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Colorful Watches

Colorful Watches

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Colorful Watches
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Colorful watches remind us that the rules are there to be broken.

Everyone and their fashion sense tend towards keeping things simple. Everywhere you look, there is a shower of black watches and an assortment of silver timepieces to match.

Some might try to go all out in style and bring the rose gold variant on their wristwatch case. For all that’s said, there is a high chance you wear your watch with dials not exceeding the black and white neutral colors.

We have shaken things up in the past with a blue dial and even brought on a mother-of-pearl dial.

This time, you get so much more with these colorful wristwatches that light up the timepiece experience.

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White Dial - Yellow Nato


White Dial - Green Nato


White Dial - Turquoise Nato


White Dial - Pink Nato


White Dial - Red Nato

Exploring the Philosopher Timepiece

It is not every year that you see an award-wining timepiece selling at the price tag which the Philosopher watch carries.

As the name implies, the design of this wristwatch implies one that has sojourned through time, all pun intended, and will remain relevant for longer.

The unisex design makes things even better, appealing to both men and ladies that choose the Nordgreen brand experience.

Every Philosopher watch starts with a sturdy stainless steel case that holds up well against abuse, is durable, and protects your investment. We tied in a splendid design element to that case too, keeping the timepiece functional while aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Going to the dials, the hour markers slope gently into the dial itself. This creates a kind of funnel approach, drawing your attention down the line to the hour hands.

This is where more magic happens.

Modeled after the windmills that have come to make up the Danish landscape, the timepiece's hands remind you of our commitment to sustainable living. Another testament to our minimalist principles is the simple dial, save for the brand information and a date/ day display.

Finished with either a black or white dial for comfort, you deserve a watch that boasts an international iF Design Award to its name.

Check out the Philosopher watches for men and women in our shop today.

The Boldest Colors on Your Wrist

Do you want all of your wristwatches in black and white dials, or are you conforming to the fashion rules that seem to be set in stone?

Both ladies and gentlemen have the advantage of showcasing their personalities with their watches.

For the outdoor-loving and adventurous men, for example, we have the Pioneer watches. To demonstrate the coming of seasons, we introduced the green sunray and brown sunray dials.

Now, we have taken that a step further.

Who said all the men get to have all the fun with colors?

This time around, we developed the Philosopher collection to have both men and women wearing their watches with the colors that match their style the most.

Sport any of your preferred dials as showcased in these 5 different colors – spanning red dials, yellow dials, lime green displays, the turquoise beauty, or the fuchsia pink appeal.

As with anything else that we do for you, the difference is clear when you pick these timepieces from Nordgreen. Shop with us today and stand apart in these collections.

Colorful Watches for Ladies

The men will be jealous, but we have to say this:

Ladies have always been the best when it comes to colors.

From any country where a Nordgreen woman might order our watches, we see that they shop with more color ranges than the gentlemen.

That is not out of place for the ladies.

Usually sporting a wardrobe that features a splash of colors across your bag, shoes, and numerous dresses, you need to be sure that you have the right color of watches to make the ensemble happen.

That is where Nordgreen steps in with the previous customization that we offer you.

There, our women’s watches allowed you to shop a wide variety of colors, starting from the watch case. This is where you have all the fun with gunmetal grey, silver, gold, and rose gold.

We take things a step further with different dials for you: blue, white, black, and mother-of-pearl in some instances.

To sweeten the deal, you get to choose from another round of colors depending on the strap that you settle on. Be it leather (olive green, navy blue, pink, white, light/ vegan brown, black, etc), nylon (black, blue, etc.), stainless steel (gold, gunmetal gray, rose gold, silver), or mesh, you get to shop fine options all round.

Now, we switch things up with the colorful Philosopher watches.

While we keep the frame color locked to silver, you can choose to have the dials in burgundy, yellow, turquoise, and pink. You even get to enjoy the same green (lime shade this time) as the men do on their Pioneer chronograph.

Time to change up your style with some color – and these limited-edition releases help you to do so in style.

Colored Dial Watches for Men

Men can do with some color too.

Or, let’s say that in another way:

As a gentleman, it is time to switch things up in your wardrobe with some color.

Enough of the drab and same old. Your blacks are fine enough and your blues are even better. But what if you could make them shine a little bit?

