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Women's White Dial Watches

Women's White Dial Watches

Watches with
white dial
for women

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Women's White Dial Watches
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Sometimes it's the simple things in life that appeal the most to us so that you can make time for more important things in your life. Nordgreen offers you uncomplicated timepieces with our womens white dial watches. In an audacious way, our white dial women's watches grab your attention to support a bold statement of its presence while quietly displaying the subtle details of its timepiece. 

A well-crafted timepiece works well in every woman's wardrobe. Pick a timeless white dial design, and it will be the most versatile piece of jewelry you own. Choose a high-quality, luxury brand, and your watch will last for many years.

High-fashion watches might cost less, but their cost per wear is high. You'll usually relegate them to the back of the closet after one season. Choosing a watch from our collection of women's watches, however, means that your watch can be worn with any outfit and will fit any style.

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NR36SILEBRXX NR40SILEBRXX &Native men's watch with white face in silver with brown leather straps


White Dial - Brown Leather
PH36SILEBLXX PH40SILEBLXX &Philosopher men's watch with white face in silver with black leather strap
PH36SILEBLXX PH40SILEBLXX &Philosopher men's watch with white face in silver with black leather strap


Black Leather


White Leather
NR36SILEBLXX NR40SILEBLXX &Native men's watch with white face in silver with black leather straps


White Dial - Black Leather


Black Leather


White Dial - Navy Blue Leather


Brown Leather


White Dial - Grey Leather


White Dial - Black Mesh


Grey Leather

Inspirational Scandinavian Design

Discover yourforever timepiece

Crafted with respect and responsibility for people and our planet.

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Nordgreen's Women's Watches in 2021

Unfortunately, every major luxury brand in 2021 has a significant price markup. Their goods are usually of outstanding quality, but can they justify a price of thousands of dollars?

We're here to shake up the market. We're a new designer brand with a difference – we charge a fair price for each watch. How can we justify charging a smaller price and still maintain our high-quality standards?

We took a decision early on to limit our watch range and the features we offer. Most brands today are about shiny display features that no one needs. All that does is to increase the costs. We've stuck to basic features instead.

Our 2021 Range

You have four basic styles on display– the Native, Unika, Philosopher, or Infinity. If you have larger wrists, you might like the Pioneer. At 42mm, though, it's oversized for most women. But having a limited range of designs doesn't mean that you don't have options, especially if you're choosing from our selection of women's white dial watches.

We help you change things up by allowing you to choose the customizations that you like. So, if you want a white leather band, silver color case, and white dial, you can get it. You're able to change:

  • The band material, color, and size
  • The color of the case
  • The dial color (The Philosopher only comes in white color.)
  • The size of the dial (The Pioneer only comes in the 42mm format.)

Another thing that was important to us as a brand was interchangeable straps. Buy a black color leather strap for the office. Upgrade your look to stainless steel mesh in a rose gold color for a night out. Opt for nylon or rubber for casual use. Or choose vegan leather if you don't use animal products. 

What Materials do We Use?

For our brand, only the best will do. Let's see the components more closely.

Miyota Movement

Precise movements are essential to keep proper time. The movements are the inner workings of your watch. And no one matches the accuracy of the Japanese brand, Miyota. You'll find their movements in all top brands for this reason.


The straps that we use are all high-quality. We've kept them interchangeable so that you have a wide range of choices for band material and color. All you need to do is is get a strap size that is compatible with the dial size and case color.

Here's your quick guide:

  • 32mm dial: 16mm strap
  • 36mm dial: 18mm strap
  • 40mm to 42 mm dial: 20mm strap

Your choices for materials include:

  • High-Grade Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is typically something that we associate with the best men's watches. We've changed that up by using a fine mesh in a large color range.
  • Italian Leather: If you've bought leather products from any other brand, you'll know that there are many different grades. Unfortunately, the lower grades tend to get brittle and stain very quickly. That's why we only use the best.
  • Rubber: A rubber strap is an excellent alternative to stainless steel in situations of high humidity. It'll shrug off the excess water off with ease.
  • Nylon: Our brand offers a selection of top-of-the-line nylon straps. These are durable and give your watch a more casual look.
  • Vegan Leather: Not everyone is comfortable wearing real leather. That's why we offer vegan leather. These are made from plant-based sources rather than animal-based sources. 
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