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What Hand Do Men’s Watches Go On?

How you wear your watch is an integral part of using the wristwatch.

You might have seen some men wear their watch on the left while others seem to prefer their right wrist when wearing their watch.

So, on what wrist should you wear your watch and why?

The men's watch should be worn on the wrist of the non-dominant hand and below the elbow. The watch, sitting on the non-dominant hand, allows the wearer to execute tasks with their dominant hand without the watch getting into the way.

There are a series of other reasons why you might choose to wear your watch differently. Read on to find out more.


Why do guys wear watches on the right hand?

If you were to sample the first ten guys that you come across now, there is a high chance that more than seven, to all of them, will have their watches on their left wrist. You might also wear your watch on your left; thus, it is assumed that watches should be worn on the left wrist alone while the right wrist is left free.

That could not be farther from the truth.

Wearing watches is not a function of one hand or wrist over the other.

That is because a majority of the population, wearing a watch or not, is right-handed. Since they have to wear their watches on the non-dominant hand, a lot of people wear their watches on the left. That, however, is not suitable for the left-handed.

Now that you understand this, you can understand that some guys wear their watches on their right hand because their left hand is the dominant hand.


Should a man wear a watch on the right or left wrist?

Left to us, it doesn't matter one bit.

The reason for wearing a watch, besides improving the appeal of your outfit, is to tell the time. As long as the wearer can adjust to telling the watch on any of their wrists that it sits, it is right with us.

Following from the section above, there is no obligation to wear your watch on any wrist. It is simply a matter of choosing the dominant hand and taking the watch to the opposite wrist.

That said, we have come across a lot of left-handed people who adjust to having their watches on their left wrist too. This presents a fine argument that other men may have their watches on their right hand also.

Here, it is no longer a thing of looking for what's natural only, but what also makes the men comfortable with the timepiece around their wrists.


What is the correct way for a man to wear a watch?

Long answer short:

The correct way to wear a watch for a man is that which provides the most comfortable setup for the wearer.

Short story long:

You know how to choose the right wrist to have the watch on already. Whether your right or left wrist, make sure you are comfortable with that choice.

Whichever wrist you choose to go with, make sure the watch is far down your arm. This is not only because that is the way everyone else wears their watches, but that's how you can always have easier access to the time whenever you want to tell it.

Likewise, it just looks off that you are wearing your watch far up your arm.

Speaking of the proper placement, the watch is designed to wrap around the smallest part of your wrist, which tapers into your palm. Some users might prefer to wear their watch behind the wrist bone or on it.

Choose which feels better for you, but a well-made watch should not inconvenience you even when you wear it on the wrist bone. As long as it is not worn too tight, that is.




Check the watch design before purchasing

A lot of people are right-handed, as we have mentioned earlier, so it is little surprise that most watches are designed for right-handed people. You may not need to ever worry about this if you are right-handed too, but it is an interesting piece of information to know if you are left-handed.

When buying watches, make sure you are not choosing one that has to be worn on your left hand to work right. The design of the watch should be such that it supports right-handed wear, or better for both hands.

Our minimalistic watches at Nordgreen are designed such that you can wear them on either wrist. If you have been shopping to have a watch on your non-dominant right hand, look through our Pioneer series, simple Native watches, or Philosopher watch series for men to get started.


Let Your Preference Win

Who said you have to wear your watch on your non-dominant hand alone?

Rules are meant to be broken, and fashion rules are no exception. As long as you don't go overboard, that is.

The good news is that you can never go overboard with simply wearing your watch on the other side of your wrist than you normally would.

Before you do that, though, have an automatic reminder at the back of your mind to keep the watch better protected against scratches, nicks, and bumps that could come from using your main hand. Likewise, make sure you are comfortable with the watch since you don't want such a fine timepiece to become a burden on your dressing.

Once you get used to that new side of the watch, it may be hard to turn back. But then, we don't think you meant to return to the norm once you chart out your path this way.

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October 21, 2020 by Christopher Day

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