We know that change could be challenging, but how do you push the status quo and grow if you don’t try?

That is the case for these colored watches that you can rock on any day also.

Already, the Nordgreen men love the award-winning Philosopher watch for how it blends simplicity with Danish design elements, preaches minimalism, and comes out strong on functionality.

While we don’t slap the blue dial on this one, it is still a face to remember with the white and black dials it features to this day.

Right now, though, you get to enjoy all that with hue splashes that promise to make all the difference for you.

If you wanted to enjoy the sunray green dial on the Pioneer chronograph but don’t want all of those complications on a watch, the nice green finish on the Philosopher is where you have to go.

That’s not all the options that you can shop for either.

We have also achieved a unique reddish mix and worked on a fine touch of turquoise blue for you.

If you like to experiment with brighter colors, we have you covered with the lighter yellow hue and brilliant pink touch on other dials too.

As much as we would love to keep all these fine colors around for very long, we only offer them in limited edition for now.

We don’t know how much they will be on sale for either. Other gentlemen like yourself who snag them up determine that.

Because this is a unisex pick, now is the time to head into the shop before we clear the supply.

A Touch of Color on Couple Watches

You've been asking for couple's watches and we responded with a variety of his and hers watch collections that made all the difference.

But why stop when we can do something better?

That is why we went back to the drawing board to bring out a new set of colored dials on our unisex watch collection for couples looking to twin with their timepiece.

Now, style is not a barrier when choosing the right colored watch for your partner.

If you want the basics that the Philosopher series offer, you can still get them from our shop. If one partner likes to sport a colored watch while the other likes their timepiece simple, we've got you covered in the shop also.

For a limited time, pending how long the stock lasts, you also get a host of colorful Philosopher watch dials that you can pick up for yourself and your partner.

The guys will naturally feel at home with the green and red dials, among others. The yellow dial, with its orange appeal, is also a nice crossover for both sexes.

For the ladies, yellow is not a new fancy. On top of that, you could pick the turquoise or fuchsia pink dials for yourself.

Now that you have all the colors and who they might be great for, who said you had to conform to any rules?

Step out in style with any color that suits your fancy the most, no matter what the convention is. Men can also embrace the yellow dials, sport the turquoise display or explore the soft pink watch dial.

For the ladies, well, this is not the first time that the men’s colors will look good on you. How about you show them how best to rock their colors?

Check out the shop for our colorful watch collections to adorn your wrist when next you step out in style.

Choose A Variety of Straps to Match

You get all the colors on the dial to pick from and you still have the room to choose what straps you prefer.

Our straps are made from quality materials and designed to suit different purposes well.

While you can define the need for your choice of straps, here’s a fine guide to them:

  • Genuine Italian leather – great for dress functions, office watches, and everyday wear. Available in black croc, dark brown, black, brown, navy blue, and patina grey.
  • Vegan leather – cruelty-free leather for those who want the leather experience without exploitation behind it. Available in black and brown.
  • Nylon – the stuff of outdoor lovers, adventure enthusiasts, and handymen. Comes in black, navy blue, and olive green.
  • Stainless steel – the general stuff. Works best with a dress and office watch and can also pair with outdoor watches. Check it out in gunmetal gray, rose gold, gold, or silver.

You don’t have to pick just one of these straps and call it a day.

Our watch bands are easily replaceable and interchangeable with watches from other brands too. Add our watch straps to your bag of fashion tricks to switch up the purpose of your colorful Philosopher watches on different days.

When you’re not swapping the bands with your Philosopher, they also work well with other watches you get from us. In line with our clutter-free living ideas, you can also pair the bands with your timepieces from other brands. As long as the watches are of the same measurement, that is.

Shop with Nordgreen Today

Dive into the shop to pick colorful Philosopher watches that best catch your fancy.

Besides getting an award-winning watch for the right price that hardly makes a dent in your pocket, you are also doing some good in the world.

With every purchase, you can choose to:

  • Provide clean water to a family in central Africa;
  • Improve the chances of an Indian child with quality education; or
  • Boost the reclamation of the Amazon rainforest in Latin America.

You don’t have to pay anything extra as we donate some of the proceeds of the sale to this cause.

If you’re ready to make a difference – both in your wardrobe and in the world – now is the time to do so with our colored dial watches.

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