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Months of planning, weeks of scheduling, and days of filming have resulted in one final video concept that Nordgreen is proud to present this holiday season. 

But let’s start from the beginning.

As early as September, we knew we wanted to do something special for the holidays. Many companies capitalize on the holiday season for sales, pushing last-minute discounts and holiday-themed product. This only serves to add to the chaos and frenzy of the Christmas season. Our ability to enjoy what matters most during the holidays is hindered by advertisements, promotions, and pressure to buy. It’s as if we feel we can only express our gratitude for the ones we love through the expense of the gifts we buy for them. 

We wanted to change that.

When brainstorming the idea for the video, it was important to us to not only create something different from other typical company holiday campaigns, but to also give the people involved a special holiday experience while doing so. We wanted to feature real people with real connections, and remind them what it truly is about the holidays that makes them so special.

Our Creative Director Line getting ready to conduct one of our Danish interviews

To do so, we cast various pairs--siblings, significant others, colleagues, parents and their children--and secretly interviewed one of them ahead of time, asking them about a special memory they had with their partner. We then showed these videos on an iPad to their partner, and recorded their genuine reactions. This is what you see in the final video.


A behind-the-scenes look at our team on the set. The video was actually filmed in an apartment--the windows have been blocked to keep the lighting consistent throughout the day.

All in all, we hoped that this video would help kick-start a conversation about the importance of prioritizing time. As Nordgreen founders Pascar and Vasilij put it,

The inspiration for this campaign came from us wanting to show our current and future customers one of the key pillars of our core brand identity: caring about others. We wanted to break from the stereotypical sales pitch that only encourages materialism through the holiday period and replace that with celebrating the thing that matters most--not just to our company but to all lives in general--time.” 

Be sure to watch it here and don’t forget to share with those you hope to spend more time with this Christmas. 


December 04, 2018 by Blazar Capital Collaborator

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