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20mm Watch Strap Collection

20mm Watch Strap Collection

20mm Straps
For 40-42mm Watches

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20mm Watch Strap Collection
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Nordgreen's 20mm watch strap collection is available for the full range of our men's and women's wristwatches and provides for quick and easy customization to suit all manner of wardrobes, moods, and occasions.

Whether you're wearing the Pioneer, Philosopher, Infinity, or Native watch, all our quick-release watch bands are designed to complement your watch faces. They can be customized together with the dials and watch cases for a unique and personalized look.

Choose from real Italian or vegan leather, high-grade nylon, rubber, and 20mm steel mesh or link straps, depending on your preference.

Pick your preferred watch bands and enjoy free shipping on all your orders worldwide!

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Black Leather Watch Strap

345,00 kr

Brown Leather Watch Strap

345,00 kr

Mesh Strap

395,00 kr

Navy Blue Nato Strap

245,00 kr

Navy Blue Leather Watch Strap

345,00 kr

Olive Green Nato

245,00 kr

Black Rubber Watch Strap

245,00 kr
ST20POSIVEBR &20mm watch band in brown vegan leather with silver buckle

Brown Vegan Leather Watch Strap

345,00 kr

Patina Grey Leather Watch Strap

345,00 kr

Black Mesh Watch Strap

395,00 kr
ST20POSIVEBL &20mm watch band in black vegan leather with silver buckle

Black Vegan Leather Watch Strap

345,00 kr

Black Nato Watch Strap

245,00 kr
ST20POSIVENA &20mm vegan blue leather watch strap with silver buckle

Navy Blue Vegan Leather Watch Strap

345,00 kr
ST20POSIVEDG &20mm watch band in grey vegan leather with silver buckle

Dove Grey Vegan Leather Watch Strap

345,00 kr


Do you need a 20mm watch band?

Your watch strap size is determined by the lug width of the watch.

We assume that you know the correct watch size that fits your wrists already. With that in mind, the right band is usually about 50% less than the size of the lug widths.

This is not a rule set in stone, but it allows you to determine and choose the right watch band without thinking too much about it.

Thus, you would need this length and width of bands if you had a watch with a 40mm case diameter. The lug widths would be such that they fit right in with the band.

At Nordgreen, our 42mm wristwatches feature a 20mm watch band in their boxes, and you can get replacement watch bands of this size for your watch.

If in doubt, check and confirm the right measurement with our free watch strap selector, which assigns the best measurements to you based on your watch size and lug width.

Choosing the Right 20mm Watch Bands

That you measure and know the right watch strap for your lug widths is not enough.

At Nordgreen, we are a big believer in options where your activities, lifestyle, choices, sense of fashion, and style inform the materials of your watch bands.

That is why we have different watch straps in the 20mm range to serve you.

Of these, you get to explore:


  • Italian leather picks – available in the conventional brown and black that leather watch straps come in. You can also shop for special colors like green, white, patina grey, blue and more.
  • Vegan leather – for lovers of leather wristwatches who would like to stay away from the cruelty, a simple search for our vegan options gives you all that you need.
  • Nylon – our NATO-style bands stand up against abuse from the strap to buckle, allowing you to deploy them in extreme conditions without fear of flimsy damages.
  • Stainless steel – the range of watch bands is not complete without stainless steel. Whether as a mesh bracelet or link strap, we have the right bands for you.
  • Rubber – where you want to get physical or go outdoors, but you'd like something other than the nylon band, the comfort that you get from our rubber bands is unrivaled.


Search for your preferred watch band and get shopping today. We ship straight to you anywhere in the world – so why not order right away?

Did we mention that we have a free shipping standing plan on all of our orders? Don't thank us – we just know how to make our customers happy.

Swap Our 20mm Watch Bands with Ease

Perhaps the best thing that you enjoy on our timepieces and the straps that comes with them is how easily you can swap them out.

Unlike most other wristwatches that you own, you don't need any special tools to release the spring bars. When in a little bind, a small tool such as a pencil is all you need – although you won't even need that if you follow the right approach.

