New Men's Watches

There’s something new for you at Nordgreen! Our new men's watches are a game-changer for your style! Start with the rounded edges and invisible hourly marks of our Native watch, continuing Nordgreen’s mission to bring you the best in Scandinavian timepieces.

How about our minimalist approach to the classic Chronograph watches with Nordgreen’s Pioneer Chronograph. Go large when you choose this statement piece in 42 mm. Make an even bolder expression and combine the Pioneer with a Blue Dial with Gunmetal case, topping it off with a Navy strap. 

Check out our Bundles for Men to keep your style fresh and new!

Nordgreen’s new men's watches convey classic style, sophistication, and ultimate comfort. We believe in producing all our timepieces with the long-standing Scandinavian design philosophy of simplicity, understated beauty, balance, and functionality.

Our watches are authentic, affordable, and come with a promise that we care for our environment and give back to society.

Inspired by our innovative and sustainable capital city of Copenhagen, Nordgreen’s new men's watches are for men who value heritage, our planet, and who want a piece that fits their lifestyle effortlessly. Our goal is to help maintain a movement of conscientious consumers who love unique, affordable designs but are conscious about giving back to society and the environment.

The growing influence of Danish and Scandinavian design in recent years and the beauty and functionality of Copenhagen is what inspired our cofounders Pascar Sivam and Vasilij Brandt to work with renowned Danish designer Jakob Wagner.

Together, we’ve created classic men’s timepieces based on five main pillars – heritage, simplicity, functionality, sustainability, and balance.

We believe in the hygge of that famous and all-wise Danish philosophy, which embraces feelings of wellness and contentment in life. Life, we believe, is for enjoying and savoring. People are meant to be loved and cherished, and our planet must be preserved and protected.

Nordgreen’s design philosophy conveys these timeless thoughts and instills these philosophies into every new watch collection.

Our new designer watches are bringing authentic Danish design to people throughout the world. The latest line of men’s watches – the Philosopher, Native, and Infinity – are inspired by our love for nature, our passion for protecting the planet, and our dedication to simple, functional design. This line channels and appreciates the high quality of life in Denmark, which made us who we are today.

As Danes, we enjoy access to free education and healthcare. We look after our environment and have made Copenhagen one of the most sustainable cities in the world. Nordgreen wants to share the values that make Danish life so enjoyable with everyone in the world, and we do this through our watches.

For every watch you buy, you can choose to what charitable cause we donate. Choose from:

  • Providing a month’s free education to one child in India
  • Providing two months’ clean water to one person in the Central African Republic
  • Restoring 200 square feet of rainforest in Latin America

And you do this at no extra cost on the watch! We also enable you to track your donation on our website. Just type in the serial number on the backside of your watch to ensure that your chosen cause benefits.

New Men's Watches In 2021

All Nordgreen’s new men's watches in 2021 are pared-down design masterpieces available at affordable price points. Our design features are not over-the-top, yet and not too understated – just saying enough to make you look at the piece and know that it’s the one for you!

Watch cases of gold, silver, rose gold, and gunmetal encase dials of various colors and come attached to grey, black, brown, navy blue, or tan leather straps, or gold or silver mesh straps.

Carefully crafted mechanisms define a masterpiece and are making our men's watches stand out against others’ mediocre designs. We’ve designed all our new men's watches with an incredible eye for detail by incorporating Japanese quartz movement into every piece.

We want the men who buy our watches to appreciate the inner mechanisms of the timepiece as much as they understand the exterior design. The crystal-quartz movement in our watches produces a consistent flow of the watch hands, thus resulting in accurate time-telling. 

What’s more, our brand-new watches for women and mean are made to last a lifetime! Low-carbon 316L stainless steel featured on all our watch cases ensures that your investment will not oxidize or turn black with time.

Real Italian leather, premium-grade nylon, or mesh straps further add to the durability and lifespan of all our pieces. Change up your strap in a heartbeat by using these quick-release interchangeable straps as often as you fancy. And if one strap wears out, replace it with another of your choice.

Regardless of how active your lifestyle is, our watches will withstand the elements. Run, cycle, and jog in any weather wearing a Nordgreen watch, without the fear of damaging it.

