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We have always been taught never to judge a book by its cover. When it comes to shoes and watches, they are usually enough to understand some things about the wearer.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, you have made some deductions about a person from their choice of watch.

So, what does your watch say about you in the first place – and why should you give any care in the world?

Well, if you love to wear watches for any reason at all, we've got just the answers that you're looking for.


Judging the Gents and Ladies by Their Watches

There are different reasons to wear a watch. Interestingly, most of us never think about these reasons, and we just naturally gravitate towards the watches that appeal to us.

If you've never given it much thought too, or you'd like to get better at estimating things about a person based on their watches, here goes:


The accessory newbies

Every watch is worn primarily to tell the time, but there comes a time when you start seeing it for more than that.

This realization often comes when the wearer is crossing from adolescence into adulthood or young adulthood into the more mature growth phase.

Choosing a great watch might be confusing at this stage since they usually don't have prior experience with one.

Thus, they tend to search out brands like (but not) Rolex, Omega, and such other big names that offer the same thing for less money.

This is where they end up with replicas of luxury watches sold for a steal. They'll soon spend a long time regretting that decision, but it's a good place to start learning about the world of watches.

Pro Tip: Those starters who want luxury, well-made watches at a fraction of the price can enjoy Nordgreen men's watches and the ladies' watch collection too. We bring you high-quality materials and award-winning design at some of the best prices you'll get anywhere.

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The minimalists

Often, the minimalist wearer has had their fair share of the bulky timepiece experience, has dabbled with dubious horology, and enjoyed success with a personal watch.

They are now at the stage where they don't care about the bells and whistles anymore. Instead, they want a non-flashy watch that is equally sophisticated, makes a silent statement and stays bold above it all.

Achieving such a blend is challenging but not impossible.

The unisex Native watch series is a testament to that.

Enjoying a unique combination of a bare dial with a thin watch frame and comfortable straps to match, this watch means business. By extension, the simplicity makes you appreciate how class doesn't have to be loud.

If this sounds like your personality, you know what watches to get.


The Adventure Lovers

Lovers of adventure might want something rugged enough to last through some abuse, but they also want the finer things in life.

You can quickly identify such people when you see all the extras that come with their watches.

For starters, adventure lovers want a watch with premium quality that doesn't break under minimal pressure. They also want something practical that tells the time, infuse a little bit of sophisticated appeal into their lifestyle and stay loyal for years to come.

It is these kinds of people that you find with watches like our Pioneer men's chronograph watch around their wrist.

The watch is a little bit bulkier than what the minimalist wants but not too bulky for comfort either. Made with high-grade steel, paired with a vintage chronograph watch appeal and designed with essentiality in mind, this is a testament that outdoor lovers can also have a lot of style.


The Rule-Breakers

Wearing a watch is a necessity to some, an accessory completion to some others, and art to another set of people.

No matter where you fall, especially in the last category, you might decide to break a few rules.

The rule-breakers know what's obtainable, but they challenge the status quo to make things better. Like we always say at Nordgreen, there is no perfect watch – just the perfect watch for you.

To make this happen, we have ensured all our watches are customizable. You can choose the colors you want on the watch frame; select the finishes you want on the inner dial and pick from a wide variety of strap options and colors too.

Thus, we allow the rule-breakers to pair their gunmetal watch frame color to a silver stainless steel mesh strap, where others would have sneered on a two-tone watch. We allow our customers to deviate from the norms with vegan, cruelty-free leather straps that look just like the real thing but without all the exploitation.

When you want to break the fashion rules to create timepieces that work just for you, Nordgreen watches are the place to look.


The Executive

They like to keep things simple. You will find them using a leather or metal strap, depending on the day and event.

For those of you in this category, you know that you could enter a conference hall anytime soon, get invited to a formal dinner, be called upon to make a speech… the whole thing.

You have entered the phase where you desire some luxury that is not too loud in its approach. You don't mind spending good money on your watches, but you like to get good value for that money too.

These wearers are successful with a classic Native watch and can go as far as the Philosopher and Infinity unisex watches to infuse some personality on their timepieces.


The Upper Class

Or a wannabe.

Sounds harsh, but you could as well get fooled into trusting a person based on the kind of watch that they wear.

We know that the Rolexes and Omegas don't come cheap. The top Audemars Piguet picks also cost a pretty penny. Thus, anyone wearing any of these watches must have a lot of disposable cash that they don't know what to do with.

In smaller words, they're the famous (and not necessarily flashy) in society. The rich. The affluent & successful. The needle movers.

The truly upper-class care about the luxury that comes with these watches, but they don't go about mentioning their latest acquisition at the slightest' provocation.' They know the quality that comes with these watches, and perhaps, all of their social circle has at least one already. Thus, they don't feel like a show-off that's out of place.

For the wannabes, barely a day will go by without posts of the watch showing up on social media. They want everyone in the room to know that they are donning five or six-figure timepieces, and so help you God if you don't want to listen.

That's not upper-class behavior. Be on the lookout for that.

Note: you don't need to have upper-class disposable income to style up with a timepiece that depicts you as one.

For the ladies, see what the Unika watch design or our award-winning Philosopher watch holds for you. Fortunately, men can also try out the Philosopher watch – or simply enjoy what they get on the Infinity watch too.


Your Turn

There's a high chance that you have also found what your watch says about you in here.

If you can't find what your watch says about you above, it might be time to define your own category.

There might have been a time when you bought watches just to tell the time. Today, we encourage our wearers to have something more behind that watch. After all, you can tell the time on your phone, so let your watch stand for much more than just telling the time.

For you, it might be that additional piece of accessory that complements your outfit. For others, wearing a watch might make them feel like a superstar. Choosing a chronograph watch, for example, can even help you keep track of billable hours if you are a lawyer, consultant, or service person.

There are a lot of reasons in the world to own a nice watch, and now is the time to find out yours.

October 22, 2020 by Christopher Day

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