The neat, little quick-release mechanism that we have in our timepieces contributes to this ease, and you now have one less hassle to worry about.

We made this possible so that you can always change the feel, look and appeal of your watch whenever the need arises. Thus, the same watch can function as a dress watch and for outdoor events with the right straps without fussing over making the strap swap.

Compatible with other Quality Timepieces

Nordgreen makes it possible to expand the style of the timepieces that you buy from us and other existing wristwatches in your collection.

Every replacement strap that you shop from us is made in standard measurements such that they fit with any other well-made watch that you own.

This is not something that you get from all watchmakers and sellers. However, we believe in true minimalism and how you don't have to buy new wristwatches or straps for every occasion.

Start shopping for your preferred watch straps across our different watch models or replacement straps for your existing timepieces today.

Check out the Watch Strap Bundles

Get an even better deal with the Nordgreen watch bundles, which come with extra 20mm watch straps, depending on your choices.

Our watch bundles – available across all men's and women's models – sell with at least one extra strap to make two choices for you, in the least. Choose between stainless steel and leather strap from our curated bundles, or customize your preferred watch bundle by yourself.

On every bundle, you get to save as much as 20%, enjoy the free worldwide shipping on top of that and rock the right strap on quality timepieces every day of the week.

Browse the watch bundle page to see what we have already curated for you, or build your watch bundle from scratch with us.

What is a 20mm Watch Strap?

A 20mm watch strap refers to the width of the strap that attaches to the watch case. The measurement is taken from one side of the strap to the other, where it connects to the watch. This width is a standard size for many watch models and is a popular choice for both men's and women's watches. A 20mm watch strap is versatile and can be found in various materials such as leather, nylon, metal, and rubber, allowing for customization to suit different styles and preferences. The width of the strap is an important factor to consider when replacing or upgrading a watch strap, as it determines how the strap will fit and look when attached to the watch case.

Different Types of 20mm Watch Straps

There are several different types of 20mm watch straps available, each offering a unique style and functionality.

Leather straps are a classic choice for a more formal or vintage look. They are available in various colors and finishes, such as smooth or textured leather, to suit different preferences.

Rubber straps are durable and great for sports or casual wear. They are waterproof and easy to clean, making them a practical choice for everyday use.

Stainless steel straps are a popular option for their sleek and modern appearance. They are also highly durable and resistant to daily wear and tear.

Military straps are typically made from tough nylon material, offering a rugged and utilitarian look. They are often designed to withstand harsh conditions and are favored by outdoor enthusiasts and military personnel.

These different types of 20mm watch straps provide a wide range of options for watch enthusiasts to choose from, allowing them to customize their timepiece to their personal style and needs.

Benefits of Wearing a 20mm Watch Strap

Wearing a 20mm watch strap from Hirsch offers a variety of benefits. With a selection of materials such as leather, rubber, and textile, Hirsch watch straps provide durability, comfort, and style. Leather options come in classic and elegant styles, while rubber and textile materials offer a more sporty and casual look.

The 20mm width ensures a perfect fit for smaller watch faces, giving a balanced and proportionate appearance on the wrist. This width also provides a secure and comfortable wear, as it does not overwhelm the wrist or feel too constricting.

Hirsch offers a wide range of colors for their 20mm watch straps, allowing for versatility and the ability to match any watch face or outfit. Whether you prefer classic black or brown leather, or a more eye-catching blue or red rubber strap, Hirsch provides options for every style preference.

Overall, wearing a 20mm watch strap from Hirsch ensures a well-fitted, comfortable, and stylish accessory for your wrist, giving you the freedom to express your personal style and the confidence that comes with a high-quality watch strap.

Leather Watch Bands

Leather watch bands are a timeless and stylish accessory that adds a touch of sophistication to any watch. These versatile bands come in a variety of colors, textures, and designs, making it easy to find the perfect one to complement your timepiece. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, leather watch bands are durable and comfortable to wear, providing a secure fit on your wrist. Whether you prefer a classic, dressy look or a more casual, laid-back style, leather watch bands are a great choice for any occasion. In this article, we will explore the benefits of leather watch bands, different types of leather materials, and tips on how to care for and maintain these elegant accessories. Whether you're a watch collector or simply looking to update the look of your watch, leather bands are a great choice for anyone who values both fashion and function.

