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How to Use Your New Pioneer Chronograph

We’re excited for you to use your new Pioneer Chronograph watch!

Congratulations on purchasing your new Pioneer Chronograph. In addition to being a bold and stylish timepiece, the Pioneer has a few functions like the chronograph and a calendar, which are useful to help you keep up with important moments in your busy schedule. 

Here are a few easy tips on how to get the best use from your new Pioneer, so let’s get started! 

How to Use Your New Pioneer Chronograph, image of Pioneer watch specifications.

How to Change the Time

Aside from its stative, yet minimalist design, you probably bought your Pioneer for its timekeeping capabilities. If you aren’t familiar with the gadgets on your Pioneer, simply follow along with the diagram. 

To adjust the time on your timepiece, pull out the crown to position 2. Notice the click that occurs when you pull, and the watch function stops. To see if you’ve done so correctly, the hand in the right subdial will not move. Next, turn the crown clockwise to set the hour and minute hands. Once you have the correct time, push in the crown to the closed position. The watch resumes normal operating function. No sweat, right? Now, let’s set the date.

How to Change the Date

Setting the date is just as simple as changing the time. Pull out the crown to the first position. 

Just like when changing the time, the watch function stops. Next, turn the crown clockwise to set the date. Once you have the correct date, push in the crown to the closed position. The watch resumes normal operating function. You’re almost ready to sport your fully functioning Pioneer watch! Let’s have a look at its key feature, the chronograph!


How to Use the Chronograph (Measuring Accumulated Time)

With the chronograph function, you’ll be able to clock your most precious moments and even those that seem to tick away on your Pioneer endlessly.

Start by pressing the push-button A. Notice that the chronograph has begun measuring time, as the red-tipped hand in the dial begins to move clockwise. To stop the chronograph from measuring, press the push-button A. Read the recorded minutes in the left subdial. The Pioneer’s second-hand records the seconds. 

Let’s say you want to resume measuring the time where you left off. Just press the push-button A, and the time will resume. To stop measuring time, press the push-button A, and the final time is displayed in your dial and subdials. 

Once you’re done with measuring the accumulated time, reset your chronograph by pressing the push-button B. The Pioneer’s hands will be reset to their zero position. 

At last, you can finally use all of the functions of your new Pioneer! There’s just one more thing. Often when our watches arrive at their new home, the chronos second-hand, indicated by its red tip, isn’t positioned on the natural zero position, 12. Repositioning the chronos second-hand is simple to remedy and is due to a functions test during your watch’s production to ensure that your Pioneer watch properly functions.  

To align the zero position of the chronos second-hand, pull the crown to the second position. Press button A until the chronos second-hand has aligned to the natural zero position, which is at 12 on your dial. Push in the crown, and the watch resumes functioning. 

There. That’s it, we swear! Now, strap on your new Pioneer timepiece and experience Nordgreen quality!



Written by George McFarley III, Photos by Esther Günnewig, & Diagram by Daniel Brøndt. 

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