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New Watches for Women

New Watches for Women

We pursue life with purposeful passion and treat the environment with respect. Our brand new jewelry range crafted with care for the world we live in is a manifestation of just that.

New Watches for Women
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Ladies, if all you want is something new, then you've come to the right place. Nordgreen's collection of new watches for women are the latest Scandinavian watch design trends. 

Nordgreen's women's watches are for those who appreciate classic style, beauty, and comfort. All our women's timepieces pay homage to the timeless Scandinavian design philosophy of understated elegance, balance, simplicity, and functionality. What's more, they are authentic and affordable. What more could you want?

Inspired by the beautiful and sustainable capital city of Copenhagen, Nordgreen's women's watches will make you feel stylish, elegant, and fashionable. We aim to create a movement of conscientious women who love unique, affordable designs, simultaneously being at the forefront of preserving our planet and improving our global societies. It's right in our name – a combination of Nordic and Green, underlying our commitment to the natural and clean way of living in our beautiful Nordic country. 

In recent years, Scandinavian and Danish design has cast its mark on the world stage, all thanks to going back to basics. If you're a woman who wants effortless style and fashion, shop Nordgreen's timepieces.

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What kind of watches are in style in 2021?

Our newest additions to our collection of womens watches include the two-tone Unika model in collaboration with Mathilde Gøhler, as well as the new Mother of Pearl option for our Native model. Let's take a look at both releases.

The 5-link two-toned Unika brushed metal dial watch is a limited edition collaboration with Danish model Mathilde Gøhler. The unique silver and gold color combination of the bracelet watch makes it easy to combine with any jewelry styles. What is more, with every limited edition Unika stainless steel watch purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes towards providing clean drinking water for children in Buruburu, Kenya.

The Native line has also received a new addition. The 28mm and 32mm womens watches now come in a stunning Mother of Pearl dial option. This watch style adds a touch of elegance to your wrist and fashion style. Mother of Pearl is made from the inner mussel and oyster shells, resulting in a perfect fashion-forward look.

Nordgreen's Watch Options in 2021

All of Nordgreen's watches feature a simple yet elegant design at an affordable price.

Casings of gold, silver, gunmetal, and rose gold flatter dials of various colors. The majority of our watches come in a white, black, or navy dial color. Some models, like the Native or Unika, feature more interesting options, like black rainbow, brushed metal, or MoP.

Watch Straps

And what about those pretty straps? Our women's collection incorporates real Italian leather, premium-grade nylon, or stainless steel mesh straps to add to the durability and lifespan of your favorite timepiece. Change up your leather strap watch in a flash by using our quick-release mechanism to switch colors in sync with your wardrobe.

These are all watch strap styles we offer:

  • Leather strap in black, grey, navy, brown, white, or pink
  • Stainless steel mesh or link bracelet in gold, rose gold, silver, gunmetal
  • Nylon, rubber, and vegan leather in many color options

We incorporate Japanese quartz movement technology that keeps the hand of your watch moving effortless for pinpoint accuracy. Carefully crafted mechanisms define a masterpiece, and our watches are just that!

When you buy our watches, we want you to know that they'll last you a lifetime. Our watch casings all encompass low-carbon 316L stainless steel in stylish and feminine colors that will keep your timepiece oxidation-free over time. 

You can also continue active outdoor activities wearing your Nordgreen watch, and rest assured that it won't get damaged. We designed all our women's watches to be rain- and weather-resistant, so you can comfortably run, cycle, or jog wearing your Nordgreen without fear of harming it. All our classic timepieces are water-resistant up to 3 ATM (3 meters), which means that they are suitable for everyday outdoor use, but you should keep them away from direct contact with water.

Nordgreen has released four lines of new stylish watches for women that convey a design philosophy of balance, simplicity, beauty, and function. 


Wear the Philosopher timepiece to celebrate your ability to think originally and innovatively. This piece is inspired by the past and conveys our focus on creating a better future.

It has a unique asymmetric second hand that reminds us of the continuity of life and our movement through time, and a small date display on the right. Choose the perfect bracelet styles to combine with your unique look.


You might, instead, want to savor the simplicity of the Infinity timepiece, which draws its inspiration from Mother Nature. This piece has a sophisticated yet simple design, which embraces the spirit and beauty of nature in a simple, clean design. We recommend wearing the Infinity with a mesh band for an elegant look, but you can shop our selection of watch band styles for more ideas.


We present the Native – a new designer leather strap watch inspired by the superb quality of life in Denmark, particularly in our capital city of Copenhagen.

This bestseller is a redefined classic that's sophisticated yet simple. It's a watch that every woman, no matter your style or inclination, can wear for any occasion and with any outfit. 


The Unika bracelet watch is the newest addition to our women's watch shop. It's unique and minimalistic case design is a reminder to free our lives of any unnecessary details, leaving only the important behind.

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