Genuine Leather Bands

Genuine leather watch bands are available in a variety of styles, including non-padded, padded, and crocodile options. Non-padded bands are typically available in sizes ranging from 10mm to 24mm and can come with matching stitching for a cohesive look. These bands are available in classic colors such as black, brown, and tan, making them versatile options for any watch.

Padded genuine leather bands are also available in sizes ranging from 10mm to 24mm and often feature matching stitching for a polished appearance. These bands are known for their added comfort due to the extra padding, making them an excellent choice for everyday wear. They come in a range of colors, including black, brown, and navy, as well as unique options like red and green.

For a more luxurious look, crocodile genuine leather bands are available in sizes ranging from 18mm to 24mm. These bands often feature a distinctive texture and come in colors such as black, brown, and cognac. The crocodile pattern adds a touch of elegance to any timepiece, making it a popular choice for formal occasions.

In conclusion, genuine leather watch bands offer a range of options, including non-padded, padded, and crocodile styles, each with various size ranges, stitching options, and color choices.

Italian Leather Bands

Our Italian Leather Bands come in a variety of colors including classic black, rich brown, deep navy, and elegant tan. Each band is carefully crafted with precise stitching in a matching or contrasting color, adding a touch of sophistication to your timepiece. We also offer bands with padding for added comfort and style.

For those seeking the highest quality, we provide Italian Leather Bands made from Horween leather, known for its durability and luxurious feel. These bands are available in a range of colors and feature exquisite craftsmanship.

In addition to traditional styles, we offer special watch strap styles including quick release bands for easy and convenient interchangeability. This feature allows you to effortlessly switch between bands to suit your outfit or mood without the need for special tools.

Whether you prefer a classic look, a pop of color, or a unique style, our Italian Leather Bands have something to offer for every watch enthusiast. Explore our collection and elevate your timepiece with a touch of Italian elegance.

Vintage Leather Bands

We offer a variety of vintage leather watch bands in different materials, sizes, and styles. Our vintage leather bands are available in genuine leather, with options for both cowhide and buffalo leather. We offer these bands in sizes ranging from 18mm to 24mm to ensure a perfect fit for your watch.

Our vintage leather bands come in a range of styles including classic smooth leather, distressed leather, and embossed leather. Unique features such as padding and stitching are available on select bands, providing added comfort and a stylish look. We also offer quick release options on some bands, making it easy to change out your watch band without the need for additional tools.

Overall, our vintage leather bands cater to various preferences and offer a timeless and stylish look. With options for different materials, sizes, styles, padding, stitching, and quick release, you are sure to find the perfect vintage leather watch band to complement your timepiece.

Interchangeable Straps

Jack Mason offers a wide range of interchangeable straps for their watches, allowing wearers to customize their timepiece to suit their style and needs. The options include classic Italian Leather for a timeless look, casual Nylon for a more laid-back vibe, durable Sailcloth for outdoor adventures, comfortable FKM Rubber for sporty activities, and Elastic for a flexible, everyday wear.

The straps feature quick-release pins, making it effortless to switch between different styles in seconds. Additionally, the Alcantara backing ensures a comfortable fit and prevents irritation during extended wear.

With the interchangeable strap program, wearers can easily tailor their Jack Mason watch to match their individual preferences and activities. This flexibility allows for a seamless transition between work, leisure, and active lifestyles, without compromising on style or comfort.

Whether it's a sophisticated leather strap for a formal event or a rugged nylon one for a weekend getaway, the interchangeable straps offer endless possibilities to suit any occasion. Elevate your Jack Mason watch with the perfect strap to match your unique personality and lifestyle.

Shop by Color for Leather Straps

Available leather strap colors include black, brown, camel, and blue.

Black leather straps are classic and versatile, suitable for any occasion. They are available in both one-piece and two-piece styles.

