Unique Men's Watches by Nordgreen

Unique men’s watches offer full value to a man’s look. All in all, no other fashion accessories can achieve that effect. Wearing unique watches was once a privilege for a higher class. But now, the watches are affordable, available, and easy to get. So every man should own at least one. But, now we have another problem. Approximately 1.2 billion watches are made every year. With that number of pieces produced, sometimes it’s hard to achieve originality. Not for us, of course. At Nordgreen, you will find some of the best unique men’s watches.

Native | White Dial - Brown Leather - 28mm / Silver
28mm 32mm 36mm 40mm
Native | White Dial - Brown Leather
Native | White Dial - Mesh - 28mm / Silver
28mm 32mm 36mm 40mm
Native | White Dial - Mesh
Philosopher - Brown Leather - 36mm / Silver
36mm 40mm
Philosopher - Brown Leather
Native | White Dial - Black Leather - 28mm / Silver
28mm 32mm 36mm 40mm
Native | White Dial - Black Leather
Philosopher - Black Leather - 36mm / Silver
36mm 40mm
Philosopher - Black Leather

What makes Nordgreen watches for men unique?

Classic design

Our lead designer, Jakob Wagner is in charge of making our watches look stunning. After all, Jakob is one of the most appreciated and most rewarded designers in Scandinavia. Jakob designed three lines of unique men’s watches for Nordgreen. The lines are called Pioneer, Native, and Philosopher. For the Pioneer Chronograph line, Jakob won a prestigious Red Dot award. That was the fourth Red Dot in his outstanding career.

All our men’s watches represent the Scandinavian heritage and a way of life. Additionally, they are classic, minimalistic, and elegant. The timeless design of our watches makes them suitable for anyone to wear, regarding the occasion. Although all our watches are unisex, we have different sizes of them, and some fit best to men’s wrists and others to women’s wrists. Typically, 32 mm and 36 mm are best for women’s hands. Sizes of 36 mm, 40 mm and 42 mm are the best fit for men and suit most of the family; whether it is for the teenage son, the father, or the grandpa

High - quality materials used

As a responsible firm, we are proud to use only the highest quality materials. That shows the level of trust and dedication we invest in making our every watch. With this in mind, we use only high-quality 316L stainless steel for our watches. This type of steel is scratch resistant, doesn’t rust or corrode. Thanks to that, all our watches are hypoallergenic, too. Even the people with nickel allergy are safe with our watches.

We use sturdy hardened mineral glass for dial windows. The exception is our flagship, Pioneer line. Watches from that line have a dial window made from Sapphire Crystal.  We use the precise Miyota Quartz movement, made in Japan. The Miyota mechanism is a must for all the affordable unique men's watches. Also, all our men’s watches are water-resistant. The philosopher and Native line have a water-resistance up to 3 ATM. However, the Pioneer line has a stunning water-resistance up to 5ATM.

Interchangeable straps

One of the trademarks of Nordgreen is interchangeable straps for watches. In fact, all our strap designs fit all our watch models. 

  • 16 mm strap fits a 32 mm watch
  • 18 mm strap fits a 36 mm watch
  • 20 mm strap fits a 40 mm and 42 mm watches

Why limit your watch to only one strap design. At Nordgreen, you can choose from various colors and materials for every watch. Our materials go from Italian leather and vegan leather, up to mesh, plastic, and nylon fabric. Make your watch fit for every occasion. Also, if you order a bundle, you can save up to 20% on the price of the watch.

Charity causes

As Danes, we were raised to give back to the community and help the less fortunate ones. With your help, we are making this world better, one step at a time. For every watch you buy from us, we donate to an NGO that supports greater causes. When you buy your Nordgreen watch, visit our page and enter the buyer’s details. We will then proceed to support the charities. In fact, by buying one single watch from us, you are helping to:

  • renew 200 sqft or rainforest in South America
  • provide clean water to a person in the Central African Republic
  • helping a child from India to get an education

We like to keep all things transparent. So, we maintain contacts with our NGO partners every week. To assure the transparency of the donations, we receive annual detailed reports. We make all the reports transparent and available to anyone interested. However, if you have a good idea or a cause we can contribute, feel free to contact us. After all, we are here for you.

Eco - friendly in every aspect of the business

We have planted thousands of trees to offset our carbon footprint. Of course, we do that for every shipment we make, and we don’t plan to stop. All the packaging that we use is FCS certified. We use only recyclable and recycled materials for our packaging. Even the cardboard paper comes from responsibly managed forests. Also, we implement our Danish standards even to our oversea facilities.

Free shipping

All our products come with free shipping. It doesn’t matter where are you from and where do you live. Your Nordgreen watch will arrive at your house address, free of charge. Usually, it takes 1-5 working days for our watch to get delivered to you.  Also, if for some reason you want to return your watch, we will return it for free. As customers, you are entitled to maximum levels of customer service.

Two years warranty

We are so convinced in our unique watches, that we offer you a 24-mont warranty. Yes, you read it right. All our watches come with a 2 years guarantee, along with the user’s manual. The warranty covers the defects in watch workmanships.

Customers reviews

You could fool anyone, but not the people! All the hard work we invest in designing and making our unique watches is praised with your unbiased reviews. Once again, we thank you for your great reviews, At Feefo Customer Score, we have a great 4,7/5 stars, based on more than 5000 of your reviews. Also, on Trustpilot, we have an unbelievable 5/5 stars score. Your satisfaction has even gained us a Golden Trust Service award in 2020. At last, this is just an inspiration for us to be even better.

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