Black and Gold Watch (Men's)

Some things will never go out of fashion. Frank Sinatra songs, a smell of a fresh coffee, and a stylish wristwatch. Especially for men, as their choices of jewelry can be substantially limited. You see, women have rings, necklaces, bracelets, and all the other fashion accessories that make their fashion statement look stunning every day. As for the men, well...Men usually wear one ring, wedding or engagement one. Cufflinks and a tie go with the elegant outfit, not the casual one. Also, most of the men aren’t fans of bracelets or necklaces. So men take special care in the appearance of their watches. Black and gold watch is men’s choice for almost any situation, and there are few reasons for that.

The black dial is versatile, and it can be paired with every outfit quite easily. Not to mention the practicality of it, especially when the watch hands are in contrast with the blackness of the dial. Also, as long as the written history exists, black was the color of elegance and seriousness. That is something most men strive for. Especially in the evening gala parties, where a watch with the dark dial color is the part of the formal outfit.

As for the golden part, well, gold has always fascinated people. Not necessary as a material or a precious stone. No, we are talking about the color of it. The rich glow of the yellow gold, stunning brightness of white gold, and gentle nuances of rose gold. No wonder the golden color of the watches is still the most popular choice for both men and women. Golden details in your outfit add a dash of elegance and some notes of high class. And, you don’t even need to spend a fortune to achieve that look.

Are Nordgreen watches made of real gold?

Nordgreen’s weapon of choice is stainless steel 316L. So, we make all our watches out of it, and we don’t compromise. Most of the time, terms like golden and silver watches in today’s watchmaking usually represent the color of the watch, not the material itself. There are plenty of reasons why we use stainless steel instead of gold:

  • In today’s modern world, a lot of people have allergies to gold, nickel, and many other materials used in watchmaking. But, our stainless steel 316L is hypoallergenic, meaning it’s completely safe for use, even for the most sensitive skin issues.
  • To be honest, gold as material costs an arm and a leg. Although we have nothing against it, we like our watches the way they are. And our watches are customer-friendly. We are not into luxury pieces watchmaking. Our vision is to offer high quality and a stunning design, along with the normal prices. And gold just doesn’t fit in that equation.
  • Also, we like the durability of our watches. Gold as a material is pretty soft and not so scratch-resistant. Stainless steel is scratch-resistant and extremely durable. Our watches make a great gift for anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, and similar events. When you buy a Nordgreen watch, you bought a gift that can last you a lifetime. And it will always look stunning as the first day you bought it.
  • A watch made of gold you will pay at least four times more than the stainless steel one. It’s not better or more advanced. You pay just the difference in materials, nothing more. So, personal preferences aside, why would you want to pay that much? 

Nordgreen’s black/gold watch designs for men’s elegant look

As we like to mention sometimes, we take great pride in the versatility of our watches. All our watches come in a variety of case colors, dial colors, and especially strap materials and colors. We like to make our customers satisfied, and that means we offer them an unmatchable choice of designs. And especially, opportunities to make their own outfit combinations. So, among all the other combinations, we also have a black/gold men's watch.

All our watches were designed by Jakob Wagner, and perhaps you have already heard of him. Jakob is one of the most talented and most rewarded Scandinavian designers. Through his fascinating career, Jakob has won numerous design awards, including the prestigious Red Dot Award. But Jakob decided one is not enough, so he won four of them. Talk about modesty...So let’s see what Jakob had in mind for our men’s black and gold watches.

Nordgreen Pioneer line

With Pioneer line design, Jakob won his fourth, and Nordgreen’s first Red Dot award in 2020. And the Pioneer is the first Nordgreen’s chronograph watch, so we had big plans with it. The robustness of the 42 mm case is smooth out with the gentle rose gold color. The dark black dial makes a perfect contrast with white time marks and minimalistic red details. With a rich choice of interchangeable straps, you can wear the Pioneer watch on multiple occasions. And, with the water-resistance up to 50 meters, you can even take a nice refreshment in a pool or in the sea, while wearing this watch. Pioneer’s design was inspired by the wind turbines, and it truly represents the bond between nature and technology, in the best possible way.

Nordgreen Native line

With the Native line, it’s all about minimalism and balance. With the three different case sizes, we wanted to make sure this elegant timepiece will suit anyone. And the neutral design means everyone can wear it, regardless of gender. The slim case can be in the color of yellow gold or rose gold, whatever suits you. The black dial has no unnecessary details, not even a second hand. This Jakob’s design shows us how minimalism is beautiful in its purest form. Sometimes less truly is more. To complete the gold details, you can choose a gold or rose gold mesh straps for this masterpiece. And remember, all the colors of gold go well together, especially paired with a black dial.