Brown leather straps exude warmth and elegance, perfect for a more traditional look. They come in both one-piece and two-piece styles.

Camel leather straps add a touch of sophistication and are ideal for a casual yet polished look. They are available in both one-piece and two-piece styles.

Blue leather straps offer a modern and stylish vibe, perfect for adding a pop of color to your outfit. They come in a variety of shades and are available in both one-piece and two-piece styles.

When shopping for leather straps, consider the color options and whether you prefer a one-piece or two-piece style to match your personal style and needs. Whether it's black, brown, camel, or blue, there's a leather strap color and style to suit every preference.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Bands

Looking to update the look of your Samsung Galaxy Watch? Look no further than Samsung Galaxy Watch Bands. These stylish and functional bands are the perfect way to personalize your watch and make it uniquely yours. With a variety of colors, materials, and designs to choose from, you can easily switch up your look to match your outfit or mood. Plus, these bands are designed to be comfortable and durable, so you can wear them all day long without any discomfort. Find the perfect Samsung Galaxy Watch Band to suit your style and make a statement with your wristwear.

Replacement Strap Sizes for Galaxy Watches

If you're looking for replacement straps for your Galaxy Watch, you have several size options to choose from. The available sizes include 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, and 24mm.

The 18mm replacement strap is suitable for smaller Galaxy Watch models, while the 20mm option is a versatile size that fits many mid-sized Galaxy Watch models. If you have a larger Galaxy Watch, you may need a 22mm replacement strap, and for extra-large Galaxy Watch models, the 24mm size would be the best fit.

To determine which size is suitable for your specific Galaxy Watch model, you can measure the width between the lugs on your watch where the strap attaches. This measurement will help you determine the correct replacement strap size for your Galaxy Watch.

By identifying the correct replacement strap size for your Galaxy Watch, you can ensure a secure and comfortable fit for your watch. Whether you prefer a sleek leather strap or a durable silicone band, having the right size replacement strap will allow you to personalize and customize your Galaxy Watch to your liking.

Rubber & Silicone Bands Compatible with Galaxy Watches

Looking for rubber or silicone bands for your Galaxy Watch? Look no further! We have a variety of bands that are compatible with Galaxy Watches, including the Quick Release feature for easy band swapping. Our bands come in different sizes and styles to fit your personal preference.

Our rubber bands are available in sizes 20mm and 22mm, and our silicone bands come in 20mm and 22mm as well. Both types of bands are designed to fit wrist sizes ranging from 6.5 to 8 inches, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for most users.

Whether you prefer a sporty look with a silicone band or a more classic style with a rubber band, we have the perfect band for you. The Quick Release feature allows for quick and easy band changes without the need for any tools, making it convenient to switch up your look whenever you want.

So, if you're in need of a new rubber or silicone band for your Galaxy Watch, be sure to check out our selection of bands with the Quick Release feature and the band length suitable for wrist sizes 6.5 to 8 inches.

Metal Watch Straps

Metal watch straps, also known as metal bracelets, are a popular choice for watch wearers due to their durability, sleek appearance, and versatility. Whether it's stainless steel, titanium, or other metal materials, these straps offer a timeless and elegant look that complements various watch styles and occasions. In this section, we will explore the benefits of metal watch straps, the different types of metal materials used, and how to care for and maintain these straps to ensure their longevity and appearance. Whether you're a watch enthusiast or simply looking to switch up your watch style, understanding the options and advantages of metal watch straps can help you make an informed decision for your next timepiece.

Military-Style Metal Straps

When it comes to military-style metal watch straps, there are a variety of options available to suit different preferences and needs. These straps are designed to be durable and rugged, making them ideal for outdoor activities and everyday wear. Some options include stainless steel straps, which are known for their strength and corrosion resistance, as well as titanium straps, which are lightweight yet incredibly strong. Additionally, there are black PVD-coated metal straps for a sleek and tactical look, as well as camo-patterned metal straps for a more adventurous style.

