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14mm Watch Strap Collection

14mm Watch Strap Collection

14mm Straps
For 28mm Watches

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14mm Watch Strap Collection
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Watch straps might look and feel like such a simple addition to your watch. In reality, the choice of watch bands that you choose could change the functionality of a watch from a basic dress unit to something that handles the outdoor experience.

Of these watch straps is the 14mm band category, fitting well with our smallest watch size options – or picks that you get from other watch brands.

Search the various styles and the latest designs in watch band collections that we carry in the shop.

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Black Leather Watch Strap

345,00 kr

Mesh Strap

395,00 kr
ST14POGOVENA &14mm vegan blue leather watch strap with gold buckle

Navy Blue Vegan Leather Watch Strap

345,00 kr


545,00 kr

Mesh Strap

395,00 kr
ST14PORGVEBL &14mm vegan leather watch straps in black with rose gold buckle

Black Vegan Leather Watch Strap

345,00 kr

Brown Leather Watch Strap

345,00 kr
ST14POGMVEBR &14mm vegan leather watch straps in brown with gunmetal buckle

Brown Vegan Leather Watch Strap

345,00 kr

The Custom Experience

You could be shopping around for a new watch strap for a variety of reasons.

For some, it is that their beloved leather strap is finally starting to wear out after a decent time of servitude. For others, it is not about replacement but expanding the line-up with quality options. For example, you could pair our Philosopher watch with a leather/ stainless steel strap to have a dress watch or use it with a rubber/ nylon strap for a camping watch.

In other cases, you might just want to change the feel and appeal of the watch to see what else it holds.

No matter which it is, get the best offers and amazing results with the items that we carry here at Nordgreen in 2021.

Quality at Its Peak

Our stringent quality control processes and practices don’t just make it to our watches, but the bands that come with them too.

We have extended the same courtesy to every one of the new straps that you can get from us in 2021.

From engaging hypoallergenic, 316L stainless steel on our metal straps to employing genuine Italian leather on our leather straps, you only have to search for the material and color that catches your fancy, and you are sure it is well made.

We go the extra mile in adding subtle design elements to our watch bands. Consider that our little way to help you stand out better with a truly unique, original watch band that speaks volumes of your simplistic elegance.

Exploring the Watch Band Line-up

Browsing our collection of 14mm watch bands is as easy as it comes, all thanks to the filters that you can apply to get the search done faster.

We already have the width set to 14mm, so that won’t be something to tinker with anymore.

Dig deeper with specific choices of material – where we have stainless steel and premium leather options.

The stainless steel watch bands are present in a variety of mesh, 3 Link, and 5 Link options. Moving to the leather bands, you can choose to have real leather or go for our new vegan leather arrivals. No matter which one you pick, the style is not lost on you.

As if that is not enough options to get you excited, we add a special touch with the color selection.

Match your style to the last tone with a plethora of hues and finishes – spanning rose gold, gold, silver, gunmetal grey, white, blue, green, pink, and a host of other impressive paint jobs.

What Watches They Fit On?

Our 14mm watch band is designed to go with 28mm size watches.

That width size fits snugly with watches carrying lugs in that measurement range. If in doubt, check out our innovative watch strap selector to choose the proper size from the various offers we have for you.

Shop the Nordgreen brand today

Whether you are getting these watch bands in a bundle or buying them separately as replacements, we have the next best thing for every customer – and at the best price, no doubt.

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