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Rubber watch band in black on Pioneer watch by Nordgreen

Rubber Watch Bands

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Rubber watch band in black on Pioneer watch by Nordgreen
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The watch has got to be the simplest, yet most profound accessory any person has in their wardrobe.

At its core, a watch has a straightforward function: telling the time. For the longest time, this has been one of the reasons why people have been wearing watches. However, with the advent of smartphones that can also tell the time, why do people still wear watches?

The answer, of course, is that watches are more than just mere timepieces. They have evolved to become something that can define someone. We wear watches for the sole reason that it reflects who we are as a person and what kind of style we choose.

People have a notion that watches are expensive accessories. Hence, if you can afford one, it means you've achieved something in this world. So people since years back have been using it as a status symbol.

Watches also show the world how professional you are. Taking the time to wear a watch, especially in this smartphone-obsessed society, certainly makes a statement. It means you take time seriously, and therefore also value other people's time as well.

Watches have evolved since then. They now come in a variety of sizes and shapes, using different materials. They’re now also used in more functions more than just formal parties. There are now watches for everyday use, and you can even use watches while you’re doing sports!

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Black Rubber Watch Strap

€15,00 €29,00

Black Rubber Watch Strap

€15,00 €29,00

The mainstay of the casual watch phenomenon is the use of rubber straps. By making use of durable and less expensive material, watches have become mainstream. Rubber watch bands are also more rugged, which makes them much more suitable to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

Watches, indeed, should be an accessory that can be worn by anyone

Why Nordgreen?

At Nordgreen, we share this sentiment. We believe that watches should be accessible, and not only limited to luxury watches that cost thousands of dollars. That’s why we’ve strived to offer our watches at a much more lower price point. We promise never to sell a piece that’s more than $500.

Don't think for a second, though, that inexpensive watches mean much lower quality. We believe that our timepieces can compete with the crème de la crème of the big luxury brands at a fraction of the cost.

How do we do this?

It's through a Scandinavian design principle called "hygge." It states that we should focus only on the most important things. In our watches, this means we employ a minimalistic design, and maintain only a limited number of watch models. By doing this, we lessen our inventory and save a lot of money. These savings are then passed on to you.

For example, we only keep a total of around four different watch models, but offer a lot more watch straps in various colors and designs, like our watch rubber strap replacement. By doing this, you can take those four designs and dress them up to your heart's content!

Curved End Rubber Watch Bands

Here at Nordgreen, we believe in only using the best materials to make our straps and our watches. It’s the same principle behind our decision to work with Miyoto, one of the most respected names in Japanese watchmaking. Their perfectly engineered movement parts are what powers the internal components of all Nordgreen watches.

This obsession with quality also extends to our watch straps. Because unlike other brands that treat watch straps as an afterthought, our bands are as well designed and crafted as the different parts of the watch.

That’s because we believe straps are an essential component of your watch experience. After all, they make up a substantial part of it, so they naturally deserve a lot more attention.

That’s why we offer a lot of fantastically crafted options in terms of watch bands you can use with our watches.

For example, for our leather straps, we only use the most beautiful Italian leather to achieve that soft, supple texture that's also surprisingly durable. For the environmentally conscious, we offer 100% ethically-sourced and cruelty-free Vegan Leather Straps that’s as high-quality as any natural leather you’ll find.

This also rings true with our curved end rubber watch straps. This rugged band is made of natural rubber, carefully sourced and crafted to exhibit the utmost in durability. It’s a flexible material that’ able to withstand the constant wear and tear of everyday use. You can even wear it for the most demanding of activities like hiking and camping.

However, you might be thinking, why use rubber? Why not other materials out there that might be cheaper, like silicone? In the silicone vs. rubber watch bands debate, which is actually better?

In a nutshell, silicone watch straps simply can't compete with rubber in terms of quality and durability. Silicone indeed has several benefits, one of them being temperature resistance. This material is able to withstand very extreme heat and cold, which is why it's commonly used in many industries with these conditions.

However, silicone is not that durable. Extra precautions must be taken to ensure that silicone straps don’t encounter heavy loads, or else they will break. Repeated cyclic loads will also damage them over time.

In this regard, rubber has superior tensile strength. They can withstand much heavier loads due to their natural flexibility. While you won't usually be using your rubber watch strap to carry heavy loads, it does make it resistant to wear and tear. Stretching also won't break rubber straps as easily as silicone does.

The fact is that you won't be using your watch in very extreme conditions (or at least, you shouldn't attempt to, as this will damage the dial and internal mechanism rather quickly). This means that, when it comes to watches, rubber is the superior choice. Silicone's temperature resistance is at a somewhat moot point.

That’s why Nordgreen straps only use rubber. We find that this flexible material perfectly complements the durability of our watches. Plus, the sleek black color adds to the simplicity of our rubber strap design per the principle of hygge. 

Adjustable Rubber Straps

Nordgreen utilizes adjustable rubber straps so that our watch bands can be flexible enough to fit most wrist sizes. It comes in sizes from 40mm to 42mm. The rubber strap itself comes in only a black color, which is excellent because it fits with almost any color or wardrobe.

The metal buckle, which makes the entire strap adjustable, however, comes in a much wider variety of colors. You can pick your desired design to fit any mood, preference, or personality.

The Silver buckle adjustable rubber strap is a classic look and gives it a casual vibe. You can use it for almost everyday use, from going to the office to running errands. You can even use it for outdoor activities. It's undoubtedly the most flexible and versatile, making it a must-have in your rubber watch strap collection.

The Gun Metal buckle adjustable rubber strap gives your band an edgy and "cool" look. It's incredible as a complementing strap to your sports watches, or when wearing a more out-of-this-world outfit. It exudes personality and attitude without necessarily being loud.

The Gold buckle adjustable rubber strap turns something casual and adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. It takes your everyday watch and makes it more suitable to wear for more formal settings. This is also a strap design that's suitable for both men and women.

The Rose Gold buckle adjustable rubber strap adds a feminine touch to an otherwise rugged band. This makes it much more suitable to be worn by women. We love how this combines sleek black rubber material with a classy elegance to produce something truly exceptional.

We recommend getting more than one strap. If possible, you should get one from each of the four different band types (Italian leather, Vegan leather, rubber, and stainless steel). This way, you can extend the design of your watch into a dozen different combinations.

Every rubber strap is made with love and attention to detail, a result of the genius behind our lead designer, Jakob Wagner. The award-winning Scandinavian is the brains behind Nordgreen's beautiful watch designs. Leading a team of designers and engineers, he ensures that our brand follows the artistic principle of hygge, our minimalistic approach to elegance and beauty.

This is seen in every watch that we do. It’s why we only employ four models of our watches. Not only does this lower the cost for you, but it makes choosing much simpler — no need to go through dozens and dozens of models just to find the perfect watch for you.

Our designs are also minimalistic, with simple lines that nevertheless exude class and sophistication. The layout of the watches is also streamlined, making them easy on the eyes.

This simplistic approach also goes beyond just visual. Our watches are meant to be straightforward to use. By eliminating features we know are unimportant to the overall experience, we’ve made the entire experience of using Nordgreen watches extremely easy.

After all, Nordgreen watches shouldn't detract you from its real purpose – telling the time.

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