These military-style metal straps are built to withstand tough conditions, making them perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and those in active military service. The durable construction of these straps ensures that they can withstand the rigors of daily wear, while also providing a sense of security and reliability. Whether it's hiking, camping, or everyday activities, these metal straps are designed to withstand the elements and provide long-lasting performance. Overall, military-style metal watch straps offer both style and functionality for those looking for a rugged and dependable option for their timepiece.

Stainless Steel Straps

Our stainless steel straps come in three different designs to suit our customers' preferences. The first option is the classic link bracelet, which features a timeless and elegant design. The second option is the mesh bracelet, offering a modern and sophisticated look. Finally, the third option is the NATO strap, providing a sporty and casual style.

All of our stainless steel straps are interchangeable and compatible with Jack Mason watches, allowing customers to easily switch between different looks to fit their outfit or occasion. The straps can be effortlessly swapped out using the quick-release spring bar system.

We offer our stainless steel straps in various colors, including silver, gold, and black, providing versatility to match different watch models and personal styles. Additionally, the straps are available in different sizes to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for every wrist.


What is a 20mm Watch Band?

A 20mm watch band is a strap that secures a watch to the wrist and measures 20mm in width. To put its dimensions in perspective, it is roughly the width of a standard AA battery or the diameter of a dime. 20mm watch bands are available in a variety of materials and styles, including leather, alligator grain, genuine exotic skins, nylon, and rubber. Leather bands are classic and versatile, while alligator grain and genuine exotic skins offer a more luxurious and unique look. Nylon bands are durable and often used for sports or outdoor activities, and rubber bands are waterproof and easy to clean. Brands like Hirsch and Fleurus-France offer 20mm watch bands with features like quick release pins for easy strap changing, making it convenient to switch up the look of your watch. Whether you prefer a classic leather band or a more sporty rubber strap, there are plenty of options available in 20mm width to suit your style and needs.


Benefits of a 20mm Watch Band

The benefits of a 20mm watch band are numerous. Firstly, the 20mm width allows for a highly customizable style as there are countless options for materials, colors, and designs to choose from. This means that you can easily change the look of your watch to suit any outfit or occasion. Additionally, the interchangeable functionality of a 20mm watch band means that you can switch out the band whenever you want, further adding to the customization options.

Another major benefit of a 20mm watch band is its compatibility with most smartwatches on the market. This means that you can easily upgrade your smartwatch with a stylish and fashionable 20mm band, enhancing both its appearance and functionality.

In terms of fashion, a 20mm watch band can elevate your style and complement your wardrobe in a multitude of ways. Whether you prefer a classic leather band, a chic metal bracelet, or a sporty nylon strap, the 20mm width gives you the flexibility to choose a band that perfectly matches your personal style and outfits.

In conclusion, a 20mm watch band offers a wide range of benefits, including customizable style, interchangeable functionality, and compatibility with most smartwatches, making it an essential accessory for anyone looking to elevate their fashion game.

Types of 20mm Watch Bands

When it comes to choosing a watch band for your 20mm watch, there are several options to consider. The type of band you choose can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your watch, as well as its comfort and functionality. In this article, we will explore the different types of 20mm watch bands available, including leather, metal, NATO, and rubber bands. Each type of band has its own unique characteristics and benefits, so it's important to consider your personal style and daily activities when making your selection. Whether you prefer a classic leather band, a durable metal band, or a versatile NATO or rubber band, there is a 20mm watch band that will suit your needs and enhance the look of your watch.

Rubber Watch Straps

Rubber watch straps come in various types.

Other variations of rubber watch straps include silicone rubber, natural rubber, and polyurethane rubber. Silicone rubber watch straps are flexible, water-resistant, and easy to clean, making them a popular choice for sports and outdoor activities. Natural rubber watch straps are known for their softness and hypoallergenic properties, suitable for those with sensitive skin. Polyurethane rubber watch straps offer a balance of durability and flexibility, making them suitable for everyday wear.

Overall, rubber watch straps offer a range of options to suit different preferences, whether for comfort, durability, or style. The variety of materials and designs ensure that there is a rubber watch strap for every watch wearer.

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