Best Women's Watches Under 300 Dollars

Best Women's Watches Under 300 Dollars

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Probably the best Scandinavian watch

I wanted a special memento of my favourite city, Copenhagen. This beautiful watch is exactly what Danish design is all about; beautiful, simplistic and modern. I look forward to many hyggelig moments with it.

Matthew Soucie, May 14 2020

Can definitely recommend buying from Nordgreen

Very pleased with my purchase - exactly what I was hoping it would be. Very quick delivery , well packaged. Would definitely recommend. Particularly like the scheme where part of the purchase price goes to an eco scheme.

Shelagh Williams, April 27 2020

I'm completely amazed

For some years now I have been looking for a quality watch that will last me a lifetime, like my grandparents' time. I finally found a brand with whom I identify.

Raquel Pereira, April 28 2020

Watch is exactly as advertised.

Very quick service and speedy delivery. Beautiful quality watch at good price,very easy to change bands.¨

Steven Chee, 14/02/2021

Excellent service, high quality products

Ordered on a Sunday, received on Tuesday which is phenomenal in the current circumstances. Love the watch, really classy

Chris Brown, May 27 2020


Quick delivery, watch looks great and love the CSR scheme to give back to the environment. 5 stars!

Ben Challenger, April 27 2020

Great service

We were really satisfied with our experence with Nordgreen! The product was great and the customer service was always very helpfull. Will definitely order again from them!

Anonymous, 28/01/2021

Great design, fast

The watch is beautiful and it arrived in just a couple of days to the US from Copenhagen.

Paul D'Alto, May 28 2020

When simplicity is everything

A very nice watch with a beautiful simple design and not that expensive as well

Mohamed El Kerdany

The ordering and processing of my order was very smooth and my order arrived in 3 days! I had made an error on entering the address and had contacted Nordgreen right away. They were able to change the address at the warehouse and sent me a confirmation which took away the anxiety.

Cynthia Lau, 28/01/2021

After seeing my not so positive online review about their lack of response to my issues with my previous watch the Nordgreen team were quick to suggest a replacement and organise delivery

Anonymous, 31/01/2021

Beautiful Timepiece

I like the watch on my shirt. It is a nice watch to wear. Simplistic and beautiful at the same time. I value this purchase. Thank you.

Soham Trivedi

You shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to accessorize your attire. Looking your best is about creating a style that suits your tastes and is still trendy. Nordgreen has Scandinavian designer women’s watches for under 300 dollars! If you’re looking for luxury at affordable prices, then look no further. 

Symbolic in its two-piece, conically shaped dial, the Philosopher comes in gold, rose gold, silver, and gunmetal. Feel trendy with our 36 mm and 40 mm sized watches. We all like to switch up accessories sometimes, and you can do that with our  Bundle Packs. With our Bundle Packs, select one watch and two extra straps for an affordable price under 300 dollars!

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We all have different reasons for owning watches. Foremost among them is the need to tell time correctly and quickly. But, as times and preferences continue to change, watches are becoming must-have accessories that help express personality and even fashion preferences.

Unfortunately, ladies are rarely represented when it comes to low to medium cost watches. A large number of watch designers produce ultra-expensive watches that are often hard to afford.

Most low-cost options, on the other hand, are usually of low-quality, leaving ladies with minimum options when it comes to affordable, high-quality watches.

Luckily, we have taken the initiative to represent ladies’ interests by providing high-quality, versatile, and fashion-friendly designs that are bound to please even the toughest of critics.

Did you know that for $300 or less, you can get yourself a high-quality Nordgreen timepiece? Read on as we explore some of the best watches you can purchase when operating on a budget of under $300.

Philosopher Bundle Gold/Brown/Black/Navy Straps

Nordgreen’s Philosopher is inspired by the human mind’s ability to express different thoughts in a positive way that fosters growth. This philosopher principle is observable in the watch’s asymmetric second hand, which appears to slice through time, similar to how humans remember past experiences before making present decisions. 

The Philosopher boasts of a case that is conical shaped, a feature that creates a two-piece, sharp dial that helps draw your attention to the center of your watch. Additionally, the watch case is elevated, giving the Philosopher a refined, brushed look. The tugging lugs help make the watch more unique, allowing your watch to stand out when stepping out.


  • Case thickness of 7.2 mm and width of 36mm making the watch extra sleek
  • Made of 316L stainless steel that enhances the scratch resistance ability of the watch
  • Comes with a gold case color
  • Slim 18mm strap width that makes the watch lady-like
  • Interchangeable straps
  • Water-resistant up to 3ATM 
  • Japanese quartz movement that makes the hands move accurately and consistently

Why should you consider the Philosopher bundle?

The Philosopher bundle is one of the best Nordgreen watches you can get under $300. The interchangeable straps come in a bundle of brown, navy, and black colors, giving you more control in regards to fashion. The colors are specifically selected due to their ability to blend well with the gold-colored case.

Native White Dial-Dove Grey Vegan Leather

The Native White Dial-Dove Grey Vegan Leather is a medium-priced high-quality Nordgreen watch in a class of its own. The leather straps make it a durable and ethical purchase as it doesn’t use animal skin. As is with all Nordgreen Native watch releases, the Native White Dial was inspired by the need for balance. It balances both contemporary design with a touch of classical watch infrastructure, giving this beautiful watch a unique appearance.

The watch boasts of a neatly rounded case that gives the timepiece a natural, elevated look. Similar to other Native watches, the Native White Dial comes with invisible minute markings, giving it a classy, unique look.


