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What is the nature of time?

The Cosmic Calendar Tour is an invitation to embark on a journey of intellectual curiosity, to cultivate a thirst for knowledge and understanding. Ultimately, the nature of time and existence in the cosmic context remains a mystery. However, it is through our search for meaning and understanding that we can unravel the complexities of the universe and find our place within it.

A new look at time
One of the main design elements of this unique collab watch is the red print on the sapphire glass. Every time you look at your watch you'll see the time through the filter remeinding you how ephemeral we humans are... which will hopefully remind you to use your time thoughtfully.
Time travel
The subtle sandblasted pattern on the watch face is inspired by neolithic cave paintings. Some of the earliest artwork to be found on the planet.
Recycled stainless steel
The brushed finish case is produced from minimum 85% recycled stainless steel.
Unique case back
The individually numbered case back features a piece of mesoamerican art from about 300 AD featuring a long-tailed spider monkey at the centre of a spiral formed by its tail.
Miyota movement
Crafted in Japan, the Miyota quartz movement is extremely accurate and reliable.


Souvenir x Nordgreen Limited Edition
1.715,00 kr

souvenir x nordgreen


The classic Nordgreen Native watch has been re-imagined for the collab project. The "warning" about the absolute nature of time is a bold reminder of how brief our time on the planet is.

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The Souvenir x Nordgreen hoodie - 100% organic cotton dyed with natural Nano Earth dye.
The Souvenir x Nordgreen "Cosmic Calendar Tour" t-shirt - featuring an overview of the cosmic calendar.

Hoodie | Souvenir x Nordgreen Limited Edition

1.349,00 kr

souvenir x nordgreen


Featuring the uniqe mesoamerican spider monkey image and the collab "warning", our hoodie is crafted from 100% organic cotton, and coloured with natural Nano Earth Dye combining nature and science.

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T-Shirt | Souvenir x Nordgreen Limited Edition

599,00 kr

souvenir x nordgreen


Featuring the collab graphic and made from 100% organic cotton, the t-shirt weighs in at 230gr/sqm. Coloured with Nano Earth Dye it carries a chronological history of the galaxy on the back.

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Souvenir x Nordgreen Collaboration

We're fascinated by time. And by how immense the scale of time really is. From the beginning of the cosmos to this very second. When we put human life into this perspective we seem insignificant. A mere blink of an eye in the big scheme of things. The Nature of Time collab is an invitation to embark on a journey of intellectual curiosity, to cultivate a thirst for knowledge and understanding.

Island life
The collab campaign is all about time and existence. In the film by Florence de l'Olivier a couple is portrayed on their journey of life. The entire campaign was produced locally. Everyone involved lives on the island. We wanted to set an example and try to make production as sustainable as possible.
Filmed on location in the heart of history
The campaign was shot at the Necròpolis de Son Real, an archaeological site of great significance in Balearic archaeology. This location, rich in history, serves as a powerful backdrop to reflect on the passage of time and the evolution of human existence.
Certified 100% organic cotton dyed by nature
Committed to sustainability, this collab apparel uses the innovative Natural Nano Earth Dye, a unique fusion of mineral extracts and cutting-edge nanoparticle technology, which not only reduces dye surplus but also guarantees lasting, vibrant colors.
limited edition
Individually numbered art
Each watch is individually numbered. The case back also features a piece of mesoamerican art depicting a spider monkey at the centre of a spiral created by its tail. Dating back to about 300 AD the graphic is an homage to the passing of time.

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