All our classic timepieces are water-resistant up to 3 ATM, which means they are suitable for everyday use that does not include direct contact with water.

Nordgreen has released three lines of new men's watches that convey the balance, sustainability, and design philosophy of our team.

Wear the Philosopher timepiece that celebrates our ability to think out of the box. This piece gets its inspiration from the lessons of the past and our desire to create a better future.

Note the unique asymmetric second hand that reminds us of the value of life and our continuously slicing through time as it moves along the dial.

Key features of the Philosopher include:

  • 36mm and 40mm sizing
  • Rose-gold, silver, gold, or gunmetal watch casings
  • Plain white dial with an asymmetric second hand
  • Durable Italian leather, nylon, or stainless steel mesh straps in a variety of attractive colors
  • A new 36mm and 40mm watch with silver or rose-gold/Boheme green nylon straps

Or you might choose to bask in the simplicity of the Infinity timepiece, born from our most significant source of inspiration – Mother Nature. This watch communicates a sophisticated yet simple design, something we see every day in the beauty of nature.

By removing all complexities, we arrived at pure simplicity by including only the essentials in this line. The Infinity features:

  • 32mm and 40mm sizing
  • Rose-gold, silver, and gold watch casings
  • A pared-down crisp white dial
  • Durable Italian leather or stainless steel mesh straps in a variety of attractive colors
  • A new 40mm watch with silver or rose-gold/Boheme green nylon straps

Finally, you may choose to shine in the concept of the Native – a timepiece inspired by the high quality of life in Denmark and our capital city of Copenhagen, all wrapped up in a watch.

This piece is a redefined classic that’s simple yet sophisticated, and is a watch that everyone can wear, anywhere in the world. It features:

  • 32mm, 36mm, and 40mm sizing
  • Rose-gold, silver, gold, and gunmetal watch casings
  • Black, navy, and white color dials
  • Italian leather or stainless steel mesh straps in a variety of attractive colors
  • A new 36mm and 40mm watch with silver or rose-gold/Boheme green nylon straps

Brand New Watches For Men

Our new Pioneer and Remodeled Native pieces are the latest exciting new watches for men in 2020 that join the Philosopher, Infinity, and Native.

The Pioneer is a classic piece that captures the sustainable future we want to see for our planet. As Danes, we are world leaders in technology innovation and green technology, triggering Nordgreen pride and inspiration every day.

This philosophy is incorporated into the clean space of the Chronograph. It is a reflection of the environment in which we live and want to continue living.

This new watch features a multitude of choices for the color of the watch case and dial. Made with 316L steel and featuring Japanese quartz movement, this watch will last you a lifetime.

A unique feature of the Pioneer is the red tip of the watch hands – a direct nod to the red tips of the numerous offshore wind turbines that power our green land.

Added to the design are quick release straps, available in vegan or animal leather, as well as nylon and stainless-steel mesh straps that interchange with ease.

Key features on the Pioneer include:

  • 42mm sizing
  • Rose-gold, silver, gold, and gunmetal watch casings
  • Black, navy, and white color dials
  • Vegan leather, Italian leather, nylon, or stainless-steel mesh straps in a variety of attractive colors

Have you ever asked yourself what matters in life and what it means to lead a good life? Well, Nordgreen did just that when we designed the Remodeled Native. We are products of the quality of life in Denmark and named this watch after our native land.

Native is rounded and unpretentious, with unique transparent mini-marks that appear only when needed. We have expanded the range of our new watches for men to include expanded varieties of the case and dial colors, in addition to quick-release vegan leather and rubber straps, or the existing animal leather and stainless steel mesh straps.

Key features on the Remodeled Native include:

  • 36mm and 40mm sizing
  • Rose-gold, silver, gold, and gunmetal watch casings
  • Black, navy, and white color dials
  • Vegan leather, Italian leather, nylon, or stainless steel mesh straps in a variety of attractive colors

Our mission to spread the essence of Scandinavian and Danish design extends beyond our borders, as we now sell these new timepieces in more than 70 countries across the globe.

Family and wannabe benefactors take note! Nordgreen is changing the world one watch at a time. As with all our new watches for men, we have a built-in donation in the price of every watch that you buy in 2020, so you play a vital role in that change!

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