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6 Picks for Men & Women

Black watches are the most common purchase and that is not surprising.

Being a neutral color, it goes well with almost anything that you throw at it. What most people forget, however, is how the neutral tag is not exclusive to the dark hue alone.

Whether on the wristwatch, a band, or both combined, the allure of white watches is never lost when worn right.

Fortunately, most women have gotten in on the white wristwatch trend already. In this piece, we even out the playing ground, discussing the best white watches for men and women – and why you need them.

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White Dial - White Leather

White Leather watch Strap


White Leather Watch Strap


White Leather Watch Strap


White Leather Watch Strap


White Leather Watch Strap


White Leather Watch Strap



White Leather


White Leather


Black Dial - White Leather
€90,00 €179,00
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Navy Dial - White Leather
€90,00 €179,00

White Leather Watch Strap

€25,00 €49,00

White Leather Watch Strap

€25,00 €49,00

Why White Watches?

To put that better, though, why not white watches?

We have let black watches take all the shine for so long that we forget that the white color also goes fine with just about anything that you pair it with.

Choose your outfit right and your white timepiece becomes the highlight of the entire setup.

The best thing about white watches is that you can enjoy them in different ways.

From having the white color on your wristwatch straps/ band to enjoying a white dial or an overall white appeal, the possibilities are endless.

No matter how you would like to rock your white watch, we’ve got you covered with the stylish picks below.

Best Men’s White Watches to buy in 2021

Men's watches rarely come made in white. Not today, though.

We have looked at a series of men’s white watches for different purposes. From conventional, outdoors, and everyday timepieces to dress watches, you will find picks with features that best resonates with your style below.

1. Philosopher 3 Link White Watch

Nordgreen makes this pick available in both 36mm and 40mm options, accommodating young men and older watch users alike.

This could easily pass as a dress watch any day, even though it features a single date display at the 3 o'clock mark.

For the best customizations, you can choose to have the wristwatch with a white dial and silver/ rose gold finish on the stainless-steel bracelets. At the same time, you could also opt for a white strap.

Fortunately, it is easy to swap out the strap with anyone of your choice, depending on what day of the week it is.

2. Native White Dial Watch

The Native watch comes with a leather band out of the box, but not in white. This can be fixed with a replacement strap anytime.

In the meantime, you would enjoy the white dial option that ships with the new unit.

We love this design as it allows men who aren’t comfortable with a white watch to get familiar. When they are sure they are feeling right at home with the white dial, they can move on to getting a like leather strap for the complete look.

3. Pioneer White Dial Watch

The Pioneer watch comes in a lot of options.

The first place to look would be the dial which comes in either blue or black. A neat little color lurking somewhere around is the white also.

That is not the end of the options, though.

Going over to the straps, the watch is available with all of the stainless steel, nylon and stainless-steel mesh options.

You could rather buy the watch in a white leather band from the get-go or choose another band material that you are comfortable with. After all, you could always buy a replacement band to make it into an all-white beauty.

Best White Watches for Women in 2021

Women have enjoyed the white watches movement for a long time now that it’s almost made exclusive to them.

While we have great picks for the men, we also have amazing options for the women to continue their fashion trend.

Forget rose gold finishes for a moment. Here are the top picks of the best white watches to add to your collection this year.

1. Infinity 32mm Watch

At 32mm, this pick is nicely poised to fit most women.

The form factor is also amazing at this size. The fact that Nordgreen chose to do away with all complications and brand information, leaving the watch bare, makes this watch better functional for the size.

Out of the box, the Infinity Watch packs a series of leather strap finishes. From blue and black to brown and white, you get to choose what best agrees with your fashion style.

If you would be getting this white dial pick, though, you should also pair it with a white leather strap for effect.

2. Native White Dial Watch

The Native watch series might be great for men, but they have also been developed to look good on women too. Offering the watch in size ranges starting from 32mm is a testament to that. With the upper range at about 36mm, women with larger wrists can still get in on this watch also.

Looking elsewhere, there are a series of watch dials to choose from. We would be hard-pressed not to buy the white option, though. After all, that is the purpose of this list in the first place.

Lacking complications, you can enjoy this watch as a dress watch. That makes it a good contender for the Infinity line of watches.

Finished off with a white band pairing for a more uniform feel, you can seldom go wrong on this one.

3. Unika White Dial Watch

The Unika is one unique watch in its build and form factor.

A watch case diameter of between 28 – 32mm makes the watch suitable for most women, as always. Speaking of the watch case, you get to choose if you want yours in either rose gold, gunmetal, brown, or silver.

If you are going for the all-white watch appeal, choosing a silver option would be the no-brainer.

Looking at the watch straps, it does look like you are stuck with anyone that the watch comes with. That could not be farther from the truth.

Simply swap out the watch band from the edges and you are good to go. Speaking of, there is always a leather band for the Unika at any size range you so desire.

New Strap, New Watch

If you have ever used a watch with a white dial, you are closer to making the switch and enjoying all that the color watches bring to the table.

You can opt to get a white watch band first and pair that with your wristwatch. True silver-tone straps (especially on metal) might mimic the white watch appeal, but they don't give you all that there is to that kind of watch.

With a premium leather strap, you unlock all the promises of a white band material.

Get started today. Get familiar with white watches – and your fashion sense will thank you for it.

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