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When you want the best prices on merchandise that you've been eyeing all year long, the Black Friday deals are one place to look.

Always kicking off from the last Thursday before December to usher in the Christmas and holiday season, Black Friday sales have been one of the best buy periods for most shoppers in past years.

As we approach another Black Friday this year, how do you find great deals on men's watches and women's watches that you've been targeting all year long?
We might have a trick or two for you.
Let's get right into it.

The Best Black Friday Watch Deals In 2019, image of crowd of shoppers.

Get Exciting Black Friday Deals on Ladies & Women's Watches

The Black Friday sales are a fine time of the year to add more watches to your timeless collection or get wristwatch gifts for loved ones.

At Nordgreen, you can get up to 30% off our award-winning watches and straps during the Black Friday sales.

For that discount, which you don't need any special code for, you can search for options like:

  • The Philosopher – which already has an iF Design Award to its name, offers minimalistic tendencies like the rest of our women's watches and packs a simplistic luxury appeal to it;
  • The Native – which is our simplest wristwatch design to date and also happens to be the best selling. The Native collection embodies all that we strive towards at Nordgreen, from clutter-free living to the feeling of coziness that comes from being content with less;
  • The Unika – a design that's truly exclusive to the ladies, have been shipped out as gifts and preferred by a lot of stylish women around the globe; or
  • The Infinity – which is yet another exclusive model that you can access under the deal packages for the day.

Search through the women's watches category, save the options you want, and purchase with discounts on the Black Friday deal day.

Look through the reviews that these watches have gathered in the meantime to better understand the high level of watchmaking quality and appeal that you're getting with every one of our models.

the Best Black Friday  Watch Deals In 2019, image of Drop_3-2_Native_RG_White_Mesh Watch.

Enjoy Exclusive Black Friday Specials on Men's Watches

The Nordgreen men are not left out of the Black Friday deals either.

In fact, besides getting up to a 30% sitewide discount on prices of all items you purchase during this period, you also get access to two of the award-winning men's watches that we have on hand.

The models that will be on sale during the deals and discounts period are"

  • The Native – which not only mesmerizes in the ladies' world but has come to define multiple brands in the men's fashion universe too. Customizable to taste, this simple watch is the darling of many men who don't like to go overboard while still making a strong statement anyway;
  • The Pioneer – don't miss out on this chronograph watch which manages to tack on additional features without trying to do too much still, winning a Red Dot award for good measure. A functional chronograph system makes the watch suitable for more than just telling the time, fitting well into outdoor usage and coming in handy for rugged terrain and situations; and
  • The Philosopher – that closes out the men's collection with a little bit of the Native's simplicity and a touch of additional improvements like the Pioneer watches manage. An ideal blend for the man that wants a little more than the Native offers, but not as much as the Pioneer brings to the table.

Stay alert for when these watches go on sale for the deals. Since we don't keep a massive inventory to pass on the cost savings to you in price shavings, our worldwide customers might order up all available units in little time.

Our promise to you, though, is that demand will never be used as a tool to drive up the price, and we are working towards making as many of these watches as possible available for you during the Black Friday sales.


The Best Black Friday Watch Deals In 2019, image of Drop_3_Native_GM_Black_Mesh Watch.

Enjoy early Black Friday deals with Nordgreen

Increase your chances of landing the best deals on the site when you get in on our Black Friday sales early enough.

For this Black Friday season, Nordgreen will start shipping watches to buyers from all our retailer outlets and online with up to a 30% discount on each sale. Get in early so that you don't miss any of the best deals, or lose out on a watch, strap, bundle, or other customizations that you have in mind.

Keep the date, follow the news, read our reviews in the meantime, search through the site to save your preferred watches/ bundles, and wait for the best watch deals and sales of the year coming to you.

The Best Black Friday Watch Deals In 2019, image of nordgreen men's watch.

September 16, 2020 by George McFarley III

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