

Dive into our wristwatch selection below to discover what works best for your numerous styles and appeal.


While men were busy on the pocket watch movement, the ladies brought in the wristwatch appeal. It is, thus, only fitting that we create an exclusive wristwatch line to the unique gender that ushered in these styles.

With the Unika, you get years of R&D that marries classic, traditional styles with modern engineering to birth one of the most stunning accessories to have.

Either you choose to pair this with a linking stainless steel strap or mesh steel strap bracelet, you can never go wrong.


The stylish ladies from Australia are not looking to set the bells and whistles going. At the same time, they would not settle for mediocrity.

We know that so well that we sought to create a timepiece that embodies this need for minimalism alongside the quest for simplistic brilliance. Of that design journey was born the simple Native watch collection.

The thin stainless steel frame on this piece makes sure it disappears into your dressing, becoming one with all other accessories that you put on. It is also well crafted that you know it is always there, contributing its part to your style without stealing the show.

Fitted with a bare dial that tells the time without unnecessary complications, this is the perfect dress watch for ladies who dare to be different.


For the finest in bringing the kind of simplistic style of the Native watch to the table yet adding that extra sturdiness, the Infinity line-up is the number one pick.

From the slightly elevated stainless-steel frame to stylishly-etched hour markers, complete with a simple date dial window complication, your personal brand gets an uptick with this watch.

Making the Colours Splash

What is a stainless steel watch without the right band and case colour to go with it?

Whether you want the watch to match with your bag, neck jewellery or other accessories that you have for the day, we have the right colours for you.

Rose Gold

When something pink but professional is on your mind, our rose gold colours pair well on stainless steel watches like the Native and Philosopher. Try this tone out on the Unika line of watches too, and see all that lustre come to life.


Go with a winner that has been certified to work well with stainless steel straps.

Gold women's watches, alongside their silver counterparts, have long defined an era in this genre. Continue the classic trend with contemporary finishing touches like the ones we bring to you at Nordgreen.


Black watches will never lose their appeal.

However, they can become a dime too many, so we did something different for you:

With a gunmetal grey finish, you get all the styles and appeal of a dark watch, on top of the rarity of such a finish that adds some light element to it.

Shopping Women's Watches with Nordgreen is fun

Our women's steel watch collection is as diverse as it is practical.

Even with the single stainless steel material, you get to customise the kind of metal straps and colours that you want on your watch.

All these, and we offer you an unbeatable price advantage in this world of quality watches.

Shop with us today, and step into a new class of quality, affordable and minimalist timepieces that every woman in Australia will be proud to own.

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