  • Comes in three dial colors: blue, black and white
  • Has three different sizes—32mm, 36mm and 40mm—ensuring you choose the size that meets your preferences
  • Comes in Dove Grey Vegan Leather strap, but you can select other interchangeable straps to suit your fashion needs
  • Different case color options: rose gold, gold, gun metal, and silver
  • Japanese quartz movement for accurate and consistent hand movements
  • Interchangeable strap
  • 316L Stainless Steel that makes it hard to scratch when in contact with rough surfaces
  • Water-resistant up to 3ATM

Why you should consider the Native White Dial-Dove Grey Vegan Leather

The use of a vegan leather strap gives the Native White Dial a classy look that is guaranteed to make it stand out. You can also change the strap in case you prefer a different look as the straps are easily interchangeable.

If you love unique timepieces, then the Native White Dial-Dove Grey Vegan Leather is a great buy. Its case is made from stainless steel, making it durable and highly resistant to those scratches that often ruin the appearance of watches. You can dress to impress with this thin watch on your wrist.

Infinity-Bundle Silver/white/navy and mesh straps

Inspired by nature, the Infinity-Bundle boasts a simplistic and highly unique appearance that is guaranteed to make you stand out. Designed by Jakob Wagner, Nordgreen’s chief watch designer, the Infinity bundle is highly minimalistic as it lacks the date option, lugs, and other extra details that are often included in watches.

The product comes with a bundle of different straps that are silver, mesh, white, and navy. These straps give you more options when dressing up, allowing you to match your watch to your outfit, depending on your preferences. 

The dial has a deep curvature that, combined with the strategically extended hour marks, gives the watch an aesthetically appealing look.


  • Comes with three extra straps (white, mesh and navy) to supplement its original silver strap
  • 32mm case width and thickness of 7.34mm
  • Made of 316L Stainless steel that makes the case durable and resistant to scratching easily
  • 16mm strap width
  • Interchangeable straps that you can add to the bundle your purchase
  • Water-resistant up to 3ATM

Why you should consider the Infinity-Bundle Silver/white/navy and mesh straps

With the Infinity-Bundle, you get class, simplicity, and affordability all in one watch. It might be slightly close to the $300 margin, but it is totally worth the investment. One great feature that makes this watch stand out is the diversity of straps included in the bundle. The white, mesh, and navy straps are visually different from the silver straps, ensuring that you have a fresh look whenever you interchange them.

The 32mm width coupled with the 16mm strap width make it lady-like, and its minimalistic look gives it the class that ladies yearn for. This is an excellent purchase if you want a watch that is both classy and affordable. 

Native Black Dial-Black Mesh

The Native Black Dial-Black Mesh is designed for sophisticated ladies who love classy but simple designs. Since the Native line of Nordgreen watches is all about balance, you can expect this watch to give you the best of both worlds. You get a balance of classical and modern designs in one watch, which is appealing if you love new designs that stay true to traditional concepts.

This watch comes in different case thicknesses ranging from 6.8mm, 7.5mm, and 8.35mm, giving you the chance to select an appropriate size that suits your style. Impressively, the strap width is also versatile. You can choose between 16mm, 18mm, and 20mm straps. If you fancy slim straps with large cases, you can select the 16mm strap and an 8.35mm case.


  • Fairly wide case thickness (6.8mm/7.5mm/8.35mm) and width range: 32mm/36mm/40mm
  • Made from 316L stainless steel that enhances the durability of the case and the watch as well
  • White, black and navy blue dial color options
  • Comes with a beautiful, durable mesh strap
  • Interchangeable straps
  • Water-resistant up to an impressive 3ATM

Why should you consider the Native Black Dial-Black Mesh?

The Native Black Dial-Black Mesh stays true to Nordgreen’s Native line of watches as it balances both classical and modern themes. With this water-resistant watch, you get both simplicity and affordability in one. The case material is built from 316 stainless steel material, making it highly resistant to scratch. You cannot go wrong with this unique watch if you want a classy, highly-unique timepiece that is not super expensive.

Key Takeaways

As we have proved in this discussion of the best watches under $300, it is possible to purchase a high-quality watch without breaking the bank. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from the Native, Philosopher, or Infinity watches, which are all unique.

At Nordgreen, client satisfaction always comes first. This explains the extra-friendly 2-year warranty that ensures you don’t lose money in the event of damage or a malfunction.

All our watches at Nordgreen are built with the end-user in mind. Our designers are well renowned with vast experience in the watch business.

You don’t have to incur additional costs when purchasing watches from the Nordgreen website. We provide free delivery for all our purchases, leaving you to worry less about the cost and focus more on enjoying your new, world-class timepiece from Nordgreen.

As suggested by the green in our company name Nordgreen, we focus on green operations and always look for ways to improve the environment. By buying online from us, you can rest assured that you are contributing to our efforts to improve and take better care of the environment.

Now that you have had a glimpse of some of the best Nordgreen watches under 300, the ball is in your court to select the option that fits you best.

Our Sustainable Initiatives

Carbon Neutral
By planting 1000's of trees we have offset our carbon emissions generated by our office here in Copenhagen. Equally, each of our global shipments have been offset, including your Nordgreen order.
Sustainable Packaging
All our packaging is FSC certified. The cardboard paper in our packaging comes from responsibly managed forests. The felt insides of the box are formed using up-cycled plastic bottles.
Giving Back Program
Our Giving Back Program upholds our Nordic and Danish values of health, education, and environment, and in doing so, establishes partnerships with relatable charitable organizations around the globe.
Responsible Manufacturing
By partnering with Danish partners abroad we ensure that our overseas production facilities adhere to the highest standards while following Danish labor practices.

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