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The Philosopher: Celebrate the power of critical thinking

At Nordgreen we have three models in our collection. Each with their own characteristics and strengths. We are going to dive into what makes each Nordgreen its own standalone piece, while still part of a unified group. We will get into design and inspiration for the Philosopher, Infinity and Native, in the next few weeks.

The Philosopher is more than a stylish watch, it is a statement piece! Read about the characteristics of this Scandinavian design masterpiece and what inspired it.

Philosopher Model Nordgreen 1         Philosopher Model Nordgreen 2         Philosopher Model Nordgreen 3

Scandinavian design details

The design is a show-stopper, with a conical shape featuring an elevated watchcase. The Philosopher also features the date on the watch face, the only one of Nordgreen’s first watch collection to have this. While other models are understated and elegant, this one is expressive. Some timepieces make a statement of power, the Philosopher is certainly one of them. It features the very best in Scandinavian design. The watch hands clearly separate the past and the future with one pointing forward and the other pointing backwards. Solidly built and sturdy in design, you will announce your presence when you enter a room wearing this one. Establish yourself, take initiative, be a person of action.

Freedom of thought

On top of the design, the feeling and meaning of the watch is also powerful. Showcase your freedom of thought and freedom of speech wearing the Nordgreen Philosopher. In philosophy the free thoughts are within the frame of science. A philosopher is found at the intersection between science and humanity, wearing this piece you will showcase this connection while showing off its unique shape.

This watch is inspired by philosophers in design and tied in to critical thinking which is a Scandinavian tradition. The region is known for open communication and dialogue. Unlock the power and independence associated with this critical thinking. Enjoy Scandinavian design as well as state of mind, whenever you choose to wear the Philosopher.


Make a statement and embrace critical thinking with the Nordgreen Philosopher. From the hands to the elevated watchcase, there is power throughout the design of this stylish watch. The human take on science, with a touch of Scandinavian free thought.


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