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From the start of the human era, it was all about the competition. And, let’s face it, people are obsessed with it. We want to know who’s the fastest, the strongest, or the smartest one. No aspect of civilization is without contest. Naturally, horology is also included. We want to know what the most expensive watch and the most precise movement is, or which watch design will fit perfectly for the ladies or men’s night out. One of the most common questions is what material is best for watchmaking? Throughout history, we have witnessed a plethora of materials used. From gold, silver, platinum, to brass, titanium, stainless steel, rubber or even wood. Yes, wooden watches exist, too. Through this article, we will compare titanium vs stainless steel watches and test their strengths and weaknesses. So, shall we?

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White Dial - Black Vegan Leather


Navy Dial - Navy Leather


Black Dial - Mesh