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A new watch band is the best way to stay fashionable and versatile

We all want our accessories to match our styles. Instead of buying a new watch for every occasion, a more price-conscious and eco-friendly solution is to have multiple watch band options to choose from.

Browse through our collection of products to find the best watch band for any occasion:

  • Do you have a formal event to attend? Our leather bands are the classic choice for any formal occasion. A steel watch band in gold, silver, or rose gold is also a formal yet fashion-forward design.
  • Are you into a particular sport? Then a watch band made of plastic is the most durable and sweat-resistant solution for you.
  • Do you like to follow the latest styles and trends? Choose a watch band from our large selection of colors in a design and width that fits your personal style the best.
  • Are you eco-conscious? Change up your style without buying a new watch. Our watch bands feature a universal design, which can fit many other watch brands.

As you can see, there are many scenarios where buying new watch bands instead of new watches simply makes more sense. Most importantly, you save the planet by not buying unnecessary products, and you keep the price tag low - what more could you want?

Watches serve as both functional timekeepers and expressive fashion statements. A crucial element in the realm of horological aesthetics is the watch strap. This comprehensive guide explores an array of watch straps, including the luxurious Italian leather, the tech-savvy Apple Watch bands, and the rugged precision of military-inspired straps.

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Nordgreen’s quick-release watch straps are designed with efficiency in mind. With pull-back spring bars with an easy to access bolt that compresses the spring, makes changing your straps effortless. Quick-release, swap and go.

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Chain straps

Try adding our new chain strap to Native or Unika models. It takes the look to another level of desirability. Does it transform your watch into a piece of jewelry - or your jewelry into a watch? You decide!

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1. Classic Elegance: Leather Watch Straps

Leather straps exude sophistication and timeless charm. They are perfect for formal occasions and add a touch of class to any watch. Options range from smooth calfskin for a sleek look to textured alligator or ostrich leather for a more exotic feel. Leather watch straps are excellent choices for both men's watches and women's watches.


  • Calfskin Leather: Simple, smooth, and versatile.
  • Alligator Leather: Elegant and luxurious, suitable for dress watches.
  • Ostrich Leather: Unique texture, adds flair to your wrist.


2. Casual Chic: NATO Straps

NATO straps are synonymous with a laid-back, casual vibe. Originally developed for military use, these fabric straps are now popular for their durability and versatility. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to express your personality.


  • Solid Color NATO: Subtle and understated.
  • Striped NATO: Adds a playful touch to your wrist.
  • Camouflage NATO: For a rugged, adventurous look.


3. Sporty Vibes: Rubber Straps

Rubber or silicone straps are the go-to choice for sports and outdoor activities. They are water-resistant, easy to clean, and provide a comfortable fit, particularly the silicone styles. These straps are not only practical but also offer a modern and athletic appearance.


  • Diver's Strap: Designed for underwater adventures, often with a textured pattern for grip.
  • Colorful Silicone Strap: Expressive and vibrant, ideal for casual sports watches.
  • Integrated Rubber Bracelet: Seamlessly blends with the watch case for a cohesive look.


4. Metallic Allure: Metal Bracelets

Metal bracelets, usually made of stainless steel or titanium, offer a polished and robust aesthetic. They are versatile, complementing both casual and formal outfits. Adjustable links ensure a customized fit. Metallic mesh bracelets are perfect for women's watches. Metal bracelets, like the 3-link bracelets, are usually the best choice for men's watches.


  • Stainless Steel Bracelet: Classic and enduring.
  • Mesh Bracelet: A contemporary twist on the traditional metal bracelet.
  • Two-Tone Bracelet: Combines different metal colors for a dynamic appearance.


5. Italian Artistry: Genuine Leather Straps

Italian watch bands straps are synonymous with craftsmanship and luxury and with so many to choose from they truly have their own blend of style. Meticulously crafted, these straps are a symbol of elegance and refinement. They come in various finishes, from smooth to textured, providing a